How the weather forced me to wear this outfit:

How I wanted to wear this outfit:

Alright so yes, I might be wearing the same shirt I wore yesterday. It’s just so pretty and I was still feeling romantic, so I put it back on this morning. If wearing a shirt twice in one week is a crime, then lock me up. My one call will be to Loft. To bring me more shirts to wear over and over again.

I also wanted to wear just this shirt with my skirt but Texas has apparently decided that it’s winter and I couldn’t go without a jacket. One day the weather will do what I say and coordinate with my closet, until then I must comply.

Also, as you can tell my shirt has MAJOR static cling. Even after taping multiple dryer sheets to my body, it still clings. Seriously, nothing worked. What can I say? Cute clothes love me. I just can’t keep them off of me.

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  1. I adore this! I love pink but rarely wear it so this makes me smile.

    I hope you had an amazing Christmas!


  2. oh, I have that same blouse in a dusty blue! I wore it Christmas Eve to a family thing and got so many compliments. My 2 year old cousin gave me the best compliment, though, when she rubbed her chocolatey hands all over it…

    I have a date with a stain stick sometime soon.

  3. oh my gosh I have that same skirt and I'm wearing it on NYE! I also paid $7 for it (one of the 2 things I caved in and bought during the 30×30 challenge)…I say it was worth the elimination 🙂

  4. Static cling's the worst! 🙂 I can't wait until the weather warms up here in Minnesota so I can wear my cotton dresses again. Perhaps I should just let the static at the hem just travel all the way up my leg, modesty be damned? I'll be wearing tights, promise! Hmmm. Perhaps not. 🙂

  5. @Ashley — the ol' toddle chocolate stain. These are the things that keep me up at night when I think about having kids. I

    @Andrea — My sister gave me this skirt but it was super cheap as well! I was with her when I forced her — er, I mean she bought it for me. 😉

  6. Which color are those tights? It's always so hard for me to picture We Love Colors' tights in real world applications.

  7. I got this shirt yesterday at LOFT! I love it! The color is perfect. I bought a cute, sequined belt from their too to wear it with. I was SO EXCITED to see you wear it two different ways! Now I have tons of inspiration for it! Love your blog, Kendi!

  8. I love the combination of maroon and dusty pink with the champagne skirt, and every time you wear those shoes I click over to the site like I'm going to buy them.

  9. I love your tights! Do you mind letting me know how good the quality is? I wear black/grey/brown tights almost everyday to work in the winter. I get them at walmart or target and they seem to tear/get runs in them after only a few wears! I'm looking for a better brand that's still affordable. Thanks!!


  10. I'm loving the side chignon. When I wear my hair like that it ends up in a bun about mid-day. I haven't quite yet perfected the "messy" do.

  11. its almost annoying how photogenic you are! good god. when i crinkle my nose in photos and laugh i look like a donkey. you look adoreballs.

  12. Once again you look absolutely great! I love the colours!
    I also realised that I really like it when you wear your hair like that. Therefore it would be super-duper-great of you if you could do a close up shoot of your hairstyle or even a little tutorial 🙂

  13. Cute outfit! I love how you combine different tones of the same color (your shirt and tights) with a gold skirt and make it look so cute! I love metallics right now and I am getting more adventurous with the colors of my tights thanks to you!

  14. My tights are Maroon from We Love Colors. And I like the quality of WLC — they are pretty tough and very thick. I also like Hue, you can find this brand at Macy's or Anthro.

  15. I just bought that blazer on clearance from Target. I haven't figured out how to wear it without feeling like I'm livin' in the 80s, British, or a 40-year-old teacher. I think it may be a little too long for me.

    On a more upbeat note, I've been following your blog for a few months, and I think every day I show my friend your outfits with an "Ooh, I love this!"

  16. I have that same top and haven't figured out how to get rid of the static cling either! I'll have to give that Static Guard product a try if I can find it…

    I love the color on you! I hope I can wear mine soon! 🙂

  17. Loving this outfit!
    I almost bought the same blazer yesterday at Target (it looks the same at least), it was on sale for $15. It looked funny on me so I had to pass, sadly. It fits you really well 🙂

  18. I absolutely love this outfit!! So well put together, and I'm loving the color of the tights with it all! Gorrrgeous, lady!

  19. Beautiful! I tend to shy away from colored tights because I never know how to wear them but this outfit makes me want to go buy some!

  20. Well I like this outfit both ways! And I think the static-y-ness of the shirt actually looks kind of cool. I have very similar plum-colored tights of my own that I have yet to break out this season. Better get on that!

  21. I bought this shirt at the Loft a couple of weeks ago (amazing sales they've been having lately, yes please!). I'm glad you're wearing it as often as I am. It just makes me feel so pretty. Minus the constant static cling, I'm in love.

  22. I actually love the addition of the jacket, so thank you weather patterns?

    I'll be in the cell with you, I rewear the same shirt/jeans two days in a row with a little more frequency than I should be admitting in "public"

  23. Two words: STATIC GUARD. I never needed it until this holiday season, when I purchased the cutest dress that loved me back…a bit too much. Static Guard smells all chemically (?) at first, but that goes away after a couple of minutes. It really does the trick. Good luck, lady!

  24. Awesomest colors Kendi! You pulled this outfit brilliantly!
    I am this boring black tights only person, but now I am inspired!! Pretty Pretty!

  25. I wore the same shirt I wore yesterday today too, haha.. Mines black and it's a boat neck 3/4 length sleeve. I wore it both times under a sweater, so It's not that noticeable. I'm more worried about my skirt. I wore a black skirt yesterday and a black skirt today, but they're different. haha.. Oh the things we worry about…

  26. Loving that shirt just as much as I did last time! And those tights! We might be tights twins, but I;m no sure if we have the same shade or not. You're perfectly colorful.

    If you're looking to combat static I totally recommend hair spray, specially for the inside of the clothing. It works wonders!!

  27. That shirt is definitely worthy of multiple wears. The cut and color are spectacular. I love your blog. You always make me giggle!

  28. Please!! I've been looking for a shirt like that but I haven't found it yet, so please tell me where can I find it? I mean, on internet because I live in Spain.

    Love your blog Kendi!

  29. Please!! I've been looking for a shirt like that but I haven't found it yet, so please tell me where can I find it? I mean, on internet because I live in Spain.

    Love your blog Kendi!

  30. girl. i have the same shirt, same color in tank top form. and to be honest, two more colors. bought one on super sale and couldnt control myself from RUNNING back for more.

  31. hey, i just got that blazer at target! it was only like $7, so quite the steal. i'm assuming you got it in the sale, too?

  32. slips are your friend.

    I wear a slip under skirts and dresses 95% of the time, even if they already have a lining.
    Cures : static cling, any type of lines, movement issues, accidental sneak peeks, etc.

  33. I hate that about winter… so much static from all that dry air!

    The color palette of this outfit is to die for. I like it better without the jacket too… silly weather don't you know when we don't feel like putting a jacket over a beautiful outfit!

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