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Okay, so you guys have made me laugh, cry, blush and my ego swell to the size of Texas with all of your super nice comments! I wanted to go ahead and post all of the outfits, so here they are. A few of you had some questions about the challenge itself, and here are my answers.
Did your co-workers notice the re-mixing? Honestly I don’t know (no one said) but my suspicions would be probably not. Most people at work wear the same thing week to week so I probably just looked normal instead of weird to them. The good news is I didn’t get one snotty comment from anyone. So I’m assuming that at this point they really don’t care what I wear — new or old.
Do you wish that you would have added anything into the re-mix? Yes! More/different shoes, more color, less pants. I really stuck to the safe side with my choices — my shoes were either black or brown, my skirts were neutral colors, etc. I wish that I would have taken a bit more risk and added in more colorful items, now that would have been a challenge. Also — what was I thinking on the pants count? 5 — really? I never wear pants! I probably would have subtracted my khaki’s, one pair of jeans, the Anthropologie skirt (too unique) and the grey dress from the remix and added something else in. (Those items I wore the least) I also would have added in another button down shirt, colored shoes, my boots and a floral skirt. But hindsight is 20/20, right?
What are you going to buy (or have bought) first? You know what, I’m a tramp and May 1 I was in a Gap. I bought a chambray shirt that I was tempted to buy during my remix (but I didn’t) and as luck would have it, it was on sale. Since we are going to Seattle later this week, I’ll be on the look out for a few more spring/summer pieces. But I have to admit shopping isn’t my main goal for Seattle (it was before this remix challenge). However, I do have a goal to walk away with something, anything from H&M. 🙂
What were your favorite outfits from the month? I loved my floral American Eagle dress over the striped shirt, that one was a lot of fun and unexpected for me. I also really like my white shirt over the khaki skirt. When I had put that outfit together in my head, I thought “this will never work.” But it did! I’ll definitely be wearing that again. Also my 50’s housewife outfit was fantastic — I loved that outfit and photo shoot.
So what’s your next trick? It’s called “Now You See It, Now You Don’t” where I will teach you all how to shoplift without getting caught.
Now I’m turning the questions on you. What was your favorite outfit? Did you like this challenge and would you like for me to do something like this again? What are your feelings on shoplifting? I’m kidding, don’t answer that. We have a strict “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy around here. I don’t tell you my bad habits, don’t tell me yours.

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  1. Yes! Do another! It's so interesting to 'tune in' to the Kendi challenge and see how it was progressing. I really liked the dress over the white tank top as well as the button-down white shirt w/skinny belt + hat. Though all the outfits were adorable as well (I hope I didn't hurt their feelings!)

  2. yep, my favorite was the white shirt over the skirt with the hat. you looked fab in that and for real it got me looking for a white tunic so i can do the same thing! i can't wear hats though, i look stupid. anywho, loved the challenge. it makes me think i might be able to do it too (i said might).

  3. This was one of the best series that I have ever ever EVER seen in blogland! It seriously inspired me to not only wear what I have, but realize that glamour and a great wardrobe don't always come from spending money. Seriously, you ROCK (both due to this challenge and many other cool reasons!)

  4. I loved this challenge! I especially like seeing all of the outfits togther like this!

    Pretty Awesome!

    Also, you really should make sure and shop a bit in Seattle, it's worth it. The H&M is big, and so is the anthro. And let me know if you need any other suggestions of places to eat go… those be my old stomping grounds yo!

  5. This project of yours has been really inspiring. I'm going to London for a semester and need to pack EXTREMELY lightly… therefore, I will need to do some seriously outfit remix planning before I leave!

    Thanks for the inspiration :]

  6. Haha I love reading your posts, they're so funny!
    And please do another challenge like this–I'm gonna be a college student so I will be very low on money and learning to remix my clothes would be uber helpful 🙂

  7. Do it! Do it! Oh wait, this isn't a college campus… Awkward.. Okay, anyways… do it again! But I agree with you, you should be a little riskier with it. Maybe you'll inspire me to do this one day.

  8. my fav outfit was number 16 as well, the shirt over the skirt, and those shoes are great, they make your legs look really long.
    Please please please do another challenge, I loved tuning in and reading what you were up to

  9. I love love loved your challenge here! I think one of my favorite looks was the classic black pencil skirt with white top and striped tee underneath. You definitely pushed your creativity here!

    I would love to see you do another challenge like this. I am trying to motivate myself to do one of my own…I just don't think I am that creative! You have go some great style girl!

  10. I really loved the checked shirt under the black dress with the flower pin. I thought it all really worked well together. I also liked the floral dress over the striped shirt.

