As promised, I’m wearing heels. But I have to say, shoe choice aside, I think my distraction and brain mush is caused by the holidays. So I’ve given up on trying to concentrate on work, which only leads to hours of blog reading anyways. I’ve now given in to wrapping Christmas gifts. No matter how crappy they will turn out.

And they will turn out crappy. Family, friends, other people I give presents to — by the time you receive our packages it will look like it’s been wrapped, opened and then re-wrapped, opened again and wrapped once more. It hasn’t. It’s just I never fully developed the proper use of my hands, that’s all.

I’m not normally so matchy-matchy. But this outfit called to me, right down to the matching necklace. Which is kind of creepy, hearing clothing say your name. But I’ve been hearing those voices for years, so I try not to let it bother me too much. Except for when they call me Cindy or Kendra, then it gets really annoying.

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  1. Either we're turning into fashion twins or I've been brainwashed {in a good way} by your blog. Yesterday you did comfortable, and I did cozy on Friday. Today you're in a pencil skirt and jcrew top and, well, so am I. Some serious deja vu going on here, but it's okay I like it.

    26 and Counting

  2. I think this is the perfect outfit to let this beautiful, vibrant skirt shine! It wouldn't have been fair to it not to make it the leading character in at least one outfit…hey, this personifying-clothes thing is rubbing off a little! πŸ˜›

  3. That necklace and that skirt were MADE for each other! You're a matchmaker, nothing wrong with that – you did the right thing bringing them together πŸ™‚

  4. Nothing wrong with being matchy-matchy, esp when it looks so fun yet still ladylike!

    Enjoy your giftwrapping! (Although if you really, really suck at wrapping, I've always enjoyed using brown wrapping paper and then decorating it with stamps, doodles, stickers, etc afterwards. The brown wrapping paper hides all the creases so much better than wrapping paper does!)

  5. Sometimes matchy matchy is my fav. Mostly because it's simple and I feel brain dead fairly often these days πŸ˜‰

    Have fun wrapping! I'm wrapping right now as well. Is it considered wrapping when you stick an item in a gift bag?


  6. Gosh you just look so, classical and sophisticated. It's awesome.

    The secret to wrapping is all in the creases. Try to make things crisp on the edges. And fold jagged edges under. It hides a multitude of sins.

  7. simply beautiful! i love the bright pink pendant and i don't think it's too matchy matchy with the skirt. it actually brings everything together! and the leopard belt adds a bit of spice to the look. love it!


  8. I LOVE that skirt. I've been wanting it for months now but can't bring myself to pay the price on it.
    Fab outfit!

  9. I think matchy-matchy is often underrated. Because that looks awesome! And totally festive, but not seasonal. I find it hard to believe such a cute outfit gets to be worn for wrapping prezzies!

  10. Need more reading material? I started a part crafty/part foodie/part sewing/part lazy blog! maloriemakes.blogspot.com You can make other's Christmas dreams come true by sending them to the blog…this is the gift that keeps on giving all year long! No wrapping neccessary!(because then you'd be giving them your computer.)

  11. i love this look! great pop of color and the printed belt rocks. πŸ™‚

    i have absolutely no motivation lately either and am also blaming it on the holidays. πŸ™‚ i think we should enjoy it while we can. πŸ™‚

    i wander, i wonder

  12. What a beautiful color!! Love the outfit. You have amazing style and can't wait to see what you are wearing every day.

  13. Walmart treats their employees terribly and barely legally. and you proudly wear their items? And you are benefitting of the suffering of the hardships of other people. i might have to rethink following you.

  14. This oufit. I love. So very gosh darn much.

    Even if you don't usually like matchy looks, this one just screams "sophisticated!" but not in an "old" way at all!

    I think you look utterly divine.

  15. Hey anonymous — yes, walmart. I got them there a few years ago and I still wear them. I, like you, don't agree with their policies or how they treat their employees but I don't want to throw out good hosiery that I once purchased. I don't shop there much, but I don't want to be wasteful either.

    Thanks for letting me know your thoughts, I appreciate it.

  16. I love the pop of color the purple skirt brings to the outfit. I don't think its too matchy. I think it hits the balance perfectly. Its almost like you have the skirt on display.
    And the tights are fabulous!


