stank eye
long way down

You guys I can’t concentrate enough to write a blog post tonight. I wouldn’t consider this writer’s block, I would consider it more of my ovaries attacking my brain because apparently taking over a week of my life and throbbing isn’t quite cruel enough. Needless to say, today was brutal. For being the size of almonds, they sure do know how to break up a good time.
I feel like I should apologize to you guys for not being Suzy Sunshine. I mean I dressed like Suzy Sunshine today (well if Heidi and Suzy’s brother Sonny Sunshine hooked up and had a kid, that’s what I dressed like today. Oh and not Heidi from The Hills, Heidi from the hills, as in Switzerland.) Anyways, it would make me feel better if you all left partially emo-esque haiku poems for me in the comments area. Heck, I’d even take a limerick. I’ll be waiting, with my black nail polish and a snickers bar.
I’ll start you off:
today was a bitch
so many meetings and calls
I’ve run out of wine
(PS — if you haven’t left me your blog link already, please do so whenever you leave a comment or haiku. I love blogs way too much to not be reading yours.)

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148 Responses

  1. Oh gosh. Many moons ago, my buddy and I actually made a livejournal account entitled "depressinghaiku" for precisely such a purpose.
    Here's a couple of them gems.

    birthday party clown,
    you don't seem all that happy.
    one balloon dog, please.

    versus Heather:
    i started a band
    i tried to name it pearl jam
    that name was taken.

    Feel better soon, lady. (Psssst…http://datinganalbino.tumblr.com :D)

  2. Looking cute as always! I like the flower in your hair. My haiku may not be emo enough, but its what my mind keeps revolving around.

    college costs a lot
    I do not have the money
    time to get a job

    lame. but whatever :]

  3. got my period
    makes me want to stab someone
    and eat a cookie

    I have that exact shirt in my closet. One of my favorites right now. I didn't get it at Loft, though. Can't remember right now where it came from.
    Love your blog by the way. Just found it the other day.

    My blog is so lame
    only have four followers
    and i like cookies

    Ok- for some reason I have cookies on the brain lately….and I'm getting into the haiku thing.

  4. Love this look! Especially the shorts.

    And I totally thought you meant Heidi Klum at first. Hehe.

    Haikus are too creative for this time of night when I just put the kiddo to bed.

    The Laundry Narrative (Will it accept html? That is the question.)

  5. Sorry for the bad day. But on the bright side, your outfits are inspiring nonetheless!

    Feel better!


  6. They canceled my job
    Stupid need for grant money
    Ditch diggers wanted?

    Sorry, I should be sending you happy haikus, but today was a suckhole of a day, and my poetic license is dark. Now, if you'd asked for something in iambic pentameter, I might be more cheery.

  7. love the hair so much
    get more wine perhaps pinot?
    i plan on drinking

    Seriously—love the look and am hoping to bust out some shorts this (warm!) weekend. Here's to better days and a re-stocked wine cellar (or fridge) very soon!

  8. Wish work let me wear
    Super cute outfits like yours
    Boring pants for me

    Seriously, for feeling crappy, at least you look good! And yes, I'm jealous of all the girls that write the blogs I read that get to wear cute outfits to work. My blog gets neglected because I only take outfit pictures on weekends (and then forget to post them for a week).


  9. i really have no limerick or haiku for you. i know, right? that's like all you asked for! anyway, you for realz look adorable. love the hair. i love anything remotely related to the 70s and boho. and i think you've already found my blog because i remember getting a sweet comment from you and i got all giddy and stuff because someone that i think is way cool talked to me. it's like elementary school all over again. sorry about the pms. being a woman sucks, eh? but thank your lucky stars that it means you're not pregnant. unless you want to be then i'm super sorry and i hope it works out better next month. πŸ™‚

  10. guy with eye liner
    hair over his face
    world too painful to look at

    I summed up "emo" kids for you, though it's not exactly what you asked for. Still, I am the first to rag on their style and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I know it sounds cruel…but they're just so ridiculous…they abbreviated "emotional"…we're all emotional…I will stop using ellipses.


  11. Ahem….

    My student said today,
    "I love Hitler more than you."
    Drop-kicked that ingrate.

