7.01.10bThis whole outfit cost less than $100. How fantastic is that? I got my shoes at Target the other day for $13. I feel like they are really good Jeffrey Campbell knock offs. Maybe some day when I quit spending all of my money on cheap wine and gossip magazines, I’ll buy some and become a real fashion blogger. Till then, it’s Target knock offs and really good Saturday nights.
Speaking of cheap shoes and unnatural man-made materials, many of you have asked if the cheap shoes I buy from Old Navy or Target are comfortable. I have to tell you I’m not sure if I know what comfortable is. Pretty much all I’ve worn in my life has been from Payless or Target. I think the most expensive pair of shoes I’ve ever bought were Uggs. Don’t roll your eyes at me you know that you own a pair. You are sworn to secrecy on that. No one can ever know that I own a pair of Uggs and that I still wear them sometimes around the house and to the grocery store with a pair of short shorts and a long t-shirt. Pinky promise not to tell, ok?
Anyways, no they probably aren’t comfortable to the average woman. I’ve just developed a immunity to cheap shoes. However, I’ve only half fallen three times today, so I would give these babies a 3.5 out of 5. No broken ankles = comfortable in my book.
Flower courtesy of Dulken and Derrick.

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  1. Such a cute outfit…love the combo of the frilly dress and the casual coat with the flower…
    Love target…especially the shoes department.

  2. I love that you labeled the trash. And lookin' adorable as always! These photos have such a cool washed-out look to them!

  3. I've owned cheap and expensive (Prada & Chloe & Dolce) and I have to say that the more expensive designer shoes are not anymore comfortable than the cheap ones. The most painful pair I have ever owned are my Chloe patent platform heels…I can wear them for about 10 minutes before my feet swell up. It's terrible. Most comfortable are all of my Stuart Weitzman and Sam Edelman. You look darling as always BTW!

  4. You are so cute and funny!!!
    I've been following you for a while, and as an older woman (ok,46), I really like the inspiration I get from blogger's like you!
    I too am a fan of the cheapo shoe, the only "expensive" ones I own, I thrifted! (Bleach kills cooties!)
    As the heels are a-rising, I am loving platforms. I once threw out my back while steeping off a curb in stiletto's! 2 months rehab!!!
    Aging sucks πŸ˜‰
    Stop by sometime! It makes my day when a well-known blogger actually knows I exist! (Idol worship πŸ˜‰

  5. I have those shoes as well, and after wearing them for 5 hours straight, two of which were spent dancing, they definitely don't qualify as comfortable. However, they are damne cute, so who the heck cares? It's not like we sleep in them…

  6. I would wear this entire outfit, Kendi. I have those shoes and even though they aren't the most comfy things, they've changed the look of a lot of my outfits. I wear them all the time!

  7. I have been dying for those shoes for a while but my Target is out of them, sigh. I have also never owned expensive shoes so I have little idea of comfort, but I do know that my feet get along better with Target than Old Navy.

  8. You find the cutest shoes at Target! I also love the flower pin on the jacket AND that you labeled the trash in the picture – so funny πŸ™‚

  9. Lately I've been clinging to the belief that if it has a real leather upper then it can't be all that uncomfortable. I feel like I read this somewhere. Leather can shift over time to better resemble the shape of your foot? Or something? I don't know, I just look for slightly more expensive shoes when stores have 50% off sales.

    I do love Payless though. I don't think my Target(s) ever stocked those cute Cynthia Vincent wedges because every time I went in there only the ugly ones were left, so we're on the outs right now.

  10. I don't know where to start. I love your blog! I have those shoes from Target too, and I love how you label everything in the photo, including the trash :).

    I am so glad I found your blog.

    xo marcie

  11. Hahahaha, the first thing that caught my eye was the label pointing straight to "trash." And gosh, I'm so impressed with your ability to withstand your shoes! Maybe it's because I work on my feet 8 hours at a time I know what shoes are comfortable and which aren't for me almost immediately.

  12. Dang – good score on the shoes! They are smoking. You look so good..I love how this was less than 100$. I can never seem to do that. You look beautiful as always..I love cloudy days. <3

  13. That trash is awesome! I think shoes from target are pretty comfortable. And I don't own a pair of Ugg-ly. What else? Hmm. You dress is super-pretty-adorable-istic…

  14. I love that jacket and cannot believe it is from Old Navy! I've been looking for a good one similar to that with longer sleeves ever since H&M stopped selling them (atleast it seemed), and yet to find one at Old Navy! duh, brittany!

  15. LOL – love the arrow to the 'trash' – yes!!

    I also love the good Saturday nights in favour of super expensive footwear! WHY NOT! Seriously! When you can get knock offs THAT good, work it.

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  16. Cheers to cheap wine and gossip magazines over designer footwear. I'm right there with you girl!
    You look great, and I love that you labeled the trash – it made me spit out my cheap wine πŸ˜‰

  17. Ok this is really weird! I just got that dress at J. Crew last week and am planning on wearing it out with friends tomorrow night but I was having trouble coming up with accessories. I don't know…something about the bow on the front just throws me off. So I turned to the trusty interwebs for inspiration but, alas, no luck. Then I did my daily reading of fashion blogs and there you were! Wearing the dress! Perfectly accessorized! Are you by chance a Taurus? We must be on the same wavelength or something.

