#6 full
#6 detail
shirt & scarf: gap
skirt: j. crew
tights: unknown
shoes: steve madden
I got a lot of weird looks on this outfit today. In my small town that usually means I’ve hit the mark — that I’m up to speed with the rest of America. If I get an approving nod, that usually means I look like stepped straight out of 1992. Seriously, I could step out in head to toe camo with white tennis shoes and no one would look at me. But I wear a yellow pencil skirt and I get the stink eye.
Oh well, I don’t look good in camo so I’ll take the weird looks any day of the week.

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3 Responses

  1. This sounds familiar! Welcome to my small north Alabama town, where Ankle boots = stink eye. I admire your courage to not care! Thankfully my frequent trips back to Nashville allow me to release my fashion tension with no strange looks in sight!

  2. This sounds exactly like my town… do something different and everyone has an opinion. Wear knee high boots in the winter with a skirt and you must be a s**t, but wear your pajamas and ugg boots out to go grocery shopping/the dentist/etc and that's perfectly acceptable. Ahh, small towns

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