9.8.10cMy whole outfit cost like $2. Plus $28. But still — that’s cheap, right? Thanks to my mother, who hemmed the dress for free and to my husband who stole my — I’m kidding. The only thing he stole was my heart. Wink, wink.
So if you are new here, I need to make you aware of two rules for Kendi Everyday readers. Rule 1: You have to be fluent in sarcasm. Rule 2: You have to like what I wear so much that you don’t mind seeing me in it more than once. And by more than once I mean that I repeat many things. I wore this dress earlier in the summer and I plan on wearing it again. If this is a problem, then we must part ways. If you’re cool with this, I’ll see you in the fall. Well actually, tomorrow. See you tomorrow.

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  1. That is such a gorgeous colour on you! I love the dress and how you wore it with tan accesories.

    Haha – I'm totally ok with those rules Kendi. For a little while the only shoes my readers saw were my JC boots, because they nearly needed surgical removal. I like seeing items remixed!


  2. Hi Kendi….Im new here…and I have a fabulous sense of humor!!
    Love your blue dress, the pattern is so pretty…and those shoes…hard to believe they came from Target!! Ill have to check out Target more often:)

    You are gorgeous…..and look fabulous as always:)

    Statements in Fashion

  3. this is why i love you, kendi.

    i'm so happy not to see every single post riddled with c/o's. i love bloggers who accept/review the occasional garment, but don't have a closet full of sponsored items. its just not realistic to have a personal style blog when your style is whatever is free. sorry. i've had that on my mind.

    in other words, it's expected that garments will show up several times since most people can't run out and buy new clothes everyday. chances are, if you can, you're rich and not blogging 😉

    looking forward to seeing your lovely face and this dress many times in the future!

  4. what?? you totally missed the date today – 08 09 10!! I so thought you would be all over that! haha

    when my boss figured it out today he went around and told everybody – he thought he was so clever.

  5. Oh my gosh, I love sarcasm and wearing things multiple times. I think we're soul mates. (Except for the whole you being married and a girl thing.)

  6. There is a very Mary Louise Parker/ Nancy Botwin vibe in the outfit and set of pictures!

    Love it!

  7. I love the sarcasm. And those clogs. Must find me a pair of those stat!

    PinQue Blog

  8. I love your style of writing..so fresh and natural. I love your cute name (kendi). I love your style sense, but most of all I want your closet. That wasn't too much, was it?!

    ps. are those Target shoes comfortable? I can only seem to wear flats there, but heels…sting like king bee.

  9. I flippin' love that dress! Is it vintage thrifted, or just sort of old thrifted? like, I guess what I'm asking is what brand is it? Just curious…

  10. Sarcasm and remixing outfits go gorgeous together, I have no idea what you're talking about. And that statement may have sounded sarcastic, but that was to prove a point. I mean, really.

    Though I have to guiltily admit that sometimes I'm worried that when I post an outfit, people would be all "haven't you totally worn that recently?" Good thing I can't hear them from my blog. 😀

    Toast with Charmalade

  11. Great dress (and sarcasm). Also, I wish more bloggers weren't afraid to re-wear items of clothing.

  12. You look so cute, and so easily comfortable-except for the shoes. Ha!

    I, Kendi Everyday reader, swear to practice my sarcasm everyday and to pretend to not notice when Kendi wears things more than once. Because, I mean, really, I wear things like 5 times a week. Juuuust kidding. Maybe.

    Lindsey Soup

  13. I doubt anyone will ever have a problem with you repeating this dress. It's such a wonderful colour and pattern. Love the brown accessories as well!

  14. I love remixing!!! Although all your outfits are awesome I find remixing so much more inspiring than encouraging gross spending.

    Kendi – you look fantastic 🙂

  15. hehe im cool with rules1 and 2. although you should probably not wear things more than three times (im applying my rule 1 here 🙂 )

  16. Very adorable dress for work; I can't believe you thrifted it! I never have any luck in thrift shops for dresses.

  17. New here (from what I wore) and love you style. Love your writing. The only thing I don't love is that your dress is thrifted becuase I want it! And now, I can't get it 🙂 Keep it up Kendi, you're awesome!

  18. All I know is that you have TOTALLY gotten your money's worth out of those shoes – don't you just love finding shoes like that?!?!

  19. PS I have been following you since 30 for 30 but I went back and looked at many archives and I still didn't remember the dress. You are in the clear. If you wear it 2 days in a row AND post both days I MIGHT notice.

  20. I wouldn't have known that you wore that twice, it looks like a brand new outfit. Makes me realize that I should be more creative with how I wear my clothes!

  21. It's way more realistic to be wearing your clothes more than once. I would guess that most people wear the same clothes all the time! Keep re-wearing … It just makes this site that much better!

