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Yes, I did just name this post after a questionable Black Eyed Pea album. Because that’s where my brain goes when I’m tired. It goes to the dark side that is Top 40 radio of 2003. Don’t phunk with my heart.
New things I’ve learned this week: it is possible to cover up tired with concealer. Five layers of three different types of concealer to be exact and I look like a human again. Which coincidentally is the same as the cups of coffee I need to drink every day just to be able to speak. I think five is my new lucky number.
And ss if my shirt didn’t have enough elephants for you, I wore my elephant necklace from my great Aunt Murl. No, not Merl, my other great aunt who also provides jewelry to young bloggers. This can be confusing, I know.

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  1. I just love this look on you!!!!!! and for me, concealer works all the time! Oh Gosh I love cosmetics!!!Love the elephants at your to & necklace. very CHIC!!!!

  2. i love all of the elephants in this outfit. such a fun little detail to play with.

  3. Well if it is any comfort you don’t look tired.
    Seems like concealer and coffee are doing the thing.
    Great outfit, love the necklace! Tell aunt Meri or Muri i would love to were there pieces 🙂 LOL


  4. Super cute! good luck with all your hard work! You look great, even though you’re tired! 🙂

  5. LOVE that necklace!  I’m kind of obsessed with elephants these days.  My Pinterest has been covered with them lately!  I really love this shirt too..not just the pattern but the fit.  Great outfit once again.

  6. Love the “elephunk” element of this outfit…half quirky with all the elephant-iness and but still full of spunk with the shorts! Wait, would that be that would be “elespunk”??

    I can never get concealer to look right on me…always looks kinda caked
    on. Yours blends in so well, you’re glowing like you had about 10 hours
    of sleep!
      Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  7. Elephants are my favorite animal (and they are good luck!).  I have so much elephant jewelry, it should be a crime.  I would, however, absolutely adore having this necklace.  It is so adorable!  And the print on that shirt too.

    I hope you get some rest.  Be sure that if anyone gives you any crap, tell them to shut up, just shut up, shut up.

      1. Oh absolutely.  Especially if the trunk is up.  And you have about a baker’s dozen worth of “up-trunks” so . . . just promise to keep blogging when your a billionaire.  Deal?

  8. Kendi I love your outfit!!! the top was my fave..btw where is your “oscar de la stinky” top?? I haven’t seen it here again.. xo

    1. I actually gave it to my friend Jentine from My Edit when she was here this spring. She loves designer vintage so I figured she’d give it a good home 🙂

  9. Haha! I LOVE elephants! I think this post is so sweet! From far away I didn’t even NOTICE the elephants on your shirt… So perfect. Loving this necklace too. Can you have too many elephants? Nah. Not when you’re tired and you need a pick me up!

    I Can Be Many Things

  10. What an elephantastic outfit!  I’m not taking that pun back, either. “Can’t stop me once you start it./Can’t return it once you bought it.”

  11. I have those shoes in black. SO comfy. Literally the most wearable pair of wedges I own. Now I’m wishing I had this color also, thanks! 😛

  12. yay! the elephants are back! My sister  would adore your outfit today! She has a thing for elephants! 

    I sure am glad you’re finding effective ways to stay awake and stay human!  🙂

  13. Links of your shop coming soon? I am headed down there next month…

  14. i love that necklace and your shoes!!

    very cute!


  15. So cute! I haven’t been into target for weeks but I have a crush on any piece of clothing with animals on it!

  16. Holy elephant. I LOVE that necklace. Do you have any other Great Aunts that like to lend jewelry? 🙂

  17. Elephants might be my favorite exotic animals. (Goats are my favorite domestic animal. And wombats my favorite Australian animal. And now I’m oversharing.) I love all the elephants!

    I’m guessing the store is keeping you super busy? Are you going to share pictures? 🙂

  18. Aw, good old black eyed peas … I guess you could have made a Dumbo reference, but I think the black eyed peas gives you more street cred, word!