  18. Most of the time, I prefer buying 3 different cheap pair of shoes in stead of one expensive one… Then I wear every pair 1/3 times as normal… So they get old in a longer time than normal… πŸ˜€ An I think they are not bad at all!!! Some of too cheap ones make trouble all the time but, about comfort, not a problem at all… Anyways, Loved your outfit! You look great! And the shoes don't look cheap! πŸ˜€

  19. Kendi, you crack me up!! Congratulations on breaking 1,000. So proud of you. And miss you! –Jodi (Remember me?! You were a topic of conversation at lunch yesterday.) πŸ™‚

  20. heading to target after work – thank ya ma'am!! πŸ™‚ love this.
    if YOU found our size, i will! ha.


  21. Oh man, I have those shoes, and I had to bust a mission to get them! I saw them, fell in love, and quitely rejoiced when I saw they were in the box marked 7. Of course, when I checked, they were not a 7, but an 11. As I walked away, I saw them in the box marked 11, and thought, "Hey, why not?" Of course, they were a 9. Then, I found one lonely one in the corner, in a 7. Took me 20 minutes to find the other shoe, which was 2 aisles down in the guys shoes -.- Target makes you work for their shoes. So cute, and so worth it though.

  22. Seriously, this overcast/rain stuff is getting uninspiring, but I'm glad your photos are turning out just as beautiful!

    I will say that I own the same pair of Target shoes that you wear in some of your outfit posts (I usually don't wear shoes from Target, but after seeing you wear yours so often, as I was browsing the isles and I ran into that exact pair and tried them on and was pleasantly surprised) and they are extremely comfortable. Way more comfortable than the Banana Republic, Kenneth Cole and Aldo cork wedges that I have. They are really cushioned so they feel like clouds (not to mention it brings my height from 5'2" to 5'6" which is a bonus). And I will agree with Four Flights in that the expensive ones feel just like the cheap ones. I wore a pair of my cousin's Jimmy Choo stilettos and I was in bandages for a week from blisters. Though my feet looked so cute for 4 hours. What can you do…

  23. I definitely own UGGs too. It's okay.
    Well. I used to. But I didn't take care of them, and they're ruined now. Well they're probably at the garbage dump right now. Because I threw them out. But I did own UGGs. Now I own an equally ugly pair of winter boots that was much cheaper, and are much much much warmer. And also waterproof. CANADIAN WINTERS, Y'ALL.

  24. My name is Terra and I'm an Uggaholic. I like nice shoes but I love a great knock off. I just saw the JC shoes you're referring to again. Love them. Love these just as much. The quality of your time spent here is more valuable than the money you spend, no? *raises glass of cheap wine*

  25. I feel like my standards of shoe comfort are a little skewed, too. If they don't make me ache or bleed, I'm generally fine.

    The flower on the anorak is beyond fab.

  26. Most comfortable heels I own:

    Payless peeptoes 3" heel

    Target brown wedges 3 1/4" heel

    Jcpenny Frye rip-off sandals 3 1/4" heel

    Most uncomfortable shoes I ever had:

    Gap ballet flats half a size too small. $6. bought to recover in plaid fabric. Wore them once. My entire foot was covered in blisters, no exaggeration at all. It was hard to wear flip flops.

  27. Love your new shoes! I hope you don't fall next time :). I love that you added a flower to your military jacket.

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  28. HAH! I love your comment about the shoes. I don't even WANT to know what a $500 pair of shoes feels like, because if I do, I may want to only buy that and really, that's kinda crazy. πŸ˜›

  29. I confess I own some Uggs too. Your scale on judging comfortable shoes seems quite reasonable to me, haha! I adore all of your lovely flower pins! It really perks up the outfit

  30. I love your look and may have to add it to my inspiration folder. (One case of stealing being OK). I have a pair of shoes like those which I regularly fall off of. I try to convince myself it looks cute rather than klutzy.

  31. I love this outfit! Super impressed with your target find!! Those shoes are awesome (and you're right, very JC-esque!) Love the jacket too!

  32. You are absolutely cute! I love the splash of color in the flower!

    I'm right there with you regarding shoes. Payless, Target, and Wal-Mart. Oh, and Ross. That's it for me!

  33. That flower is the eye catching piece of your outfit. Can I ask you how you do that to your pictures, make arrows and tell where you got it from? I won't copy promise, just want to learn? πŸ™‚

  34. I have feet problems (plantar fasciitis) and so I tried to go more expensive with my shoe purchases being told they'd be better and they are not. I do sometimes still buy more expensive ones only if I cannot find cheap ones in the style/size that I am in search of.

    Also I'm a Target addict. That's also the only store my husband likes. I bought 2 dresses from Target today in fact.

  35. adorable outfit and I so identify with you and the cheap shoes. i just can't part with hundreds of dollars to buy the expensive brands. okay-lets be honest, i can't afford it. and yes, i won a pair of uggs. they are like wearing slippers on a cold winter day. i even may have more than one pair.

    i am a new follower and think you and your blog are way rad!

  36. I really love this outfit, I just bought a jacket like that and I've been dying to wear it over cute dresses like that.

    And I wish I could handle cheap shoes better. This doesn't mean I don't buy cheap shoes, it just means my feet pay the price, but whatever I look cute.

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