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I had the best of intentions this week to blog an outfit everyday. And then this week happened. Do you ever have a string of days where nothing looks right on? Every morning I wake up with a great outfit in mind and then it looks like a third grader dressed me. (No offense to the 8 years olds out there. Keep shining, kiddos.) There is currently a 2 foot pile of clothing in my closet waiting to be hung back up and apolgized to for all of the curse words I’ve said to them this week. Somedays you win, other days you wear repeated outfits that worked last week. I wore this actually on Tuesday but now it’s Thursday. Also, how is it already Thursday?? Why is this year flying by? It’s still 2011, right?

(PS — If you get a chance today, send some love over to Jentine from My Edit. It’s her birthday. She’s 65.)

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  1. Only every single day! Don't tell anyone, but I repeat outfits all the time, its just easier that way 😉 That outfit is too cute not to repeat!
    xo Jemma

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