6.21.10elaineThis is not me. This is Elaine, from Clothed Much. She is a magician when it comes to budgets and clothes. And today, I copied her.
When I saw Elaine’s post yesterday, I thought “eureka! that outfit is genius!” A simple white shirt with a fitted printed skirt, how come I didn’t think of that? Oh that’s right, because I was busy writing my 10th grade boyfriend a poem.
Today is the first day of summer. You want to know how I celebrated? I sat in an office with one tiny window three feet above my head that is covered by screens AND blinds and I typed on a computer all day long. However, I did it with a huge flower on the side of my head, so take that Corporate America. You can take my freedom and my sunshine, but you can’t take away my obtrusive headbands that also double as pillows for impromptu nap times also known as conference calls.
Also, I made this in Paint:
kendidrawswellToday is the first day of the rest of your summer. Happy first day of summer, you guys.

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  1. just so you know, i get so excited for your posts… i check and check for them 🙂

    ps- if you wanna do something different you should do something about bathing suits, i've been shopping for one but no luck yet.

  2. First day of summer and I've already been on summer vacation for a month…don't you just love that! I love the idea of the simple tee and the patterned skirt. Your flower/pillow is adorable

  3. I saw that post yesterday from Clothed Much and loved it! I love how you put your own spin on it 🙂 Way to pull off the flower headband and survive the first day of summer stuck inside!

  4. i too was in love with elaine's look the other day…you did a great job. unfortunately for me i don't have either one of your body types…sad. you both look so great. i wish i could pull this look off, maybe someday.

  5. I love summer =) But this is my first one since I moved to Germany and I'm not sure that there is a real summer in here =p Yesterday was cold and today seems to be going the same way =(
    Have a great week!

  6. You both put together great outfits!

    Let me just say, I really appreciate that you acknowledged your inspiration since it was so direct.

  7. I was absolutely loving that outfit too! The other day I was standing at the Old Navy check out admiring the giant peonies in AC Moore and thinking about making a headband. Then I backed down. Thanks for the inspiration to go back this afternoon!

  8. Ahh…corporate america! How I too love working in an office, without a window in stale circulating air. Especially when it's sunny and warm outside! Love the flower in your hair! Very pretty with your outfit!

  9. I like inspiration for outfits! I've come up with outfits based on a piece of china, a cupcake, and a Popsicle. Ok, so maybe mine's just food-related?

  10. Love this look! I bought a bold print pencil skirt the other day and had no idea what to wear with it. I ended up tucking in a simple, fitted white tee and adding a belt and heels…voila! So easy and cute! I was left thinking like you – why didn't I think of this before and why I haven't I been doing it all along?!

  11. Yay, a new post!! I actually came across Elaine's blog last night and saw her super cute skirt and your outfit is just as cute!! Happy Summer!!

  12. Love the flower and your reinterpretation. It's great that it's inspired by but not a direct copy of Elaine's outfit (which is also gorgeous).

    I don't know windows in your office are better. I spent all day being able to see what I was missing through the giant glass panes in our building. Think that may be worse – some evil form of corporate torture.

  13. very cute skirt!!
    I get dressed for the fun summer weather this morning and I have to throw on a cardigan since I sit in my little ac filled cube all day!! sunshine….what suunshine!

  14. Hmm. I think I need a Kendi Organizer (TM) that matches all my clothes in cute outfits, and forces me to wear skirts more often.

  15. Elaine's outfit and yours are both wonderful! Haha, I like your multi-functioning headband. It's very cute. And wow, the bricks in these photos are hypnotizing!

  16. I am usually just a lurker but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your Father's Day post. Very sweet.

    Love your style and your blog. You are A.dor.Able!

  17. Your blog has made my day! I'm glad I clicked over from Its Simple Love. You are adorable and hilarious! My favorite part about this post was when you gave Corporate America a good kick in the pants by wearing a flower headband!!

  18. Haha!<–This is all I have to contribute to this obviously awesome and hilarious post!

    (FYI: That "haha" is not sarcastic in any way. Its a genuine "haha", not an, "oh ha.ha."). Yup. 😀

  19. You and Elaine will be ripped off next week. You've had fair warning. And you hold those two middle fingers up to Corporate real high. Swirl them around a bit too. Nothing says "Take that!" like a swirling gesticulation.

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