Back in September, I worked with the team at Fossil on their holiday lookbook. The idea? Using the 30 for 30 remix with their holiday line. After running around the room for a solid 15 minutes giving my self high-fives, I told Fossil I was in. True to the 30 for 30, I picked out 30 pieces and styled each look.  Then shot the outfits over two days. Possibly the fastest remix in style blogging history. (I do not recommend a two-day timeline for 30 outfits, just FYI.)
This was also possibly the coolest thing that I’ve ever done. With exception to my wedding day and winning the 6th grade science fair. (Admittedly the science fair was a big day in my life.)
A few of my favorites from the shoot. 

And of course you can check out all of the looks at

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Monthly Capsule Wardrobe

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  1. YAYYYYYY!! So proud of you my friend. Virtual HI FIVES! Honestly, all these looks are amazing – you did a wonderful job, and should be soooo proud of yourself! XOXO

  2. Congrats Kendi! This is amazing, you totally deserved the high fives (haha, I do that kind of thing too)! You are my new style idol. I would hire you to be my personal stylist/shopper in a heartbeat, ya know, if I had the money to do that kind of thing. So instead I’ll just continue reading and trying to take away as much inspiration as I can from you. 😀

    heather leigh

  3. Ugh, now I have to run out and buy that brown skirt and pretend tights or leggings are warm enough in the winter.

  4. kudos, kendi! fossil should pay you a bonus. your 30 for 30 is now my christmas wish list.

  5. Wow! Congrats. This is HUGE. You did suuuch a great job, too. LOVE the looks – especially the green dress and rad overcoat. WELL DONE! xo. 

  6. You’re so famous!!! Every outfit is amazing and you look STUNNING in every picture! They better have given you all those clothes because their sales are going up!!

  7. Congratulations! My favorite look was #30, but I also love look #19 as well.  You look so beautiful in all those photos! You must be very proud of all your hard work 🙂

  8. wow! That is so cool! Congrats! So impressive that you turned what you love doing into a way to bring in income! thanks for being such an inspiration

  9. Congratulations, Kendi! This is incredible and you look great. See where one great idea can take you? Nice work!

  10. Gaahhh!!! Smartest move ever on Fossil’s end — I now want to buy every single piece of clothing. Can we say Christmas wish list explosion? 🙂

  11. Congrats Kendi! How awesome is that! You look fantastic in all the pictures, and the styling is wonderful as always 🙂

  12. As silly as it may sound, I’m so proud of you too! I’ve been emailing all of my friends the link to the lookbook {I’m like a proud mama bear follower or something}. Either way big virtual hugs, high fives, fist pump whatever you prefer!

  13. Congrats for receiving the offer and the outcome is fabulous.  I adore the looks you styled.   I may have to buy a few Fossil items and put several on my Christmas list.   Work it girl!

  14. That last picture and outfit is stunning. Congrats, Kendi, this is truly amazing just like you! You deserve it 🙂

  15. WOWOWOWOW what a great opportunity! You look fantastic, and Fossil is one of my all-time favorite places to get clothes. I always get disappointed when I go to a location and all they have are watches. haha. Congrats, and great job with the styling!

  16. This is SO FREAKING COOL, and neat to see you styled differently – love the bumpit ponytail look on you!

  17. please tell Fossil the campaign works – I now need most of it. That vest. That blouse.

  18. Wow! What an amazing opportunity! I’m always in awe at how bloggers get such cool opportunities for things like these. I don’t personally strive for it, but all I can say is WOW, that’s amazing!! Congratulations you look gorgeous!!

  19. That’s super cool! I actually saw a couple photos on Pinterest and thought, hey that girl looks like Kendi…and hey, it IS you! LOL.

  20. Are you kidding me?!  That’s amazing!  Love the layered belts – I’m gonna have to try that one, if the weather in Dallas ever gets below 80 degrees! 🙂

  21. This is so awesome! Saw it on instagram and visited the site immediately. I called my mom and told her (I’m embarrassed to say this) that my bff is on My favorite outfit was the lace dress, I believe it was the 3rd one? And one with the leather skirt with the blazer. Now I’m actually picturing you high-five-ing yourself.