  19. I would just like you to know that I want to steal every pair of shoes you own.

    Yeah, thought you should be ready for that.

  20. I tried and tried and tried and tried to find this Target shirt, to no avail.  It’s just perfect!  I love it with the circle elephant lens…

  21. What concealers did you use?  I’m always on the hunt for something/combination that works, because I always look tired!  (I could also just get more sleep, but that’s a lot more work than you’d think.)

  22. Target, seriously?!? Why does everyone else find the cute Target stuff and not me? I love this print! It’s quirky but subtle. And I really love blousy shirts with a long necklace. So cute!

  23. This shirt, this shirt, this shirt = love. Plus your bottoms, plus your necklace. It’s a cute outfit and casual outfit! You’re looking good!

    alissa b

    p.s. happy weekend!

  24. Okay, your Target must be a fancy one, because mine never has the cute stuff that you wear. I go to my Target an embarressing number of times a week and never see nearly the cute things you wear.

  25. I tried to buy that shirt as soon as I saw you first post about bringing it home from Target because I loved it so much, and it was already sold out online 🙁 Majorly bummed because I loved it so much. It looks great on you! And I really really love that necklace as well.

  26. I love your Aunt Murl and Merl. And I’ve been waiting for you to email… I’ve been worried about you! Yesterday I even said to Matt that I needed to make sure you were ok and not bogged down under stress and 5 types of concealer.

  27. for five layers of concealer and five cups of coffee you love as fab as always! love the necklace, it’s all about the antique hand-me-downs.

  28. still loooove that shirt, still no sights of it.  elephants are my favorite animal next to bees.  also that necklace is perfect!!!

  29. I have horrible undereye circles too! ): I love the outfit though! Very cute!


  30. why must you keep wearing this shirt and remind me that…”I DIDN’T BUY IT!!!” I love elephants, I love oversized cropped tees….fail!

  31. Love that elephantopia style!
    Do check out Naraya, a Thai line of fabric bags, makeup pouches, totes n more, featuring prints of Ele!
    Might find smtg u like, and the Thais view elephants as an important animal in their culture 😉

    <3 Dee

  32. Hi, I really like S11-187 (Ariana).

    If I win, my email ad is kard22qt (at) yahoo (dot) com.

  33. Woot I would kill for the Maurissa Carry All!
    Hope I win :))

    – Kath (kardanganan @ yahoo . com)

  34. Don’t you feel tired but over the clouds with enthusiasm? I wish I could pull the shorts look. So many more possibilities . You look great as always. Glad you have a new project ,I wish everything will work out fine for you!!!

  35. love this whole outfit! the elephants are adorable and those sandals are fabulous! 🙂

    xo jeanette

  36. it’s nice to see you in pieces that aren’t all “c/o.”  i hope you don’t take that the wrong way; you have great style all on your own and it does come across a little more relatable (to me).  that blouse is so unique and fun & i love how you dressed it up with those great wedges!

  37. I got the same shorts at Gap but they did not look that good on me.  They ended up looking like bloomers by the end of the day… Not a good look.  


  38.  Kendi – always look forward to reading your blog. Your outfits are always beautiful and so well put together and are simple enough for all your readers to achieve. x

  39. Dear lord.  If I could look that great while tired, I would be very very happy.  What products do you use?

  40. You look great and I love love love the elephant print! I found similar-sh elephant material here in Dar es Salaam and I am thinking to pick it up and have a top made in a similar style. Thanks for the inspiration!

  41. I love the levels of elephunk here — that blouse/necklace combo is awesome. 

    Despite your levels of tiredness, you look great! Congrats again on your new store endeavor 🙂

  42. No wonder the Alyssa shoulder bag is one of the best sellers.  It’s beautiful!

  43. ugh ive been searching for that top at target bc of you for a few weeks now to no avail! its too cute!

  44. Oh my goodness, this outfit is adorable. Literally just made my day! Thank you for that.


    – Katelyn Rattray

  45. Im in love with your elephant necklace! Where did you find such a gem? How can I get one?

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