    Even on the day that your ovaries are rebelling and causing internal chaos, you're wicked funny and the read I most look forward to.


  12. Here's hoping for a better tomorrow! On the bright side you look adorable in this outfit! (And I loved the hair do!) I did chuckle a bit at the contrast between your outfit/photos and then your post- you put on a good face for having a such blah day.


  13. Haiku haiku haiku. Let's see. . .

    Grasses whisper in
    an assembly of echoes:
    the sun will come up.

    And I don't have a fun blog with lovely photographs like yours, but I have a poetry blog that I just got back to updating again, yesterday, actually! (Hurrah for the end of a busy semester!) http://jessjesss.wordpress.com/

    I hope that you feel better soon. You look beautiful, as always. πŸ™‚

  14. don't ovaries suck?
    if you give up the caffeine
    it may help the pain.

    The advice may be written in haiku form but it's still valid. I used to have ovaries that for one (sometimes two) day(s) a month would make me want to give up on the whole existing things. I quit drinking coffee/soda and now I can actually do things on that day; important things like breath, get out of bed, eat, and even go to work.

    Love Kendi Everyday and Better Off Wed. I can't actually decide which I like more. I'll just tell 'em I love them both equally.

    Sarah Yvonne

  15. Wish I was Kendi
    Want to steal from her closet
    Don't wear size ten shoes.

    Took a break from writing papers for finals to tell you that I would resort to crime if only we wore the same size shoes.

    Love your blog by the way πŸ™‚

  16. Red wine gives me migraines
    thankfully, chocolate:
    still on the menu.

    Clothes strewn on my bed
    and yet I still wore
    my jeans to work.

    Closet challenge over
    I'm always surprised
    to see a new top.

    Your top made me smile, by the way. Lovely. But not too girly, with those navy shirts (I'm all about the balance.)


  17. I have no poem for you but I do believe that boys should have to experience this pain once in their life. There is nothing worse than my boyfriend wanting to go somewhere/do something and saying that my pains can't be that bad to keep me from it. Oh trust me my friend, they can.


  18. Since you asked for our links here is mine! I have to say that I really loved your springy look the other day!

  19. My ovaries hurt today too, is that tmi? peanut butter cups help.
    Love the flowers in your hair and I love heidi braids. very sweet.

    I'm about to go on a 6 week trip around the world and will be referring to your 30 for 30 looks for inspiration! thanks!

  20. I saw your outfitβ€”
    I thought "You are so breezy".
    β€”Flower in your hair.

    ha ha. it's a little weird… anyways, 'breezy' is the first word that popped into my head when i saw your outfit, i'm not sure why but you look like you should be wandering picturesque prairies and daydreaming. πŸ™‚


  21. Hey Kendi
    hope you feel better soon.

    I really enjoy your blog – I like your pictures as well as your writing.

    Here is my attempt at my haiku:

    ~ 30 day challenge
    showed thrift, creativity
    but urges to spend. ~

    Keep smiling and styling
    Carly, Australia

    And here is my blog address:

  22. you look great! i'm loving the yellow flowers!

    my day wasn't a good one either, i'm here for you.
    hopefully tomorrow will be better for both of us!


  23. There once was a woman who hailed from The Shore,
    The Jersey Shore, but this woman wasn't a whore,
    Her hair was worn flat,not in a poof,
    Check out her blog to see the real proof…

    You make me laugh which is much needed when a bad case of PMS makes me want to stab my own eyes out.

  24. today was a bitch
    so many meetings and calls
    I've run out of wine

    a brief note to self:
    alcohol and phones don't mix
    but he's still a prick.

    (i drunk dialed my ex last night. many, many times… yeah)

  25. I hear ya girl and completely understand when you have one of those days. At least you have enough in you to think of such a witty haiku! and at least it's Friday now!

    Love your hair – so cute pulled up like that!

  26. I know just the thing
    what chocolates always do
    boosts your endorphins

    hope you feel better. love the outfit and the pic with hubby and love your blog! πŸ™‚


  27. At least you look cute,
    tomorrow will be better,
    how could it not be?

    Sorry thats all I got! LOL You and your hubs are adorable, enjoy the weekend!!

