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Remember when I coveted this outfit? Well now I’ve copied it. Which is ten times better than my original plan, which was to steal it.

I have this problem. The contents of my closet has somehow ended up on the floor, instead of on hangers. I’d blame my college roommate but she lives 500 miles away. I’d blame my husband but he stopped wearing my clothes years ago. I don’t know who has done this to my closet, but I’ll find them. And when I do, they are cleaning that hot mess up.

As I was saying, it’s hard to get dressed when nothing is in order. (See: Closet Organization post) That’s why this shirt is on repeat from last week. And this skirt? It was thrifted and newly hemmed from my mother. The shoes were the only ones left on the shelf and luckily my bag never found it’s way into the dark abyss that is my closet. Looks like I’ll have to clean my closet myself or re-wear this outfit tomorrow. I’ll keep you updated.

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  1. I love this outfit. It's so simple and effortless, but completely gorgeous. The gold belt and neutral bag and shoes are the perfect accessories. Well styled. One of my favorites on you!

  2. Love these colors! I recently organized my closet and discovered i have a lot more coral tops than I thought.
    I have a somewhat strange and unrelated question 🙂 … How do you keep the belt in place without belt loops? I'm new to the belting concept and I love the way it looks on others but I can't figure it out lol. Thanks!!

  3. LOVE this outfit!!! Where can I get a skirt like that?!? If anyone finds a similar one, tell me where you found it! And the metallic belt! I need one!

  4. I love love love this outfit… I highly recommend that you have it on high rotation this summer, you look gorgeous… Plus that's less clothes that you have to tidy away into your closet!

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