Let’s just get this out there: I’m terrible at making announcements. But I have exciting news, so I’ll give it my best shot. Next month Bloom is opening online! What is Bloom you say? Well I opened Bloom, a little boutique in McKinney, Texas, last September right? And every once in a while I’ll sport something from there (that’s what the ‘bloom’ tag is, if you were ever lost on that). But unless you lived close by, you weren’t able to buy the items I wore. Next month, select items from Bloom will be available online — a small peak into the retail store. Right now Bloom’s site is getting a facelift, you can check our progress out on Bloom’s Facebook page or right here, of course. I will not leave you hanging.
Till our undetermined date in February, how about a few shots our first photoshoot to hold you over?

See you guys and this cute little model in February. (Just kidding, I’ll see you tomorrow.)

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