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I won’t lie this crop top is a bit of a style departure for me as a mom, a wife, a DJ, a model, a street performer, an entrepreneur. But as a really hot human in July, it really works for all intents and purposes. I bought it a while back and I loved it when I put it on but I was a bit unsure of the crop, so I put it to the side with my other style crushes that I don’t have the courage to ask out. You know me — my comfort is an oversized top. If a blanket is lying around unused I”ll cut three holes in it and call it a top. I just love loose, long clothing and it loves me. But I also love a crop tops (well…on others) so I decided to give this one a shot again. I tossed it on when it was literally 1000º outside with my highest waist shorts and you know what? I actually felt comfortable in this ensemble. I felt pretty covered and while I won’t lie, I basically just wore this around the house and we got out to shoot a few photos / pick up some milk but I didn’t feel self conscious one bit. Maybe crop…well crop-ish tops ARE for me after all. As long as my button doesn’t show. I don’t know about yours but my belly button is more of a frown than a circle and no one needs that negativity in their life right now.

You can find this top here. It’s a thicker fabric so it holds it’s shape and it has a zipper in the back which is super handy to get on and off. I wore a low cut True & Co bra with this (you can kind of see it in the back photo) but it worked just fine for this top. I am in the large of the top because I wanted / needed more length — remember crop-ISH. Find it here. 

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Editor's Notes:

I am in the large of the top! I do recommend sizing up if you have bigger boobs / longer torso. It would be a lot more cropped if I had been in the medium. But if you don’t need length / boob room, you’ll be great in your typical top size! I am in the 8 of the shorts, TTS.

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  1. Mireia says:

    Such a cute top!

    Mireia from TGL

    07.31.20 · Reply