12.9.12e{JacketSimilar Skirt, Shoes, Clutch}
I tried to get all Alexa Chung on my hair today — you know, flawless but carefree? Well let me tell you something. Flawless and carefree takes longer than average and uptight. I ended up actually stripping down to my underwear this morning after getting dressed because I was so angry at my hair. Granted, this is not a normal reaction to a bad hair day, but it happened. I considered re-showering and doing my hair like normal because effortless was not working for me. Who knew natural took so much effort? Also, who knew I took to streaking when I got angry?
Last time I wore this skirt was about forever ago. About time I broke it out again, yes?

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  1. What are you talking about? Your hair looks beautiful 🙂 Although, I do understand, if I try out a new look I'm not happy with, my hair ends up in a boring pony tail 😉
    xo Jac

  2. Rocked it. P.S. I attempted to do your eyeliner today…any tips? Recommendation for type of eyeliner?

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