I’m sorry for the ridiculous montage of pictures. My husband just took so many good ones today, it was hard to choose. What am I talking about — everyday is a ridiculous montage of pictures. Carry on.

Today is what I like to call a Muesday — a Tuesday that feels a lot like a Monday. All day at work I kept thinking “why am I this busy? is it Monday?” My calendar and husband assured me it wasn’t. My workload on the other hand had Monday written all over it.
So I have to confess that my blazer is navy and my pants are black. Gasp! Actually I liked the effect of mixing the two colors and wished that it translated better in the pictures. The tank I’m wearing has this cool effect of light blue stripes fading into black. My husband said I looked like a rock star today. A rock star who politely sits in her cubicle while secretly listening to Taylor Swift on her iphone, that is.
Goodnight, Detroit. This rock star’s bedtime is 10 pm.
(p.s. I’ve had a few people ask about my initial necklace. The B is for my husband, Bryan, and we got it on our honeymoon in San Francisco a few years back. I got it at Anthropologie. I didn’t see it online any more, but I have seen it still in a few of their stores. I also found a similar one on urban outfitters: http://bit.ly/98ZOch)

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  1. These photos are so pretty, and I am personally a huge fan of mixing neutrals. Navy and black, black and brown…it's all good to me. And you pull it off beautifully!


  2. Again… all those great pictures. And you are getting so damn rebellious putting navy and black together. What's next? Drugs?
    I kid, you're styling…as per usual.

  3. I think the navy and black look good together here. I really like that tank top.

    Where do you live? I couldn't leave my house in open toed shoes without them turning into toe-sicles here.

    Stop by my blog to enter my giveaway!

  4. Your pictures always look good. I don't know how you could choose just one or two! I love the mixture of the black and blue and I totally remember those black shoes from Tarjay. Cute outfit! I want to try and re-create it using some pieces from my closet when it gets a tad bit warmer here in WI. I couldn't do the open tank and shoes now. I'd get hypothermia!! 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for the blurb about the necklace! The UO one is great, but I may check Etsy too. Your blog is my new favorite fashion blog by far!

  6. Loving your striped top! And bare feet? Spring is coming very early in on the west coast, but I'm not brave enough for that. Can't wait!

  7. i love this! i can't tell if a lot of this outfit is black or blue but since i'm currently trying to build up a lot of black in my wardrobe i'll go with black 🙂 (for going back to school – the program i'll be doing requires all black) and this gives me even more ideas for how to style it and keep it interesting.

    lucky blogger with a photographer husband! your photos are always so lovely to look at even without the outfits!

  8. just went back up to check 'cause i knew you said something about the colors – ha! even so, i do love black and blue together. maybe as much as i love black and brown combinations 🙂

  9. I really like this outfit! And don't you love breaking the rules by wearing blue as black! Gasp!

    I seriously might have to copy this look. It's definitely rock star chic!

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