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The other day, Jentine and I went thrifting. Jen found sequins, I found a copy of Air Bud on VHS. I think we both walked away pretty satisfied. 
While we were in one shop, a lady asked me where we were from. I told her that I was from this town, she nodded, assessing my outfit and deciding that this was a true statement. She then asked about my friend. I told her Jen was from Canada to which the lady’s eyes became glazed over, drool came from her mouth and then she said “Ohhhhhh….She is just so sophisticated.” 
And then I snatched up my copy of Air Bud and stormed off. Because if that isn’t sophisticated, I don’t know what is. (Actually, now I know. Sequins and Canada: two things I’ll never be.)

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  1. Wow, someone drank their crazyjuice this morning- the olive and salmon are perfectly compatible! Especially with the stripes and nude shoes. Haters gotta hate!

  2. Though I would have never thought about pairing these two colors together, it totally works. And comfortable heels from Payless? I thought that was a myth! Now I must check out Payless and see what they have going on.

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