7.08.10fDo you think that the “don’t wear a white shirt when it’s raining” rule applies to pants? If so, I defied all fashion-related weather laws today and wore my white pants in the rain. But don’t worry, my underwear was black so you couldn’t see it…wait, that’s not right is it? So that’s why my co-workers kept calling me Blackberry Bottoms…I thought it was because my phone was in my back pocket. Which is weird because I have an iPhone.
When I bought these jeans, I asked B (my better half) if the boot-cut leg looked weird on me. He then asked if I could only wear boots with these pants? Why weren’t they called bell-bottoms? What were bell-bottoms? And all sorts of other ridiculous questions that made me realize one thing: I need a girlfriend shopping partner. Now taking applications. Must be funny, quick on your feet and able to shop at various shopping centers for long periods of time. Also must be able to lift 50 lbs. (my legs get tired and I usually need a piggy back ride.)
Top is courtesy of Shop Mamie, Clutch is courtesy of Jenny N Designs, Earrings courtesy of my mom. All sponsors of this blog.

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  1. Wow, I love your earrings!! They are so gorgeous! And this outfit is great! I have been really enjoying this challenge, and I'm excited to see the rest of your outfits! I am just too attached to all of my clothes right at the moment to be participating as well. Maybe next time!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  2. I love these white jeans! And I'm really curious as to what you're going to do in the photos once you get to outfit 11, hehe.

  3. Congrats on the birthday! 4 years is really getting up there πŸ˜‰

    I'd love to apply for your shopping partner in crime. Err no shoplifting involved. I'm actually way better at helping other people find clothes, my friends call me their jean guru! So let me know when you want me to fly over.

  4. I'd shop with you, since I've just learned that people actually don't like shopping with me (they say I take too long). Except I don't live near where you are. Details, details.


  5. You look really cute in this bootleg style, perhaps particularly because they're white. White jeans have a wholly different calculus than blue jeans.

  6. Is it bad that i'm slightly angry with you for always looking so freaking cute? Seriously you've put my day 4 look to shame in a bad way.:p
    Anyways, if you haven't figured it out yet, I love this outfit and you look stunning in it. Dang it πŸ˜‰


  7. There's such a striking difference between this 30×30 and the last! Both are so much fun. But the neutrals of the first collection led to outfits that almost anybody could find in their wardrobes and put together. This time things seem so much more personal!

  8. Oooh I like that you snuck a purse into these shots! Keep it coming lady, this challenge has been super inspiring.

  9. Love the belt over the shirt… although I don't know how you pull it off so well, because I tried that today and grimaced at myself in the mirror.

    Which is why I live vicariously through your fashions instead of subjecting the world to mine.

  10. Great outfit!
    And bell bottoms are NOT boot cut pants.

    Also, I like how you are non-hoarishly incorporating your sponsors.
    Please don't carry a grandma coach bag, no matter WHAT they offer you.
    They are on the blogger prowl right now.
    Not to be a bitch, but :
    Dear Coach,
    If you want to hip up, design a different, more innovative line.

    Or maybe I should just keep my mouth shut.

  11. I like how your "four" looks like you're giving the peace sign to two people! very productive. I remember the time I gave a peace sign in Atlanta. I ended up with 2 Braves tix. True story. naive elle.

  12. what if i had a stroller? would i then qualify? do you allow your shopping partner to bring their kids along? re-thinking those terms now aren't you???

  13. what if i had a stroller? would i then qualify? do you allow your shopping partner to bring their kids along? re-thinking those terms now aren't you???

  14. I would like to apply for the job as a shopping partner – does it comes with an unlimited supply of money that grows on trees as well?? Dream!

    Love the outfit – such a classic Kendi outfit, if that makes sense!

    Small Time Style

  15. Pick me! I'm funny and I don't wear your size, which means I we will never debate politely over a skirt when all we want to do is a catfight.

    I think the mom outfit are all about white pants, whether you can wear them or not as an actual mom.

  16. Cute outfit!!

    It only took me 30 second to train my husband:

    1) Never ask "Are we done yet?"
    2) Hold all my clothes and/or push the cart
    3) Always say "THAT LOOKS GREAT BABE!"

    And now he is the perfect shopping partner. πŸ™‚

  17. I love your earrings. And definitely your outfit. It so put together. It looks so effortless. I don't know how you do it.

  18. What a cute outfit. I love the red top and btw you made me laugh and smile with every post. It's a joy to read your entries. πŸ™‚

  19. those white jeans are awesome…they make your legs look so long! I also love those earrings. My main shopping partner is a 4 year old because he always tells me how pretty I am !!

  20. I'll happily be your shopping partner if you show me your Anthro sale-finding ways. But you have to come to MN to do it.

  21. Well before I even read the text in the post I thought "those pants look great on her" so good purchase indeed! πŸ™‚

  22. I wish I could wear clothes as well as you do…I feel so boring when I look at your outfits!

    I think I need a girlfriend to go shopping with aka a personal shopper!

  23. I'll send in an application to be your shopping partner under one condition…there must be food breaks. And when I say food breaks, I mean stopping to grab a pretzel from Auntie Anne's to shove down your throat between stores, making your stomach swell so that everything that used to fit now makes you feel like a hippopotamus, and you have to wipe off your fingers a million times to make sure you don't get grease on the fabulous top you found on the clearance rack. But seriously, without the food breaks, no deal. I turn into a monster and I'd probably eat all 50 lbs of you.

  24. hi! just popped over from final clothes-out and i thought i'd mention that your blog looks awesome! i don't remember your pictures being quite so fantastic but maybe i just have a bad memory πŸ˜›

    cool challenge- wish i had gotten in on the ground floor but i can't wait to see what people come up with!

  25. Stunning outfit! So simple but oh so flattering and chic. The red, white and beige combo isn't something I would have come up with but I love it!

  26. i have been on the hunt for a pair of "bell bottoms" or as i grew up calling them, "flares" ! this white pair is so nice.

    also, i only have ONE good shopping buddy, my best friend forever. when i left her for college and tried to go shopping with another girlfriend, it really did NOT work. her opinions were unreliable and she didnt have the stamina needed for my kind of shoppin!

  27. I don't know if anyone has asked or if you have answered this before but I really like the necklace. Where id that from???

  28. i wanna wear MY white pants to work…but now i'm scared to death of blackberry butt. πŸ™ is it worse or just as bad as walking out of a bathroom with toilet paper stuck to your shoe?

    not that i've ever done that…

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