10.12.10e{Shop: DressBoots}Not that you need another reason to adore Megan Nielsen’s fall collection, but I really really really like this dress. (Really, I do.) I don’t know if its the buttons or the small flowers but it’s a sure favorite of mine already. I mean how many dresses do you know that you can just throw on an oversized, droopy sweater and it still look pretty and feminine? Exactly. 
Confession time: since canceling cable, I’ve watched an obscene amount of “Say Yes to the Dress” on Netflix lately. It’s becoming an obsession. I know the consultants names, I know when a client is going to be easy or difficult. I’m starting to recognize inventory, ya’ll. The worst part is I’ve only got 1 more season left. Look like it’s going to be a cold winter.  So I’m getting an itch for another 30 for 30 soon. I was hoping that it would cool down so that I could have a true Fall Remix, but it doesn’t look like that’s the case until mid-November and I don’t want to wait that long. Anyone else up for the challenge? 

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  1. Liz — I know. That's also why I didn't want to start until November since my birthday is at the end of the month and I'll want to spend my birthday money. Lame? Maybe. True? YES.

  2. That dress is amazing. It's perfect for fall and goes great with those boots. What kind of sleeve is on that dress?

  3. oooh, I've lurked during the past 30 for 30 challenges but haven't participated. I've put myself on a shopping ban for the fall, and I think a 30/30 challenge is just what I need…count me in, for serious.

  4. can i also say yes to the cardigan? because it's awesome. truly awesome. and indeed the dress is the perfect fall color. so i guess i say yes to the whole outfit.

  5. Love the dress, and the boots! I've been trying to find a similar pair to fit 17" calf circumference with no luck. 🙁

  6. I would be up for a 30 for 30 too! Except, the weather is never consistently cold in November here in Florida. One day is could be 60 and the next 82, so I'm not sure how well it work out. But count me in.. I'm up for the challenge!

  7. I would certainly be up for the challenge once again. But maybe that's because after the last challenge I bought an obscene amount of new (and cuter) clothing. That probably defeated the purpose, since I think I bought more in revolt of having to mix the same 30 things for a month…

  8. Whenever I go to my Mom's we always watch that show. We can't stop, much to my dad's chagrin. You look great!

  9. I so want to do the challenge, but the no shopping is going to kill me! I'm a serious retail therapy kind of gal and if I can't shop I don't even want to think about the amount of wine I may consume!
    Also, I tried on that sweater when I first saw it at Antrho and passed because I couldn't figure out how to wear it. Where were you then to show me the way? It looks gorgeous on you!

  10. Even though the last 30for30 was lots of fun, I don't know if i'll be in this time. Possibly though. I just have a ton of stuff in my closet I want to play around with..

    I'm for sure doing "NO"vember. Otherwise known as NO-shopping-vember.


  11. I think I could handle the not shopping (instead I'll just focus on Christmas shopping–that's allowed, right?!), but the 30 for 30 itself freaks me out. I'm not sure I can handle it.

  12. I agree — it feels like it's never going to cool down (no complaints about warm weather from me though)
    … I even brought some of my pumpkins inside because I'm afraid they'll go bad before Halloween (yes, I bought that many).

    30×30 challenge sounds like fun! I'm totally intimidated but really intrigued. Count me as a meekly raised hand [diverts eyes, doesnt make eye contact with people who have whole-heartedly agreed]… haha

  13. i've never done a 30 for 30, and i think it sounds like a lot of fun! plus, i'm always looking for new things to do 😀


  14. why am I not on your blog every day. Whenever I stop by it makes me smile and you are so darling. That is it- you are on my blog roll. coming more often. xo

  15. Would love to see a Fall edition of 30 for 30. This outfit is amazing; perfect for a Texas fall which isn't quite here yet. Also, SYTTD is an obsession of mine as well! <3

  16. I am! I am! I think I've got the hang of this remixing outfit business. I've been attempting to do it ever since your last one in order to save on money, but I recently splurged on a few things and I'm ready to see how I remix everything into my old clothes. Please start another challenge.

