11.21.11e{Dress, Jacket}
Twenty-seven years old is an odd age when it comes to style. I’m still drawn to cute dresses but when I put them on I feel like I’m trying to look 20. Which I kind of already do in the face so cute dresses are counter-productive to my pending adulthood, especially when trying to purchase alcohol or spray paint. I feel like the only way to wear cute dresses is to toughen them up. A leather jacket is tough. But a faux leather jacket on sale at Target in the Juniors section is even tougher right?  That’s what I tell myself. 
Also, you know those words that you say out loud or type too much and they start sounding/looking weird? The word ‘tough’ is really starting to freak me out. You too, ‘fork’. 

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  1. I am feeling your pain…Now officially 28 (gulp) I feel like I have to retire many cute dresses and become a grown up 🙁 whatever that means!

    but I love how you've paired this beautiful dress with the faux leather jacket! I do have ot ask….what size are you wearing?

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