  22. Congratulations! What an amazing opportunity! I just went through all the looks and your style and personality just shine. They are amazing… They are so you… They are so me. That is to say, I will be copying these looks verbatim!  Love the metallic oxfords.

  23. These are beautiful! How cool is this! Absolutely makes me want a leather skirt though…

  24. Wow, congrats! Who new a clever little idea could turn into this! You look amazing.

    xo L.

  25. So pretty! I love the colour palette of the clothes you chose 🙂 And that birdie tunic is too cute!

  26. How fun! I bet that was an amazing expirence! Heading over to now to check out the other looks!

  27. I love the way you styled everything.  I only wish I had better luck with Fossil clothes because they are so cute!!!  Sadly, they don’t often seem to fit me properly.  🙁 

    Am I the only one who was a little distracted by the blurry photos though??  Or am I just going blind? 

  28. You look so gorgeous!! Congratulations on the lookbook! All the outfits looked so good!

  29. Wow you look amazing! Great job on the styling!!!! I love how you make up looks that would probably look good on ANYONE.  I’m glad your blogger dreams have come true 🙂

  30. Wow! Congratulations on such a great looking project! How innovative of a company to use an actual real person with real style to show off their line. I’m a fan!

  31. WHOOT! Congrats! What a great job you did!!!! I love love LOVE the #16 look. You look timeless, confident, strong – just an amazing pose with an amazing layered outfit!!!!

  32. that is amazing Kendi – what an opportunity! you totally rocked it of course 🙂

  33. This is so cool! You are one lucky girl! And because of you I’m purchasing some of the items that you wore in the Lookbook!!!! Congrats!

  34. This is so cool! I love the brown lace dress (#3) and the bird print dress from #27. The entire collection is fabulous, and you’ve styled and modeled it marvelously! 

  35. What an AMAZING opportunity!  You look absolutely fabulous in every pic – especially love the jumping pic!  Hope you got some free stuff outta the deal too cuz those are some amazing clothes! ;o)

  36. You have found your calling and God is obviously blessing you!!! Great job.

  37. This is incredible!! And super selling for Fossil. I’ve never thought to shop at Fossil, but I definitely will be checking it out now.

  38. I got this in my email yesterday and said, hey I ‘know’ her!  Soooooo beautiful.  Congratulations!

  39. You are BEAUTIFUL! And the looks are amazing. I’m so inspired to try the 30 for 30. 

  40. I think Fossil did right in hiring you for this because I want to BUY EVERY SINGLE THING! You look amazing. I love how you have helped me style clothes in my own life, just by offering simple advice and posting pictures to help. THANK YOU KENDI EVERYDAY!

  41. that’s so amazing, kendi, congrats!! You look great in your photos and your outfits are lovely!

  42. Oh Kendi….I love the lookbook! It is seriously wonderful. It made me want to buy everything haha You did such an amazing job! Congratulations on all your success. You so deserve it.

  43. How cool!! Congrats on that…and the 6th grade science fair project 😉

  44. woooow. 🙂 This is so cool!!  Good job! I seriously want that cardigan and vest!

  45. Wow, you did an amazing job. I’m so impressed. A big Congrats!!!!
    I’m having trouble viewing all the looks. I hope it’s just a problem with their site and that they’ll fix it soon. I’d love to see all 30 looks.

  46. Found these looks the other day on pinterest and they’re incredible! I love that the shoot incorporates your 30 for 30 remix. The looks are all so classic. I’m definitely inspired to get my winter wardrobe updated. Congratulations!

  47. Thats so exciting!! Were you the original person to come up with 30 for 30? I’m thinking about doing it! so exciting! Congratulations!

  48. Such lovely styling as always…..its very much so making me want to head out and do a splurge on Fossil….but then me wanting to buy stuff after you’ve blogged it isnt new! I loved the fact that this makes  the top three of exciting things to happen to you, because it so would be the same for me!