  28. Hope you feel better and have a better day today!


  29. The weekend is here
    Well, almost here anyway
    Hang in there, Kendi

    Do I get the prize for lamest Haiku ever penned?

    You do a pretty good imitation of a cheery, happy gal in this darling outfit.

  30. i absolutely adore all your outfits!!! you always look so beautiful and your style seems so effortless. i hope i can incorporate more outfit posts into my blog… i have to hit the gym first though:(


  31. I love reading your blog. Even when your day may not be going well, you can still rock your outfit choice.
    Emoish haiku:

    Ran for bus it left
    Work stuff failing and breaking
    Delayed by fire drill.

  32. I wrote this just for you:

    titled: better late than never!

    i feel like shit too.
    at least it's your period!
    i'm 12 weeks preggers!


    I read your blog all the time – simply adore your creativity and style. I keep trying to make time to do mine… it's slowly but surely happening. Keep it up.

    Feel better lady!
    Jess – jesscredible.blogspot.com

  33. I love this outfit. It's amazing what tucking in the shirt will do to an outfit.

    I used to have a button in high school that read "sometimes I want to throw my uterus against a wall." and I wore it whe my ovaries and uteru decided to act like jerks.


  34. Aww! Sorry you're bumming today!

    Getting married next week
    Can't concentrate on anything
    My boss can for sure tell

    I'm also sorry that your ovaries are being mean. I've never been a believer in taking medication for every, little thing … but my monthly gift was soooo bad this month, I took Execdrine menstrual relief and it made me feel incredible.


  35. oh my gaahh ovaries suck, eh? I have to spend my entire "on" week (or I guess it could be "off") curled up in a little ball with a bottle of Midol in my hand. Hope you get to feeling better.

    (first time commenting, btw)

    My students are punks
    I want summer just as bad
    I read blogs at school


  36. Hi! I'm another new reader/blogger and I love your blog. I haven't written haiku since 1st grade, so here we go:

    Haiku is quite hard
    I really want to rhyme it
    Better luck next month

    My first grade one was much better. For better of for worse, here is a bonus haiku…

    One more dead Turkey
    For today is Thanksgiving
    I feel very bad

    My blog: excavatingkscloset.blogspot.com

  37. Were those shorts a recent Old Navy purchase? Their pants sometimes fit me funny, but I need shorts SO BADLY. The forecast here is in the 80's and 90's for the next.. oh.. 10 days or so, and all I've got are dresses and dresses and dresses.

    amy @ http://alstubbs.blogspot.com

  38. Awww, I'm so sorry to hear that you're feeling bad. πŸ™

    I'm in a pretty bad state myself:

    finals are the worst
    I really want to go home
    one exam to go

  39. There once was a girl from MIT
    Who thought she'd just didn't know who to be
    Between science, teaching, and baking
    And of course always moving and shaking
    Decided, nope, there's nothing wrong with me!

  40. There once was a girl who wore clothes.
    Unnerved by people who didn't have those,
    She started a site
    To help them dress right.
    For that she deserves big Kudos.

    (I mean the Kudos bars. I mean, you are PMSing and all.)

  41. *clears throat*

    slept in this morning?
    ha! not a chance! that constant
    fire alarm said no


    i love your sweet blog
    have been reading for months now
    you are too funny


  42. The Grumpy Haiku
    eighty degrees out
    one hour of pilates
    I want to vomit

    The Friday Haiku
    waiting in my bra
    curse Philadelphia heat
    where is my boyfriend?

    The Thanks Haiku
    you inspire me
    because your look is sublime
    and you speak your mind

  43. You look so pretty. I love that top and the shorts and all the pretty yellow flowers and your braid and umm your blog, okay I'll stop.

    Heres my blog link for you butterflycupcakesanddaffodils.blogspot.com


  44. Well you look just the opposite of the day you're describing, if that makes you feel any better. Anyway, to join the fun, here's a limerick dedicated to "Nature's Gift":
    There once was a woman, Ms. Rydall,
    Who begged hubbie to bring her some Midol
    But he sat on the Bed
    Watching football instead
    In she came with a gun and said β€œBye doll”

    Please don't hold this limerick against me.


