Alright my little remixers, the time has come for another 30 for 30. I will be starting a new remix on Monday, June 13th! You can start along with me or you can do try it whenever you’d like.  You can link your blog up here for the next go round of remixes. And as always, you don’t need a blog to take the challenge. Just some clothes and some willpower.

If you are new here (why hello, I’m kendi…this is my blog) then you are probably wondering what the 30 for 30 is. To break it down to the basics, it is a challenge that involves taking 30 items and remixing those items into 30 outfits. If you’d like to read more about the mission of the challenge, visit the 30 for 30 page.

And remember — this is a guilt-free, you-can’t-screw-it-up-if-you-tried challenge. Unless you only include shoes and a clown wig, then you probably will screw it up. So don’t do that, okay? Add in some shirts and pants, you’ll thank me later.

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  1. im keen to do this!! sounds like a FAB challenge but im not a fashion blogger and i dont really have time to photograph and share my outfits – is this step needed? or can it just be a personal challenge too?

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