    I'm so looking forward to your "Now You See It, Now You Don't" feature. I need that. 🙂

  11. i thought this was so fun. sometimes it's nice to have someone tell you what to wear and this challenge did that for me. i have a lot of similar pieces and felt totally okay with blatantly copying you.

  12. I LOVED this challenge. I know it was painful for you, but it was so thrilling to be in your audience. I did think a couple times that you would have benefited from the inclusion of a coral, teal, or green top on certain days, for that missing pop of color, but you life and learn, right? This definitely motivated me to try and see more life in the clothing that I have.

    I'm also kind of with you on not seeing the Seattle trip as a big shopping excursion (except for H&M). It's so chilly there!

  13. Loved it just like everyone else 🙂

    But go easy on yourself next time…you know like a week or two. This way you teach us you remixing ways without so much withdrawal!

  14. My favorites are the 6th outfit with the big necklace, the 9th outfit with the jean shorts and blazer, the 13th outfit with the pretty skirt, the 17th with the yellow top, and your last outfit! Phew that's a lot of favorites. I also love every outfit with the American Eagle dress.

  15. I, too, loved the white shirt w/your khaki skirt. I also loved the white shirt with your leather/pleather belt. I think that was my fave… I have simple taste, really. Those clean looks always stand out to me.

  16. Kendi I commend you! When you started this challenge, I seriously contemplated doing something similar, but from the initial selection of clothing, the actual remixing, and most importantly the accountability I got scared and hid (in my closet of all places – it was soothing really).

    My personal fav was #12 Rock Star. The outfit and accessories were great, plus you were having a pretty awesome hair day (hair is half the battle)!

  17. Loved this challenge and look forward to the creativity you'll bring to the next one. I'm confused though, your response to your last question refers to shoplifting. Are you being serious? Before I go off on how I don't agree with shoplifting, just wanted to check. Are you joking?

  18. I love love the denim shorts/floral top/blazer combo.

    And I thought the black dress with the blue and white shirt underneath was really interesting! I never would have thought of that combo but it works. Looks great!

  19. Wish I had your guts or willpower to do this type of challenge…I do love how you take very classic pieces and remix them…super cute! And you've given me many new outfit options!

  20. The first – the dark dress and trench – was just too perfect! Loved it. For another challenge, I'd like to see how you plan and pack your wardrobe for the trip to Seattle.

  21. Hi Kendi, I'm new to your blog and I got hooked on it smack dab in the middle of your challenge. The truth is I didn't know what your challenge was till I scrolled to the intro to it then went back to the outfits and realized what the premise was. My point is, if you hadn't told me I wouldn't have known u were remixing, I like the idea, it helped me realize that I don't need to break the bank to look fashionable like you did. Thanks!!! P.S. I love your sense of style

  22. Kendi, I'm checking out your blog for the first time and loving it! And I have to say the 30 for 30 challenge- a very interesting idea! Looking forward to following your posts now 🙂

  23. My favorite was definitely the housewife outfit. So cute. I'll admit I was a tad uneasy when I read about the tights as pants shenanigans, but after seeing the pics, it all looked supah dupah fly in the sky.

  24. My favorite outfit was you in the blue checkered shirt and the black pants/legging. You looked awesome, especially in the picture you have where you're popping you collar.

    I loved going through this experience with you. I have limited funds and a limited wardrobe, so this really showed what fun you can make with that.

  25. I loved following you through this challenge. It really inspired me to look at my closet differently. I am thinking about putting myself up to a similar challenge now! Thanks and keep up with the great blog 🙂

  26. i was definitely impressed by this challenge. it's cool to see them all together and see how varied it looks. After seeing so many cool and different challenges on different blogs I am thinking up one of my own.

    There were many of the outfits that I loved, I don't know if I can pick a favorite!

  27. i loved this! i would be thrilled if you did it again. sorry. but i really would.

    my two favorite pieces were the american eagle floral dress and white gap blouse. all of my favorite outfits had those pieces.

    you made me realize i have a lot to work with. and i don't utilize my closet near enough! thank you. (and take a bow!)

    oh, and i was in the seattle H&M a week ago…LOTS of goodies! enjoy!!

  28. I just started following your blog, sometime around April and boy am I hooked!

    Its hard for me to pick a fav from the 30, all are unique and beautiful, and you rock each one of them.

    Cheers from Dubai, perry.

  29. This is seriously insanely amazing. Scrolling down the images, it's not even obviously you were only working with 30 pieces. I bow before your remixing skills!

  30. I just found your blog, and I'm so sad I missed the challenge! Do another one for me 🙂 Looked through all of your outfits though, and they are all so cute! Definitely your newest follower on bloglovin

    <3 Alison

  31. I so love this idea – you may have inspired me to do something similar – I've been looking for some fresh inspiration! I promise I'll credit you if I decide to attempt this – you're outfits are awesome.

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