  45. I'm much better with limericks, although this one is not that great…

    So, Kendi's not "Suzy Sunshine"
    subsequently, she's run out of wine
    If I weren't far away,
    I would brighten her day
    by letting her have some of mine!

    Feel better, buy booze!

  46. my ovaries gave me two beautiful children, so hang in there. It will be worth it.

    Motrin and red wine
    Dark choc-late of any kind
    Will cure all the ails


  47. Sinus infection
    Makes me feel like yucky head
    Good thing for cute blogs

    Everything sounds better as a haiku! Okay, that second line could use some work, but I'm in a weird insomnia/decongestant fog. I hope you feel better soon!

  48. I'm glad you mentioned leaving a comment OR haiku…because I really stink at haiku writing and all I can come up with is a comment.

    Your hair is adorable in these pictures! I wish I could do fun things with my hair but by the time I leave, I've run out of time and don't even get to blow dry it. Eh. Oh well. πŸ™‚

    (PS – my blog is still VERY new but if you're interested, it's http://aworkingmomscloset.blogspot.com)

  49. I hate bad days, but I think that a good outfit can make the most gallant of attempts to make it better. I have been thinking of the perfect Haiku and I think I've come up with something quality to dedicate to you.

    Reader says "pudgy"
    I think you look fabulous
    Eat the damn grilled cheese

  50. lusting for merlot
    wasetland of candy wrappers
    chick flicks all night long

    also known as a typical saturday night for me…. πŸ™‚

    love your blog and your style

    Here is my (work in progress) blog:


  51. Giant fab earrings
    Wedges, a flower in your hair
    What a cute outfit!

    Hope your day got better and your ovaries ceded control of your higher mental functions (Gosh, I hate it when that happens – the mess, aches, and bloating aren't enough, I also have to get dumb? Feh!)

    Everybody Gets Dressed

  52. So I kind of think you're awesome. The milkmaid braids, the shorts, the adorable pictures. GORGEOSITY.

  53. I hate periods.
    and grumpy ovaries.
    Atleast you look cute.

    (I'm no the best at that 5-7-5 syllable thing. But. I really like your blog!)


  54. You tricked me with your misleadingly happy post name! I feel betrayed, but not enough to stop reading <3 OKAY let me see.

    There once was a coolgirl (she's funny),
    But today she's not bouncing like a bunny,
    Oh no! What to do?
    Hey, what if I give you some money?

    …but not really, sorry. πŸ™ That was…an awful poem, I am very sorry. I'm sure that it just made your day that much worse. To make up for it, I will tell you an excellent joke!

    When is a farmer a really good farmer?
    When he's out standing in his field.

    YES. okay, bye! Come visit me πŸ™‚

  55. last night was brutal
    no sleep cause hot and sweaty
    need more than a fan

    haha i like this ! i need to get back into writing haikus. perfect way to blog when you're just not feeling like writing anything real. your outfit sure is cute for such a crappy day!
    and my blog link: http://heartcityvintage.blogspot.com

  56. Hmm, a limerick about you…

    There once was a girl called Kendi
    Whose shopping habits were overly spendy
    A 30-item plan
    And a self-imposed ban
    Yet she still looked wonderfully trendy

    Sorry I'm late to the poetry party – was having fun in the sun (and not on the web).

  57. Hay dear blogger!
    How are you? I'm glad that I've visited this blog! She's lovely.

    Please, check mine too & maybe we can follow eachother!
    You can also join my GIVEAWAY!
    Love, Cindy.

  58. i want to be blendies (blog-frendies oh-em-gee shift 1) with anyone who is as open as i am about throbbing ovaries. yes, indeed.

    sarah reeder words

    also, i am just now starting my daily wear blog, definitely inspired by the community you've seemed to find

  59. Just went to buy lunch
    Got hit on by three young men
    Boobs or my cute skirt?

    I read a bunch of style blogs… but truth be told yours is the awesomest! (I know that's not a word and I'm cool with it).

  60. I'm a little late on the uptake (can i still print out the award and sign my name?), but:

    Searching on the nets
    For an essay example
    Takes way too much time

    My life isn't always this boring ;.)

  61. So I can't believe I didn't find your blog sooner. I just went back a whole bunch of pages & LOVE your style!

    As for my blog, it's linked. πŸ™‚

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