  49. this is so amazing girl! congratulations on this big accomplishment. you are gorgeous, and the clothes and pairs are perfect! hopefully one day i’ll be able to do something like this!
    xo TJ

  50. I didn’t realise that Fossil has such nice stuff! Your 30 for 30 was such a genious idea – i even thought about trying it myself 😉 xxx anita

  51. Oh that’s fantastic! I’m so happy for you, and I’m heading to right after this response posts. As soon as we get a good stretch of cold weather in East Texas, my co-worker and I are doing a 30×30. (Well, I am anyway, and she’s along for the ride because I’ve already strapped her in, lol.)

  52. Kendi, you are amazing, seriously! I love that lookbook. Looking at the pieces alone I couldn’t figure out how to style them, but after looking at your lookbook I was saying ‘ohhh’ and ‘awesumo.’ Awesumo said in a deep opera voice… lol You need to come remix my closet because I stay throwing my hands up because I have “nothing to wear.” Oh and congrats too

  53. Ohmygod janice style. That is amazing photos, and you are so incredible on putting together outfits. I wanted every single one of those outfits and several are not my style at all! Kepping my wallets closed til my upcoming trip to london!

  54. i couldn’t pick a favorite if i was forced to. they are all so beautiful! congrats on an awesome gig too. you’re styling and modeling for fossil! 

  55. Fossil should pay you a squillion dollars for putting this together. I seriously want to buy it all, especially that leather mini.

    (Google is telling me that “squillion” is not a word. Agree to disagree, Google.)

  56. love the post! congrats on the collab with fossil. did you get keep any of the outfits? 😉

  57. Kendi, you can come live with me and be my stylist, k.  Glad we got that straightened out 🙂

  58. Amazingly gorgeous!  I’ve never even thought about buying Fossil clothes and now I want all 30 items!!!

  59. Kendi, I’ve been following you for the last year and am so excited that you got this opportunity!Congratulations!!

  60. CONGRATS, Kendi! I love remixing for the holidays – especially when budgets get tight!

  61. um, WOW!  that’s awesome! i love everything Fossil and am now coveting that amazing fur and velvet coat in #7!  i NEED it.

  62. Congrats on such an awesome project. You are a natural model, Kendie.
    I love features that show repeat pieces because most women do not have magical closets of new pieces (unless they are shopaholics, lol).

  63. LOVED day 15.  The outfit, the hair, those cute little owls, your hair….

    🙂  Jen

  64. And before I forget, did you come up with braiding the belts on day 7?  So cool! 

    🙂  Jen

  65. Kendi! Congrats! This is great:) I love the fossil looks and I just love your blog:) XO

    real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

  66. A) This is so exciting that you had this opportunity! Congratulations :] B) You look fabulous and of course the outfits you styled are perfection.

  67. Gorgeous! Congrats to you, the photographer and the designers. Beautifully done.

  68. I love these looks – you did so great! I 100% need someone like to hold my hand while shopping so I know what EXACTLY to buy, and you just did that through the lookbook! love! now can you please remix collections for a bunch of other stores 🙂 I need major help! 


  69. I follow your blog on a regular basis and I have to say this lookbook is awesome. I absolutely love the color palette and how you’ve styled the clothes. Good for you!

  70. Congratulations, Kendi! This is so great for you– just page through the lookbook and you did a stellar job!

  71. Ah! I love this! So, I’ve been following your blog for about a year now….and no lie, I catch myself saying “omg, Kendi has a similar piece like this” when shopping…my husband shakes his head…I think he’s slightly freaked out. Nevertheless, lookbook = awesome. did you get to keep the clothes? that. would. rule!! Love fossil. Thanks for sharing…and for holding such an exciting secret for months!!! Bravo. 

  72. so exciting! You look lovely in all of them. I can only imagine the 30 pieces being thrown about as you put together all those outfits over 2 days!

