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Two things are working against me today: my computer might be possessed (the cursor is going crazy and it deletes my words as I write them. Dang. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, please tell me the only solution was not to buy a new computer.) And I have a slight case of writer’s block. (No worries, I’ll take two glasses of wine and try again tomorrow.) Of course this is only worsened by the fact that I write a sentence and my computer deletes for me. I don’t know maybe that’s not a bad thing, that last sentence wasn’t even that great. Nor was that one. Gosh, it’s like having a built-in editor….that absolutely hates everything I write. 
So I’ll make this quick: it’s Friday. Can I get a collective sigh of relief?

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  1. Hahaha… Yes, I have the same problem, my cursor is jumping around my words when I type! So nerving! :S
    Anyway… you look absolutely lovely! Amazing color combination and your necklace is the perfect touch!

  2. You didn't happen to spill any of said wine on your computer, did you? I spilled hot tea on one of my old laptops and it started doing exactly what you're describing. It went away. Eventually.

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