  17. Cute outfit and the sweater looks so comfy.
    After reading your last 30 for 30, I'm interested in participating. It might be a challenge, but I'm up for it.

  18. Love these colors and the beautiful backdrop. Need that sweater! Makes me want to curl up with a book.

  19. Oh man! I had no idea that netflix had added all the seasons to instant. My boyfriend is going to be so pissed!! Thanks Kendi!
    P.S. You always look darling 🙂

  20. If you did another 30 for 30 I would love to join in! I missed out last time because I was moving, working a summer job and starting a new professional career, but this time I think it would be fun! You'll have to post up all the rules though, because I'm sure I don't remember them all. 🙂

  21. I got my wedding dress at Kleinfelds. My mom nearly fainted from all the "star" sightings, I had never even seen the show. We promptly returned home and watched 3 hours straight.

    I might be in for a 3o for 30. I have never been brave enough before, but I might be ready!

  22. Ohhh Kendi, Count me in on the 30 for 30. I always check to see what you'll do and I ALWAYS love it 🙂 Maybe this will help we streamline my closet!

  23. Yes! Totally in for 30 for 30….I watched everyone else do it the last time and I'd really like the challenge. I love love the dress by the way! So cute (so tempting..lol).

  24. I. LOVE. "Say Yes to the Dress." A college acquaintance/coworker of mine was even on it! It's so easy to get sucked into it.

    (Also, I bought my own Intyce boots a couple of weeks ago and I rarely take them off)

  25. I would do the 30 for 30 for sure. November is the perfect time, too – it would help me save money for Christmas!

  26. Wow, such a beautiful dress! The color is sort of unexpected, and totally stands out. I love it! And that slouchy sweater…perfect.

  27. I've been considering doing a 6 items in 30 days challenge but I was thinking of switching it up and making it 10. Sweaters & jackets wouldn't count though. I haven't done it yet but I'm highly considering it.

  28. Not totally sure I'm brave enough yet. Maybe I'll just chant "I think I can," like the Little Engine That Could and by the time you're ready to begin, I will have enough mo to try it.

  29. I've been checking out Megan's collection on her blog, and I must say, it's very classically beautiful. I think she has a bright future. 🙂

    And I totally would do a 30 for 30, but I definitely don't have 30 pieces of things that I could wear for that long. Sad, I know.

  30. kendi, are your boots the cognac or the wine color? i've been stalking these boots for the past few days and seeing you wear them has put me over the edge! i need to own them immediately and want to know the lovely color yours are! 🙂

  31. Yay, I have been awaiting this announcement! 🙂 When you were doing your Summer 30/30, my sister and I had just started our joint blog (She's in Asia, while I'm in Europe). As a newbie, I didn't have the nerves to join then 🙂 I still don't know if I have it in me to commit to 30 pieces of clothing for a month, but I'll definitely try! I'm up for the challenge!


  32. zomg. i LOVE say yes to the dress!!! i have to watch it when my bf isn't home…i dont want him to think i'm getting desperate or trying to drop hints! haha!

    and i might be down for the 30 for 30! keep us updated!

  33. I think I might be in this time for the 30 for 30. But, like you, I wish it would cool off a little! Gosh.

    That color is absolutely beautiful on you and I loooove how you paired it with the boots!

  34. Sorry to be late to the game, but I've only recently started following your blog (near the end of the last 30 for 30) but can you explain what you mean by that?

    Also, you should know, that since I've started following your blog it has definitely become my favorite! Your style is beautiful, easy and accessible! Hopefully one day I'll be half as stylish- thanks for the inspiration!

  35. I am TOTALLY up for a 30 for 30 challenge! I missed out on the other ones (my fault for not checking your blog regularly, shame on me).

    I've also been without cable for more than a year now and watch Netflix almost exclusively. I've gone through every season of Murder She Wrote, Magnum PI, Heroes, and now I'm working on Prison Break.

    P.S. I have those same Steve Madden boots. They are soooo comfyl and versatile!


