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And here she is… the ol’ Kendi Everyday dress. Who knew that there would ever be a dressed named after me? Well besides all of the other dresses in my closet that I go ahead and re-name in variations of Kendi. But that’s beside the point. Anyways, a month ago or so I was Modcloth’s Blogger of the Moment and now I’m wearing myself. There’s got to be a better way to say that.

My blazer was the first purchase after my 30 for 30. I’d be vying for a black blazer, such a closet staple, and I found the perfect one at Target. It was marked $29, which I was like “eh, okay Target, I’ll give you $30 for this blazer. It’s lined, so that’s cool.” But when I checked out it was only $19. So then I went ahead and sprung for a pack of gum. After all of my silent bargaining, I deserved it.

The only sad part about this dress is I have no more parties to wear it to. Apparently we’re losers and only get invited to a few holiday parties a year. I suppose I can wear it to my pity party that I’m having. I’d invite you but then it would be kind of fun. And I’d have to share my wine. Party for one it is.

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  1. totally scored the same blazer on clearance a couple days ago! (but i only paid $15… target ripped you off)

    love (love!) how you styled this gorgeous dress. you're pretty good at this whole fashion/style thing. has anyone ever told you that?

    have a great rest of the weekend(:

  2. Aw yay! I looove the Kendi dress. I'm a huge modcloth fan and a huge Kendi fan so perhaps I should pick up this gorgeous dress!


  3. LOVE the ruffled neckline!

    I've been eyeing this blazer at Target but was actually too cheap to buy it. Ha. Now that it's cheaper I will have to check out my store to see if they have any left!

  4. Well at least the good thing about rocking a pity party for one is that you're guaranteed to be best dressed, right?! Not that that's a problem for you anyways – you and your sig dress look fabtastic!!

  5. I was waiting til when we saw your dress. It's so awesome. I only wish it had a zipper to detach it, so it's a skirt, and a top. Then you could remix it like there is no tomorrow! Don't worry your not a loser, other than my 4 family parties I don't get invited to any shindigs.
    My Heart Blogged

  6. NEW YEARS KENDI!!! NEW YEARS!!! no better excuse to rock your namesake 🙂 you look fantastic. congratulations!


  7. Loving the namesake dress! I've been wanting a black blazer lately too; I may be following suit and making that my first post-30 for 30 purchase as well!

  8. Kendi your namesake dress is so cute!! It's very vintage looking. And I'd come to your pity party, I'm a pro at them since I have them all the time!

  9. I know! I think I already went to the one formal holiday party of the year to which I was invited… I don't know where all these other people are invited to, but I'm sure not there! I think your namesake dress is a thing of great beauty 😀 and Target is so weird like that sometimes…

    I'm having a little giveaway if you're interested in checking it out! vintage purse and cardigan up for grabs…


  10. congratulations kendi, this is a huge moment for you! I love how you've styled it, and Im a little shocked you didnt have a black blazer prior to the 30×30. Its a piece that just seems so… you.

  11. OMG, Kendi. I just bought the EXACT SAME blazer today. I wasn't quite sold on it, but for being on clearance, and being the last one left, and IN MY SIZE, I had to get it. After seeing you in it, I'm pretty sure I'm keeping it.

    SO awesome that you have a namesake dress. And it's SOOOOO pretty. Just like you. so perfect!

    And I'm totally not invited to a single holiday party this year. My husband had to miss his work one, so I couldn't really go alone, and then my company's party is in January and it's not fancy schmancy. Then for actual friends/family, we never dress up, so there's no fun in that. 🙁

    Blue Paper Lanterns

  12. Totally gorgeous! i love the big neck ruffle!!! wear it on a hot date with your hubby! or grocery shopping… my sis Livy often will wear her newest most favorite pair of shoes in bed because they are so fab she can't bear to part with them… she's nuts… i just snuggle with mine at night…. 😉


  13. I love all of it. At first I saw the dress and blazer, then my eyes lit up with the pink tights. It's such an outfit that I would wear.
    I think you should be invited to all the A-list parties.