  17. good reply to "anonymous." i'm all about freedom of speech, but anonymously? i say man up.

    regardless, i like your outfit! i always love this skirt when you wear it πŸ™‚

  18. oh my.. seems walmart anonymous should've been green eyed monster instead. oh well,you look TERRIFIC as usual.

  19. I like the matchy matchy. I think I'm TOO matchy matchy. I'm trying to be less! I really love that skirt… I've been thinking about ordering it since the 30×30!

  20. I really like those shoes, good thing I'm getting a UO gift card for Christmas!! Though your outfit is matchy matchy you still look Beautiful!!

    ps. Don't worry about gift wrapping that's what gift bags are for. πŸ˜‰

  21. I remember that skirt from the 30 challenge and was it a outstanding piece ! It is still : I adore everything : the color, the texture , the length. I don't know who decided that matchy-matchy is a no-no (yes I speak in double syllabic words, you should try : funny !)This outfit screams glamor (Yes, I hear those voices too…and may be it's time for me to start those little pills…though I have very important discussions with cloths , sometimes even more interesting that with some human beings…but I am digressing, right ? Where was I ….Oh yes, taking pills ;-)))

    Caro xxx

  22. Awesome! This outfit is just so made for you. You must try more matchy stuff at lease once a week, because you are as good at it as mixing up! Oh and how I love the way your belt is sitting on the skirt! It is just perfect!

  23. I love the matchy matchy! You make me wish it was winter here… I guess I'll have to make do lying around on beautiful beaches for a while πŸ™‚

  24. literally LOL at the wal mart haters. um, you live in a small town…& most small towns don't have many options. maybe you should MAKE your own tights, kendi! haha. you look darling as always πŸ™‚

  25. You look great. By the way, you have one of those faces where people seem to think they've seen you somewhere. LOL, seriously!

  26. You might think it's matchy-matchy but you look lovely! You do a terrific job of remixing making each and every outfit you wear look like a completely new outfit! You're my inspiration when I get stuck wearing things in the same way!



  27. I think this is quite possibly one of my favorite outfits yet (but then, it's a lot closer to something I would personally wear). Love it and you look lovely! Have fun wrapping and Merry Christmas!

  28. I used to be ok at wrapping presents, but this year it is like my brain/hands forgot how to do it. Everything is really taped and folded…it is really awkward.

  29. You're too funny Kendi!

    I had a pair of heels like that back in high school and now I REALLY wish I had held onto them! But at least they left my closet under your purging advice…

  30. Love your belt. Where is it from?? You should probably most definently um certiantly give that belt away in a giveaway…. Where I'm the only winner…. :). And why would someone stop following you bc you bought tights at walmart? Ludacris!

  31. I think the magenta color does wonders for your hair and skin color. You just look very warm and inviting….in a non-creeper way.

    – T

  32. Abigail — you crack me up. The belt is from J.Crew Outlet. I got it this summer, but I saw one just like it in regular J.Crew store just the other day!

  33. I LOVE this outfit-and I'm not a matchy-matchy person either. I think the outgoing color of the skirt takes away any aspect of plainness. Super cute!

  34. Ah, this is a favourite look of mine: I have a few brightly coloured pencil skirts, which I like to wear with a turtleneck and opaques in the winter – so easy, but it can look really cute. I absolutely love the colour of this skirt, it looks so great against the black!

  35. Such a cute look and I looooove the colors πŸ™‚ I don't own a pencil skirt yet but it's something I def want to add to the wardrobe. So flattering and timeless.

  36. Cute outfit! I really like the belt. (I'm really bad at wrapping too, but I figure people are tearing the paper off anyway… πŸ™‚ )

  37. You rock on with yo' bad matchy self. I loves it. I absolutely love EVERYTHING you put on. Seriously. But I hardly ever comment. So hi, Kendi! I love your blog!

    – Meg O.
    O. is Me

  38. @Annie — These particular heels are Jeffrey Campbell's and they aren't that uncomfortable. Wearing them to an office setting and sitting at at desk, they are perfect for. Walking long distances? not so much.

    My red urban outfitters heels are pretty comfortable in terms of heels. The heel isn't too high and I've never trouble with them. So I guess it just depends on the shoes there, but I've been happy with my purchases from U.O. so far!

  39. new to ur blog. but i absolutely looove ur style!
    will try to copy some of these outfits for the holiday season! thnx for so many good ideas. yaa πŸ™‚

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