Spring Sweater & Stripes

Happy Tuesday! You know it’s our favorite day at the shop because it’s our Tuesday Ten! This cardigan is a favorite from last week’s launch but you can see our new (and very colorful) launch here!

I decided to I take the plunge and bought my favorite Madewell mules in this spring ivory hue. I have to say I thought about these longer than I’d like to admit but maybe that’s a good thing as I’m trying to really be conscience about what I add to my closet this year. These are such a good shoe (I literally wear my other ones in the brown shade all the time!) and I loved this bright color for spring. It’s definitely a bold move but after trying them around the house for a while I decided to take the plunge and wear them with an actual outfit. Verdict on the white? I think I love it. I’m excited to see what I can pair with them this spring. Yet another sentence that you’ll only find on a fashion blog. 😉 You can find this pair of mules here!

Are we ready for spring yet? Because I am dying over here. It’s wet and rainy and cold and I just am ready for sunshine every single day. I wanted to show this ruffle sleeve top without the cardigan but it was just a bit too chilly out. (It’s adorable with ruffle sleeves! You can see it fully here.) I think it would go perfect on it’s own but for now a cardigan works just perfectly. You can find this under $40 cardigan here!

What about you? Are you ready for spring to come as well or do you love winter? I’m just so ready for a change!

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Editor's Notes:

I am in the M/L of the cardigan! I think it fits pretty generously but I love the slouchy look. The top is a medium! I would say size down if you want it to fit closer. I found it true to size but a generous fit. The shoes are TTS!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Kendi! I’m so happy to see you posting about these Madewell mules because I’d love to ask your advice about them. I purchased them in the saddle color during the Christmas sales, but it’s been too rainy to wear them where I live. I finally pulled them out this past weekend (I think I literally said “No more rain boots! I need to wear cute shoes again!”) and within an hour of wearing them out and about had several blisters on my toes. Do you have any advice for breaking these mules in? I’m looking forward to finding a way to make them comfortable and a closet staple, because I’ve been so inspired by the way in look in so many of your posts. Thanks in advance for any advice you may have!

    02.19.19 · Reply
    • Kendi Everyday says:

      So I have a lot of thoughts on this! You know how I bought the saddle color last spring? And I’ve worn them all last fall / winter and so when I bought these white ones I noticed they are a very different leather. Last years was a softer more flexible leather for sure, the white ones are way more stiff. I haven’t found that these give blisters but I can totally see where you are coming from because this leather is way more stiff. So on that note have you seen these socks that are just for your toes? Sounds SO weird but here they are! http://bit.ly/2SSMYsp (You can find more by just googling just toe socks!) They work so well with mules like these. I hope this helps! Other ways of breaking in — putting a sock or paper in the toe of the mule and taking a blow dryer and just kind of stretching the leather a little bit with the warmth of the blow drying and the sock / paper keeping the form of the shoes. You can also just wear thick socks around the house and wear the mules whenever you can and break them in that way! Sounds weird but it works!

      02.22.19 · Reply
      • Stephanie says:

        Oooh! I so appreciate your thoughts and ideas. (Those little toe socks are so funny but so GENIUS!) I will certainly be trying them out. As well as the warm blow dryer trick. Thank you!

        02.26.19 · Reply
  2. Rach says:

    Those mules are amazing! I love this casual outfit!


    02.19.19 · Reply