  14. I like the whole outfit, but I LOVE this dress! The collar is awesome, the colors are awesome, the pattern…love everything about it!

  15. I love this dress and your blazer! I saw this blazer at Target and have been debating with myself to get it..

    Kirstin Marie

  16. Gorge dress! And, boo. No pity parties for you, you have nothing to be pitiful about.

    I'm setting about doing the last of my unnecessary spending for the year, since I'm putting myself on a shopping ban for the first 3 months of 2011. I'm a masochist, I know. :/

  17. Love this outfit. You should go on a fancy date with your husband in this dress. Or just wear it to the grocery store. 🙂

  18. So cute! I wasn't so sure about this dress when I saw it on ModCloth. The pictures didn't do it justice! I would invite you to my holiday party, but then you would look better than me AND drink my wine 😉

  19. GORGEOUS dress!! Congrats hunnie…you more than deserve this fab dressed named after you:) You look beautiful in it…the entire outfit shines as much as your smile:)

  20. I just found you….great personal style, lots of good ideas and best of all…you are funny! Im hooked 🙂

  21. beautiful dress!! if you need another excuse to wear it and dont have a party to go to why not wear it on christmas day? 🙂 xo

  22. Wow, that is such a perfect party dress! I'm having my office party tomorrow…want to come?! 🙂 I love it with the pink tights, you've inspired me!

  23. i'm a sucker for a ruffle. and i love the way you tied it in the front. that's something i would do.

    i often find pity parties the most fun of all. after i've finished crying in my gin and soda that is.

  24. Throw a pity party for yourself and your huzzy, on new years! I spend it with the inlaws, and I am thinking of implementing a dress-up night, despite the fact we don't go out. I think it'll be a great time!

  25. Cute dress, cute but short !!! Though it shows how amazing your legs are … Aren't you the diabolic sort : having a dress named after you, so stylish and black and innocently short , so short that you can brag with those infinite legs of ours…GAH, I should hate you !

    Caro xxx

  26. I love your tights! I just ordered a sweater that color. I can't wait till it comes in the mail.
    I love Tulle! They have amazing clothes for amazing prices.

    I have a giveaway right now that is a TULLE TOTE. Come check it out, afashionistamoment.blogspot.com

  27. Shimmer and flowers and ruffles. So pretty! It's got five stars. That's like 100%! Congrats again!

  28. Fabulous dress! My one complaint with Modcloth is that their dresses are always SO short … not realistic for some of our lives. This one is a gorgeous one, though …

  29. Thanks everyone for the congrats! I 'ppreciate it! (that was with a southern drawl, if you couldn't tell)

    @Tiffany — I know isn't that crazy that I had never bought a black blazer? I think it was meant to be that I found this one though. 🙂

    @Charlie — GREAT idea! Maybe I'll style it up again??

    @Devon — the pictures DON'T do it justice. I thought the same thing about it online, but it's way cuter in person.

    @a.g. –Yeah I'll come to your office party. I love a good office party.

    @MUA & @Genny — It is short! Thank goodness for tights, even though that's probably not the best rule to go by….haha. But yes, I'm not always able to shop at boutiques or online because of lengths. It's hard to be modest and tall at the same time when it comes to one size fits all lengths.

  30. You should be incredibly proud that this is your namesake dress – so cute and wearable. Adorable with the tights.

  31. Kendi-you just converted me. I typically hate colored tights. I think they're so tacky and middle school. On you, and in this color? just beautiful. It goes too well w/this outfit. Putting this outfit in my inspiration folder. Bravo!

  32. Hello kendi, I have just found you through heather, and I love you and your blog, so you are going straight into my blogroll, and I am following you.
    Un abrazo from Spain.

  33. you look GORGEOUS!! i love this outfit. and i'm SO jealous that you got that blazer for $19! incredible. i've been looking for a great black blazer fro awhile now. i have my eyes on one that my sister-in-law has in her closet….

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