7.25.10eI wanted to name this post Pretty in Pink, but I figured that I better take the opportunity to use the number 16 since not all numbers have something culturally relatable to them (I’m talking to you numbers, 14, 17 and 28.)

This year marks my ten year Sweet Sixteen anniversary. (I will mourn the loss of my youth a little closer to my birthday in October.) I had the best sweet sixteen party — P. Diddy was there, I got two Range Rovers, MTV filmed it. You know, just a regular girl turning one year older at a regular party with cake, cash money and door prizes.

Just kidding. I think I went to a football game with friends for my 16th birthday. And then I took a nap and went to the DMV with my mom to get my license. And by my mom, I mean P.Diddy.

My girl Jentine of My Edit made a very important public service announcement on her blog this weekend and I feel like I need to do the same. We stumbled upon this flyer in our neighborhood:

You guys, Satan’s poodle is lost and we need to find it. It escaped from the dark side and is wondering the streets hungry, looking for souls. The picture of the dog is great, I’ll know that dog when I see it but the description however needs a little help. It just says “Dog White Poodle.” Now come on — this isn’t just any dog white poodle, this is a dog white poodle with diamond eyes. I mean just look at those beauties.
We’ve got to find this dog white poodle and fast.

(Silver Rose Cocktail Ring courtesy of Morado)

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  1. I love this outfit! I love the lace top with the fun and flirty pink skirt. Great combo!

    That whole dog white poodle thing made me laugh so hard my husband kept glancing nervously at me. He's probably wondering if I'm hearing voices.

  2. i love this post.
    for my sixteenth, i think i just watched a movie with my friends. i love the hot pink skirt, you really do look great in that color. the poodle is hilarious. but really i do hope he finds its owner.


  3. Oh my…

    Sometimes, when we're sleeping, our sweet puppy sits by our bed and gives us the Jedi mind trick by staring at us until we wake up to tell us he has to go out. I feel like if this Dog White Poodle did the same, I'd wake up without a soul. Poor, creepy pup.

  4. You never fail to crack me up!!

    And there's the movies "28 Days" and "28 Days Later." You could use those!

  5. Aw crap, the dog white poodle part made me laugh so hard my husband made me read it out loud to him. And I couldn't do it. I could never read past the first "dog white poodle" without breaking down. You deserve an award.

  6. i love your entire outfit!!

    haha you're right, that dog has got some diamond eyes


  7. hahahaha that poodle.
    I hope someone finds the dog white poodle. this cracks me UP. I did not have a sweet 16, not that it really mattered to me. a birfday's a birfday and I still don't have my license 10 years after my 16th birthday… OY. Your pictures make me all warm and fuzzy inside. TMI? truth hurts/is akward.


  8. I love that whenever I'm in a foul mood, I check out KendiEveryday and can count on a pick-me-up!! Satan's dog is totally creepy!! Avoid the diamond eyes!!

    Great outfit! I went to the beach for my 16th birthday and I had a stomach virus and ended up in the emergency clinic. I'd like to have my 16th over!!
    PS. why does my word verification never show up??!! Argghhhhh!!

  9. lol the poodle made me laugh!
    and this kinda reminds me of Mad Men. Maybe it's because my Tylenol PM is kicking in?
    And little known fact–I was at one of the Sweet Sixteen bdays for a certain celeb's son. but i'm nowhere in the episode(well not a good shot or anything)! argh.

  10. Oh how you make me laugh. That dog gives me the creeps.

    But you look gorgeous, I love your lace top pretty lady!


  11. I am STILL laughing about that poor lost dog white poodle… truly, truly the most terrifying thing I've ever seen. LOVING those sunglasses, though ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha I just read the first line bellow the photo of the poster and I laughed out loud! I had to share it!

    Thanks for the laugh, Kendi!

    And you look gorgeous!

  13. Oh, you are so cute. I love the expressions you make in your photos. And the fact that you shared Satan's pooch with us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I can't stop laughing at that amazing flyer! Thanks for another entertaining post, I love reading your blog! I also own this F21 shirt and have been looking for ways to style it, so thanks for the inspiration…

  15. First time commenter….I must say, How could I not have found you sooner? Your sense of style is magnificent and your humor is great! Adore this outfit, The romantic yet casual feel to it has me drooling! Can't wait to see more! I also added you to my blogroll….

  16. Hahahaha. Dog white poodles are the new "it" accessory. And that one does have diamond eyes… Even better.

    Love the pink skirt!


  17. WOW I think I love you today….not in a weird creepy way. In a hilarious BFF way. I laughed to tears and the hubs thinks I'm nuts! I cannot read "dog white poodle without cracking up. Oh, and the outfit is fantastic!

  18. this outfit is the epitome of cute, I love it!

    but I don't love satan's poodle, he is going to haunt my nightmares…



  19. adorable outfit, love hot pink and black together…I've been known to buy products just for that color combo on their packaging (I know, I know).

    always a pleasure reading your hilarious posts, too.

    thanks for your sweet reply to my note, have a great day

  20. I'm probably going to have nightmares about Dog White Poodle.

    I'm loving this outfit though! It's impressive that you're creating such cute combos with so few items :.)

  21. I'm not surprised to learn that Satan owns a white poodle. It's just too perfect.

    That lace top is SUCH fun.

  22. oooh, i saw that poodle out last night eating the souls of small children. i knew i should have done something. damnit.

  23. This post makes me crack up! But I have to say I LOVE your skirt and the outfit totally matches the title.I would have killed to wear that outfit for my Sweet Sixteen, which also consisted of something so special, I can't even remember it anymore! Super cute. I also have an obsession with hot pink and black!

  24. Me and my husband we laughing out loud! Hilarious!
    Also, I love the skirt. That's the kind of skirt that makes a bad day not so bad.

  25. Congratulations! You are the first person in the history of the planet to use the words "Satan" and "poodle" in the same sentence!

  26. people are looking at me cause I just laughed really loudly….
    I love that ring and that lace top!
    I am racking my brain and I cannot remember what I did for my 16th, except go to get my drivers license first thing in the morning!

  27. love the outfit post.

    that poodle picture freaked me out. i laughed so hard at the accompanying text but those diamond eyes are definitely going to haunt my dreams tonight! ๐Ÿ˜›

  28. Add me to the masses that this post made crack up! I'm sitting here at work trying not to giggle outloud!

  29. This post made me laugh so hard! I'm at work right now publicly humiliating myself and I don't care ๐Ÿ™‚ so worth the outward laughter!

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