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It’s been hella windy lately. Which on one hand is nice because we don’t have to haul our wind machine for our photo shoots. But on the other hand, it’s ruins any hope of having a good hair day. But then again, that wind machine is heavy. It’s a tough call.

I wore this dress out this weekend. See I have this devious plan. Sometimes if I get dressed up slightly fancy, I can lure my husband to a happy hour. I’m not sure if it’s cheap drinks or the dress, but it works every time.

Best shot of the day. This says to me “I am a diva, I don’t deal with wind.” I also look like this when hailing a cab or when I’m around explosives.


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  1. Love the dress and the entire look. But I am particularly loving those earrings. And that last photo? Classic.

  2. Uh, how do you make takin photos in the wind look so good? If the slightest bit of a breeze pops up during my outfit photos, my face scrunches up and my hair looks like a bird's nest. You got skiiiilllls, Kendi. Skills.

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