  36. okay, this will sound weird but i hope will indulge me with an answer.

    i love your hair style very much. i need to know if you style it everyday or if it is wash 'n' wear. please share with us [or just me] what products you use to make it look that amazing every single day. and lastly, is your hair naturally wavy like that at the ends or did you have it treated, please, please let me know because i printed pictures of you and brought them to my stylist and my hair still doesn't look anything like yours. =(

    p.s. you are my favorite fashion blogger, and in my opinion, one of the two best-dressed on my list.

    p.p.s. the p.s. wasn't an afterthought okay, i just really am in love with your hairstyle! [okay, i'll stop now]

  37. Chiara — You know how to make a girl's day don't ya?

    My hair — yes I am actually working on a hair tutorial, but I am terribly awkward on video as I've come to find out. My hair is naturally very straight, so I curl the ends with a 1 1/4 inch barrell curling iron. The only products I use are shampoo, conditioner and hairspray. The way my hair is cut, it has a few long layers in the front and around the crown for more lift. Hopefully that will help!

    Stay tuned for the awkward hair tutorial. 🙂

    For those of you wondering about my 30 for 30, look no further: http://kendieveryday.blogspot.com/p/30-for-30-remixes.html

  38. I've thought so many times that if you did another 30 for 30, I would MAKE myself participate even though I have an insane fear of failure. Sooo…give me a minute to process this…

    Ok, I'm not ready, but I'll do it anyway. You just say when.

  39. oh my god i watched season 4 of say yes to the dress in the span of like, 18 hours this summer, and that was before all the other seasons were on instant play! and now that i know, thanks to you, i will totally be failing my exams due to say yes marathons! 😀 and i'm totally happy about that. it's the best reality show on television.


  40. Yes! I'm saying YES to your dress! How's that for creative?
    I don't think I could give up cable. I should, but my apt has it where I have to have cable to get internet. Rats.

  41. I'm totally obsessing over you boots!
    Also, I'm a little scared of the 30/30, but that's probably why I should do it. Hope it gets cooler here too before it starts. Otherwise it'll be lots of sweaty or cold days. 🙂

  42. We had free cable till we got this monster tv and now the cable is gone. Bummer! So we watch episodes of 30 Rock and I hula hoop while laughing hysterically- best ab workout ever?

    I'm another tentative hand-raiser for the 30 for 30…But I can only let a busy life and lack of camera hold me back for so long, right? Ok, I'm in.

  43. That is the dress I fell in love with when you posted Megan's stuff! It's perfect! And YES to another 30 for 30!! 🙂

  44. I say yes indeed to that amazing dress, and yes please for a 30 for 30 challenge. I missed the last one, but I feel like I need a challenge like 30 for 30 right about now.

  45. Yes!! I am definitely in for a 30 for 30. I've only recently discovered your blog and reading through your archives I completely fell in love with the idea. So much so that I was thinking of doing one all by my lonesome. Which is, you know, lonely and not as fun as having people agonize over remixing with you. So, what I'm saying is YES! I'm in!


  46. I just started reading your blog as you started the last 30/30. I thought it might be 6 months before you did another…so it's a bit too soon for me this time around.

  47. That sweater looks so comfy, I need something like that with all this cooling down that is happening!

  48. Hi Kendi! this is that weirdo who emailed you about the back cord pants. 😀

    I am interested in a 30 for 30! Maybe in December though, cause the Northeast sometimes can't decide in November what it wants to do until the whole northern hemisphere has tilted mostly away and then we figure out that we should be really freaking cold. We're followers like that.
    And then for the rest of the winter until April it stays really freaking cold, so a winter 30 for 30 would be super to figure out how to stay remixing for several months at a time. So maybe I will have to catch up with the 30 for 30 later! I guess the problem with that would be dressing up for the holidays though.. and not being able to wear clothing presents right away… oh darn, nevermind haha. Either way. I would still love to see YOU do a 30 for 30, even if I'm lame about it. 🙂

  49. Kendi, just stumbled across your blog and love it! thank you also for stating where your clothes come from. I fell in love with the Steve Madden Boots and bought them 🙂

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