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I impulsively bought this jacket  in October with some birthday cash. (I only use cash when buying inexpensive faux fur jacket, dahling.) And since then I’ve been working up the guts to wear it. I mean there really is no reason for me to own this thing. I have nowhere to go, I am not a part of society, and my “christmas parties I’ve been invited to” list is really low. So a random Thursday will just have to do. 
After wearing this jacket for approximately 2 hours, I kind of feel like a bear. But someone has already petted me today and asked if it was real. Yeah, me and the fur jacket are going to get along just fine.

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  1. While reading the title of this post, my inner voice read “fo sho”- which is totally something I see being your intentions with your sneaky play on words. PS, LOVE those pumps. I might just snag me’self a pair!

  2. I love this outfit! The interplay of texture is great. And I love an outfit that mixes black and brown.

    You DO have a reason to own that jacket: It looks amazing!

  3. I was trying on a real fur jacket this week in a thrift store, but I couldn’t make myself buy it… It was lovely and warm, but it was too real! I couldn’t help but think about the rabbits… 🙁
    Your version is much more peaceful. 🙂

      1. Unfortunately it’s freezing here in Hungary, so warmth would be welcome, but not on the expense of bunnies for me. 🙂 So I’m still looking out for a nice faux fur jacket, something like yours!

        1. Oh yes! Hungary = real fur coat land. 🙂 Faux furs have come a long way though. They used to feel like old Barbie hair and now they *almost* feel like the real thing. But yes without the sacrifice of cute bunnies.

  4. Love the title and the faux fur looks great on you.  Now I’m also eye those shoes, the color combo gives them interest and I’m interested. 

  5. I can completely relate to this – I just bought a vintage mink stole from eBay because I really was convinced I needed one…and now where am I going to wear it?  To pick my son up from school?  I can already hear the comments from the other moms! 🙂

  6. Love this outfit!  I don’t know if I could pull off anything “furry” so good job!  You sell the Melie Bianco at bloom right?  If so, how much?  I may have to swing by sometime, and I can’t decide if I want the black or this one.  Those shoes are a beaut, I wish they had it in my size.

    1. I do, I do. This one is for $64 I believe. Right now we have the black but not this one! I had a hard time deciding between the two as well. 🙂

      1. well dang, didn’t realize my whole entire name was posted.  k, thanks!  will try and drop by.  any chance of getting more of the pumpkin color?
        – aissa (kristina makes me cringe)

  7. I love this outfit! I like how you’ve styled the fur jacket so it’s more casual. I have one with quite a bit more volume and I’m not really sure what to do with it since I’m not going to the opera any time soon…

  8. this outfit is super chic! love the shades of brown and black together! i’ve been petted before in my vtg leopard coat…it’s an interesting interaction with people for sure!!

  9. OMG, Kendi…I have totally had the same internal debate in my head regarding faux fur. It’s SO fabulous, and I SO covet it, but I don’t know where to wear it! A random Thursday sounds like as good a time as any when it looks as rocking as it does on you! Love the look, and ESPECIALLY love the title of this blog post. I get what you did there, and I laughed out loud. 🙂 

  10. The jacket is perfect! Some fur {and faux} jackets are just so over the top. I’d totally rock this one!
    You pull of this look wonderfully!
    You should throw a Christmas party of your own just so you can wear it again.

  11. I must congratulate you on the wonderful title “dahling.”  It’s one of your best!

  12. Your “dahling” comment was just dahling, dahling.  Love this look and the shoes are a go!  Having strangers pet you is a strange way to compliment.  Someone touched my scarf too the other day.  Whoa, lady.  Bubble.  Mine.  Your in it. But strangely, I don’t want you to stop. 😉

  13. Dang it.  I meant “you’re in my bubble” not “your in my bubble.”  Jeez.  One talk about faux fur and all grammar just goes right out the window.

  14. kendi, can we talk about your pants?  i love them – you know, like most things you wear – and have had my eye on them for several weeks but been too lazy to get my butt to a gap to try them on.

    how is the length?  i was hoping to order a pair in long, but they’ve been out of stock for a while and i have a coupon that expires tomorrow.


  15. If I was having a Christmas party, you and your jacket would be absolutely welcome : ) I’m not a big fur (even faux) person, but you styled it well, and I love the shoes!



  16. I happen to love pretty much every single stinkin cute outfit you put together and have been known to head over and buy many a piece but this, my friend, takes the Faux Fabulous Cake. I need all of this, in my closet, right now.

  17. I like it!!! If it makes you feel any better- I worked up the nerves to wear a faux fur vest a couple days ago (in Houston) & a little boy pointed to me and said “Mom, a wolf.” 

  18. well i think you’ve pulled the jacket off beautifully darrrling!! i also love the clutch, now that IS a versatile piece! As for the bear thing, totally with you on that one – wore my faux fur stole this morning and I felt like I was getting a bear cuddle – around the neck. 

  19. Ahhh love it! I’m wearing almost the exact same outfit today (with flat boots instead of heels) and I really liked it UNTIL I saw that it could also include a fur jacket. Now I just feel inadequate. Darn you Kendi. Also, I love that clutch and it’s going on my Christmas list riiiiight now.  

