shirt: gap
skirt: forever21
tights: target
shoes: target
All of my gusto that I gathered from being on vacation/away from work left me today at around 3 pm. I came back to work yesterday with energy and enthusiasm and literally 14 hours into the work week and I’m already counting down till Friday.
In other news, I think that my co-workers are getting tired of my legs. I don’t wear pants much, mostly skirts and I think it’s starting to wear on them. It’s been so cold lately that I’ve wanted to wear pants but tights are just so much more alluring.
Anyways, I love this skirt that I wore today. I got it in Chicago last year around this time, when we were celebrating our first year anniversary. B (my husband) said I look like a little ballerina. So I attempted my best plie and curtsy — sorry if I offended any real ballerinas out there.

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  1. I just found your site through Flickr and I love your style. I am so happy to have come across your wonderful blog, I look forward to coming back often. Your outfits are really gorgeous and a great source of inspiration! S.

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