  73. Loved every single one! Amazing. Wish they shipped to Australia, I’d be buying all your looks!

  74. I won the 6th grade science fair too!! Unfortunately, Fossil has not yet asked me to model clothes.  I guess the science fair will have to be the high point of my life.  😉

  75. Wow. I love the pieces of Fossil, and i love how you paired it. High Five! 😀

  76. Such a great opportunity. 🙂 I love the outfits you mixed; they’re all very you. And the first one is probably my favorite.
    A Little Burd Told Me..

  77. I love that black polka dotted dress and it’s SOLD OUT, but we have a store here I can check out.

  78. I work for Fossil and I’m so happy/jealous that you got to do their holiday lookbook!!! You look absolutely incredible!!!!

  79. That is so awesome. I LOVE Fossil! I can’t afford most of it but I still love it. haha The question is: did you get to keep the clothes/bags?! 🙂

  80. I saw this online yesterday and was so excited to see you in it! You look amazing and as always, created some great outfits!! Kuddos to Kendi 🙂

  81. omg kendi! my best friend and I were gushing over all your amazing outfits; all of them were so freaking cute!!

    katelin & caitlin

  82. Holy moly! Sweet lookbook and sweet gig. You’re making me want to live somewhere cold enough where I can layer up! This lookbook is seriously making me question my shopping ban. Bad Kendi, bad.

  83. Love seeing how you styled all 30 looks on the Fossil website! You have got serious remix skill…don't know how you do it.


  84. That is so awesome!!!  You are a rock star!  ALL 30 outfits were perfect and you made the clothes look so good!!  I think I want them all. 🙂

  85. You look gorgeous in all of them, I bet if was really difficult for you style 30 day outfits in two days, that’s just crazy! I really love # 27, specially the dress.

    XoNicole  The Owl Girl

  86. Kendi, I just finished checking out your Fossil Lookbook – beautiful! I’ve selected my favorite items & hope they will look as good on me as they do on you! That may be asking for a lot; keeping my fingers crossed! I just want to add that you are an inspiration!

  87. I LOVE Fossil.  🙂  You did an amazing lookbook for them.  I love days 18 &19 so much! 🙂  Did you get to keep the clothes?

  88. Kendi, The Lookbook is awesome!! And the styling is great too. You should try all of the hair do’s in your blog.

  89. These are great!!! Super cute outfits, with super cute hair, on a super cute girl!! Well done!

  90. Kendi! Girl, you are amazing. I would like to add my high five and a tip of the cap to you. Well done. Love the lookbook. You look gorgeous as always. That lookbook is going to provide months of inspiration for yours truly.

  91. What an awesome opportunity- congrats! That project must have been so much fun. I’d actually like to know when the next time you’re doing the 30 for 30 because I definitely want to get in on it again next time! 

  92. Congrats!!!!! You look like a professional model!!!!! Great looks, will go to their SITE now!!!!

  93. Love the looks! You did an amazing job. Congratulations on all of your success!

  94. I want it all. I love Fossil to being with, but I really love how you styled everything. Those grey booties are pretty amazing. And you look gorgeous.

  95. This is amazing! What a lucky gal! You’ve got modeling down, that’s for sure. Congrats!

    Kristina Gulino
    Something 2 Write About

  96. And you modeled it too!  Hot Dog!  That’s pretty fantastic!  SO SO SO incredibly cool.

  97. You totally should have worn all 30 pieces at once for the #30 picture. Sort of like that episode of Friends. “This is so not the opposite of stealing somebody’s underwear!”


  98. WOW! All the looks are amazing and you look fabulous in each one! Great job and I LOVE your blog!
    Thank you,

  99. this is so awesome. can i just (creepily) admit that i feel so proud, like my personal friend has gone from boring desk job to modelling dream-come-true/entrepreneur in a matter of four or five months, even though i have never met you. you are so good at branding yourself. and the internet is an amazing thing. congrats!

  100. You just sold me on EVERYTHING! Especially the shiny oxfords and the bird print dress! This is a fantastic amazing thing, and I’m so excited that you had the opportunity to do it!

