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I feel like modern-day Joan Holloway would wear this outfit. I think it’s the pencil skirt/blouse/cardigan mixture. Well, she’d wear this outfit if she was an ex-city girl forced to move to a small town and answer phone calls at an office…oh my god…I’m Joan Holloway. Except let’s face it, she’s more of a woman than I’ll ever be. Even if she is a fictional character, I’m pretty sure she shaves her legs. Fictional Joan:1, Real Kendi: -2.
As promised here is the uber-exciting haircut story. My appointment was at 3 pm on a Tuesday. I brought in a photo of Jessica Biel and by the end of the appointment the hairdresser had curled my hair into wings, fluffed it and said “Now there is some Farrah Fawcett hair for ya!” Then he swirled me around in the chair a few times for effect. Apparently no one has heard of Jessica Biel yet. Somedays it feels like 1995 here. I swear today I saw some guy in Tommy Hilfiger overalls with one shoulder un-buckled. I would have taken a photo with my phone, but they haven’t invented camera phones yet in that guy’s mind and I didn’t want to scare him. 

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  1. Kendi, you are hilarious. I've had similar haircut experiences and sometimes they're worth it just for the story. Love your outfit!

  2. wait, you mean farrah hair and overalls aren't back? rats ~ then i guess i look really out of place 'in the big city.' your hair looks great, love the style, and the modern-day joan ensemble! ~ susan

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