  22. I think sarcasm may have actually been my first language. I'm teaching my daughter this fine art before working on reading and writing. It's a valuable life skill.

    I love that dress! I wouldn't be able to wear it to work (apparently our skirts have to come down to at least the knee) but I'd wear it everywhere else. So pretty!

  23. You look gorgeous in this shade of blue. Fabulous look!

    I love seeing you work and re-work your wardrobe. You always look like you are wearing something fresh and new, even if you aren't. Thanks for the inspiration!

  24. Kendi..this is my first time commenting but I've been a lurker on here for two months..(i'll be more active i promise! LOL!)

    LOVE this dress! Love this color on you!

  25. I liked the way you styled the dress tanned belt and shoes.I have blog,too and i 'm a big fan of remixing.It's good for the mind,soul and wallet.

  26. You're radiant in blue. And thanks for the reminder that cognac leather really DOES go with everything.

  27. I absolutely love this dress and love the way you wore it. I could see it over and over again. Also, I think I minored in sarcasm undergrad so I love your usage.

  28. That color is gorgeous on you. You remind me of Lauren Graham in these pics.

    P.S. I look forward to your sarcasm daily.

  29. That color is gorgeous on you. You remind me of Lauren Graham in these pics.

    P.S. I look forward to your sarcasm daily.

  30. Your sarcasm syncs right up with my sarcasm, so we're good there.
    Also, that dress is so cute/pretty/bright that you could wear it every day and I'd still stick around.

  31. love this dress and the color looks great on you!

    Also I did my first post yesterday inspired by your 30 for 30 challenge! It has been a challenge for me so far… 🙂

    and btw your sarcasm totally makes your blog – I love it.

  32. I would totally expect you to reuse your clothes silly girl! I repeat at least once a week. :o)

    LOVE the blue dress with the belt. I saw those shoes at Target and said "more power to her!" Cause I love heels, but those look dangerous (says the girl who wears stilettos…)

  33. Love the look! I so want those shoes but I can't find them at Target. 🙁 When did you purchase them?

  34. I really love the dress! I accept your rules…they are fun rules. I read your blog everyday and it inspires me…just so you know.

  35. This outfit looks gorgeous, and I love how you pulled the blue and brown together with that gorgeous belt and fabulous clogs!
    The first time you wore this dress this summer was the very first day that I discovered your blog. It was that dress that hooked me. Well actually that dress, the hat, the accessories, and you fabulous sense of humor. But other than that, yes it was the dress. 😉

  36. regardless of what you paid – you look like a thousand bucks!

    don't you just hate people who don't get sarcasm?? they always stare at me like i'm craaazy.

    xoxo, Ashley

  37. your rules are fine by me 😉
    your sarcasm and clothes repeats are the reason i visit your site! who knew, huh! no really, i appreciate that you repeat, it keeps it real!

  38. What an awesome thrifted dress! The color really does pop. I really like this belt with it, versus the belt you used the last time.

  39. I planned to post a raving review of this dress but after reading through 75 glowing reviews I'm worried adding another to the stack might make your head too big to fit through this charming neck hole.

    Oh what the heck, this is the best $2 you've ever spent. No really. It is fantastic.

  40. 1) I am more than ok with those rules. Here's to repeating clothes! (something I also do ALL the time)

    2) I am in love with that dress, and the color is amazing on you. 🙂

  41. Friends who asked about the clogs:

    Are the comfortable? Yes after about the 4th wear. The pleather gets softer and they become easier to walk in. However, they are NOT easy to walk in. I have to concentrate when I walk, as weird as that sounds. Walking and talking in those heels is a no-go.

    I did get them recently at Target. In August to be exact, right after the 30 for 30 had ended. If they are not there, they might be online? Also, I saw the Steve Madden one's on sale at Macy's over the weekend. 🙂

  42. I see nothing wrong with wearing the same thing multi[ile times, in fact, I think its stupid and wasteful when you see people wear something once. Truth be told, I am suprised you only wear it once per season, its cute. And on my bugdet, I would have to pull it out at least once a month! Plus I think it forces you to be more creative and thats where the best outfits come, not from being a sell out with only c/o clothes in posts. Yay for REAL fashion, on REAL budget!
    Also, I love that you shop at real stores, like target, on a real budget. It makes your style ideas more relatable and realistic. Keep doing what you are doing!

  43. Just recently discovered your blog when you were the guest blogger on What I Wore. Love your style – both in what you wear, and your writing style. Rare to find a blogger who's both fashionable and funny!

  44. I know this is an old post and so you may never get this comment, but could you look at the label and tell me who made this dress? It's fabulous! I love the color.

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