  101. Kendi, 

    Congratulations. You look awesome and are so amazing!  Fossil is lucky to have you as a spokesperson. I loved how you gave a shout out to my favorite (close tie b/t you two) blogger, Jentine at my edit. I could only dream of doing something like this, now science fairs…that is basically my life.

  102. The lookbook and your stylings are amazing. Congratulations! You deserve the recognition! 

  103. You go girl you look awesome!  They better not of photoshopped you in any of these dang-gone-it!

  104. Kendi, you are amazing. I love all of the looks, especially the ones with the pretty bird dress. Congrats on such a great turnout – Fossil is lucky to have you!

  105. I work at Fossil, and was so excited to see you in the lookbook! It is fabulous!!!

  106. Hey Kendi, first of all congrats. I loved all the outfits you put together.,  Are you hosting winter 30X30 this year? Just wondering, bec we know you are so busy 🙂 Thanks!

    xo Nav
    Nav Land Style

  107. Looks great! I was so stoked to see look #27. I just finished crocheting a scarf like that and my husband said I looked like an accident victim with a neck brace! I thought it was cute…
    xo Jac

  108. Ahh lucky girl! Love all of the looks. Fossil has some pretty amazing clothes. Also – Honorable Mention in my 5th grade science fair, boom. I had a paper cup with something floating in it – I don’t recall the details, but I think I got the pity vote for the most pathetic attempt.

  109. Kendi!  This is amazing and so inspiring – AND it couldnt’ have happened to a nicer, more down-to-earth blogger girl.  

    I want to tape up some of these shots on my mirror – does it come in a paper version, too?  

  110. You look so gorgeous!!! I’m inspired by the outfits and the cute hairstyles!

  111. i absolutely love your looks! they are all so great and you wear everything so well! love reading your blog daily:)

  112. Congrats, lady!  You truly never cease to amaze me with your awesomeness!

  113. I worked at Fossil Apparel for 3 years in college and just LOVE that you are the shining new face to represent them!! Love all your stylish looks you put together! I think #7 is my favorite! Love that velvet coat with the fur collar and how the green dress contrasts so nicely with it.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Kendi 😉

  114. Please tell me who doesn’t love Fossil….anyone?  I was just telling a client the other day how great their jewelry is….I look for it on clearance racks all the time.  You did a fabulous job styling that shoot.  Congratulations!

  115. I just find it absolutely awesome what the internet has allowed us to do as consumers.Oh the freedom! No longer do I have to be force-fed whatever the fashion media wants to throw on me! I follow the blogs I want, women I identify with and respect, women being the word, not teenage girls who look like they have a bad case of tuberculosis. And to top it all, the companies themselves are starting to understand the new power of their consumers. Isn’t this just great?!

  116. OK.  This is easily the best blogger/business collaboration I’ve seen.  Congratulations are well deserved!  (And, thanks for all the inspiration!)

  117. AH!!!! SERIOUS amount of kudos and high fives to you girl!!!!!! YOU have worked so hard at all your remixes and its amazing to see this recognized but such an great brand. CONGRATS!!! xo, Kim

  118. Yay!! What an amazing opportunity! I think I might have a heart attack if I had to style 30 outfits in just two days, but you did such a great job. Every time I look at my closet and think I have nothing to wear, I always try to think like you. You are all about remixing what you have and looking outside of the box. Considering that I have way more clothing than I think I do, I should be able to create hundreds of outfits. Thank you for being such an inspiration, Kendi!

  119. I love the velvet coat, and outfit 27 of 30 is definitely my style for fall. I love the print on the dress.

  120. I always thought you are so pretty you would be perfect for modeling and here you are modeling for Fossil! Great job, Kendi! I love the outfits that you made for this lookbook!

  121. How fabulous, congratulations on this great feature and work with Fossil! My fave gold watch is by them. Can’t get enough of them! 

  122. These designs are really matching your style. Looks like a pretty cool stuff !.

  123. you look stunning Kendifar beyond my imagination.The girl I’ve always loved. <3.<3.<3… <3..

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