Spring Jeans

Bell sleeve top with pale pink skinny jeans.

Bell sleeve top with pale pink skinny jeans.

Bell sleeve top with pale pink skinny jeans.

Bell sleeve top with pale pink skinny jeans.
Bell sleeve top with pale pink skinny jeans.

Bell sleeve top with pale pink skinny jeans.

Bell sleeve top with pale pink skinny jeans.

Bell sleeve top with pale pink skinny jeans.

Bell sleeve top with pale pink skinny jeans.

Bell sleeve top with pale pink skinny jeans.

Remember when I talked about pink jeans a few weeks ago in my spring essentials post and how excited I was to see these for spring? Well here they are in all of their blushing glory. Ah, colored jeans;  something I swore off years ago but here we are again. Never say never, right?

But I will say that instead of going berserk on the whole rainbow of colored jeans AKA crayon legs, I will just stick with this nice pale pink hue for spring. It’s a sweet update for the season and a nice alternative to white jeans. In fact, I know your next question — what all can I wear with pink jeans? Well, let me count the ways. Or how about I just show you some pairing options below. That will be much more interesting. Of course, I love this bell sleeve top with the jeans. At first I was going to go white, but realized that all I every want to buy are white blouses, so I forced myself to go wild … with navy. Really living out my wild side over here.

Here are some of my favorite options to wear with these blush jeans!!

When going with color on the bottom, try to keep the top neutral or complimentary to the jeans. Neutral doesn’t necessarily have to be in color, it could be a complimentary shade or shape or pattern. Just try to keep the top simple. This chambray off the shoulder top is a good example of a cute top, but easy in shape. Plus chambray goes with everything. Or pair these blush jeans with a knit tee and sneakers and you’ve got your weekend look. In fact, great idea Kendi. I’m probably going to steal that for this weekend.

Since we are talking spring updates — let’s take a quick look at my shoes. Just look at those beauties. And guys — the best part?? THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE. For a pregnant lady, this is the best news. The leather is so soft and the heel is just right. I’m kind of kicking myself for not also buying them in the white and brown leather, but I didn’t see those in store. But I approve of both pairs — you can’t go wrong with a nude or white mule for spring.

Bonus — they will look perfect with your new pink jeans. 😉

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Editor's Notes:

This top fits true to size, but I sized up for a bit more length! If not pregnant, stay true to size 😉 In the past with Joe’s Jeans I have sized up one, but these are pretty stretchy so I’d stay true to size.

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  1. La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    Love love the Spring jeans colour and look … a beautiful and sweet look! 🙂

    ?LA BIJOUX BELLA? | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

    04.10.17 · Reply
  2. I love the blush jean trend! I actually just bought a pair myself. I’m slightly worried that they might look too close to my skin tone, but fingers crossed they work. 🙂 You don’t look naked in yours so I have hope! Haha.

    04.10.17 · Reply
  3. Natali says:

    You’re looking so wonderful in this minimalistic and Springtime perfect outfit!


    04.10.17 · Reply
  4. Caitlin says:

    It seems like the trick is to get them in a pale enough color that you could aaaaalmost use these in place of white jeans.

    04.10.17 · Reply
  5. Absolutely love it!


    04.10.17 · Reply
  6. Mireia says:

    Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

    04.10.17 · Reply
  7. Rach says:

    Those blush jeans are gorgeous! I love that it is not a loud color that it makes it easy to pair it with several tops!


    04.10.17 · Reply
  8. Courtney says:

    I clicked to read as soon as I read the Instagram post because I was like “She wants us to think she’s talking about the pink jeans, but really she’s going to say a pink onesie or dress for her future baby girl! (Future? Upcoming? Whatever) but alas, I was wrong. Still a good post! 😉

    04.10.17 · Reply
  9. Nancy says:

    Those jeans are perfect for spring!

    04.10.17 · Reply
  10. Love the jeans but the sleeves on your top are amazing!!
    A Hint of Life

    04.10.17 · Reply
  11. Kay says:

    Such a beautiful outfit, love those pastel pink jeans <3


    04.10.17 · Reply
  12. Great look!!
    My blog: Street Style City

    Also have a look at my photography page: Photography

    04.10.17 · Reply
  13. Briana says:

    I am so happy we all get to wear colorful jeans again! Gorgeous!


    04.11.17 · Reply
  14. What a lovely navy blouse!


    04.11.17 · Reply
  15. OBSESSING over that bell poplin top! I love how well you paired it with the neutral colors. You look lovely doll.

    Aïchatou Bella


    04.11.17 · Reply
  16. BSM says:

    Curious about how this regular jeans are working with your bump! I love them but am hesitant to buy any new bottoms for fear that I won’t get a chance to wear them until next year.

    04.11.17 · Reply
  17. Sam says:

    Just got a pair of pink jeans, so thanks for the style inspiration! Love that top with the statement sleeves!


    04.13.17 · Reply
  18. 04.17.17 · Reply