  20. STUNNING outfit grrrrl!!  Sooooooo chic!  Who cares you don’t have anywhere to go?  Just walk aimlessly around town!  :o) 

  21. I feel like you should go grocery shopping in that outfit. Or do something similar where NO ONE around you will be dressed up. Just for fun. It’s so fancy….and you look fabulous 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray 

  22. such a lovely outfit! I can totally understand that you feel a bit let’s say strange in a fur-thing on a normal day – I wouldn’t dare to wear it, so I’m impressed you did! 
    I’d rather wear it perhaps to an opera or concert evening, but even there it’s difficult, because in my town (munich in germany) everyone is very chic and normally people who go to the opera have the money to buy “real” fur coats (you really can see a lot of people on the street with real fur things) – and they would look on me with a faux-fur-thing from head-to-toe and saying something not nice… 
    xxx Anita

  23. Whoa!  That jacket is nothing short of awesome.  I would also be hesitant to buy something so cool because I don’t make it to many parties where it would be appropriate, but you’ve proven that you don’t need a party to wear something fabulous.

  24. I love that you’re wearing Gianni Bini. What a great brand! Your hair looks FAB here!

    real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

  25. it looks great! everyone needs a few statements pieces, dahling.


  26. Dahling, every day is a good day for this jacket! Try regular blue jeans and a plain old' T. The jacket will think you're mahvalous!!

  27. Gutsy! I just started getting comfortable wearing red lips, so I'm a long way off from fur. But you look mahvalous, all you need is a dirty martini in place of the clutch 😉
    xo Jac

  28. Well, if it’s any consolation, at least you were able to pull off “le furrr” without the outfit looking over-the-top! It makes for great pics too! WIN!

  29. i want your shoes. they are so fantastic and not to mention all of the browns in this look have my heart beating. i love it all.

    xoxo katlin

  30. I love that you did all black with pops of neutral color in the faux fur and clutch!

    please check out the new blog design if you have time!!

  31. This is fabulous! You look stunning. The outfit is so classy. Love that you just wore your ‘fur’ on a random Thursday! 😉

  32. You in a faux fur jacket is just so lovely! I love this on you and you should wear it more often! I love wearing my faux fur jackets/vests and petting? I’m cool with that. I think it’s the woman’s version of walking a dog outside, it just attracts dudes petting your arm. I digress. I really enjoy every item you’re wearing and need that black turtle neck in my life.

  33. Kendi, only YOU could make me want a faux fur jacket! 🙂 I never thought it would happen but it has. You look great and this is one of my favorite-est outfits of yours (and the list is quite long). Gorgeous, dahling. 🙂

  34. such a good holiday outfit. Loving black right now. Also, I almost bought a fur jacket the other day. Deciding between a vest and a jacket. Maybe both!

  35. gorgeous gorgeous. I bought a faux fur vest and spent 3 weeks deciding how to wear it. It was a total win once I went for it though & now I pretty much live in it.

  36. I love it and am so happy to see you wearing it on a Thursday!!!!!  That’s the way to do it in my opinion.  😉  You look stunning!!!!!!!

  37. Love the jacket! You so should have worked up the guts sooner! It’s amazing!

  38. those heels are from Payless? wow. I’ve never stepped into a Payless, however, those shoes were needed a few days ago with an outfit I was wearing!

    fabyoulousgals.blogspot.com fashion and devotions-what could be better than growing with the Lord in style?

  39. I totally pinned this outfit, and normally I’m not a fur fan, faux or otherwise. I think you look sleek, chic, and totally perfect for a holiday party.

  40. Just bought those shoes!!  Amazing.  Readers – sign up for payless email alerts and they will send you a 15% off coupon for just signing up – I got those shoes for only $37!!

  41.  Our friend Amanda told me I have got to stop dressing like a boy this week….then refered me to your blog!! I’m learning, world watchout!! SO proud of you lady! (slowly stepping away from the dry-fit)

  42. that is amazing! I live in a tiny town and I have the same problem. I want to dress cute but with no where to go it seems like a lot of effort for nothing. Perhaps I’ll have to follow your example and share them with readers! I’m in love with your stuff, you make me happy!

  43. …and I’m stealing this idea. Minus the cool coat and replace it with a faux furry vest, which is not as cool but will just have to do..!  🙂   Thanks, Kendi!

  44. I love this outfit. This fur trend does not really work for me, though. I also feel like a bear and I don’t like that. I love it in you, though. The shoes are awesome, and the colors combination is really cool 🙂

  45. Kendi! You should make a Pinterest board where you post your outfit photos each day for easy repinning by all your adoring fans. 🙂

  46. Love this outfit.  Love how you make faux fur look like real fur but in a non-extravagant way.  Sigh…love the shoes too (I sigh because it’s just too much awesomeness to take in).

  47. Love this outfit! Perfect for a random Thursday! I’m all for wearing chic clohthes whenever you like instead of waiting for an occassion (that never comes)!

  48. hahahhah, you may feel like a bear… but I promise it looks great 🙂 love this look, the all black underneath really makes the coat stand out!


  49. Love this outfit!  I’ve been trying to find a “fur” coat for a while but I haven’t come across one I like yet.

    1. If you like this style, try the shop river island or else they have a similar vintage style one on asos.com.
      They’re fab on but if you’re between sizes go for the smaller size.

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