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I’m having to come to terms lately with how much I am a procrastinator. For instance, I’m heading to Austin this weekend to speak that the Texas Style Council and am I prepared? No. I’m not and if I know me I’ll wait to finish my talk and then overpack Friday morning minutes before we leave and then be mad at myself all weekend for the weird options I’ve left myself to wear. Why is it that when I travel that’s when I think of elaborate outfits to try out? I always do that and I can never understand my reasoning when I get to my destination and unpack. Even though I’ve heard the advice somewhere along the way that you should just wear your stand-bys because you know they fit and they work. Nope, I’m going to pack all of these mismatched pieces that I’ve pulled out of the back of my closet and hope for the best. 

It’s so hot out today I just couldn’t think of wearing anything but shorts. Professional? No. But neither is sweating through pants. I hope I gave you a great visual there. 


Top: Bloom — only a few left!

Shorts: Anthropologie

Tote: Madewell

Wedges: Similar

Earrings: Similar

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  1. The Adored Life says:

    Kendi, I ADORE that top so much!! It's gorgeous!

    07.31.13 · Reply
  2. ZipStyle says:

    Looks very comfy! Best wishes on your talk ๐Ÿ™‚

    07.31.13 · Reply
  3. Loving this simple outfit!

    xo Jessica

    07.31.13 · Reply
  4. Catherine L says:
    07.31.13 · Reply
  5. Yes, awesome visual ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck with your talk! I want to go to the TX Style Council one year! It always looks like so much fun in the pictures.

    07.31.13 · Reply
  6. Carmen says:

    kendi !!! I am obsessed with that Madewell bag of yours, it seems like you wear it a lot, have it gotten any scratches or discolorations, would you recommend ?

    07.31.13 · Reply
  7. Carrie says:

    Really cute!

    Style in the City

    07.31.13 · Reply
  8. says:

    Nice outfit, it's casual but stilled very well put together!

    07.31.13 · Reply
  9. MARTA says:

    Pretty cool look! Gorgeous top and shoes!
    Iโ€™m following you on Bloglovin!

    07.31.13 · Reply
  10. Mj Rdn says:
    07.31.13 · Reply
  11. Roanna Fernandes says:

    I love the way you write, Kendi! ^.^

    07.31.13 · Reply
  12. Ellen says:

    Best place to try mismatched and quirky outfits is when you're away.. there ya go

    07.31.13 · Reply
  13. Diseรฑo Web says:

    Hermosa combinaciรณn, muy casual

    07.31.13 · Reply
  14. Julie Fassinger says:

    Love this look, Kendi! simple but so cute and stylin'!

    07.31.13 · Reply
  15. Hope Howland says:

    Super chic for everyday…

    07.31.13 · Reply
  16. Katie Coppens says:

    Gorgeous tank!! I understand what you mean about the heat; Albuquerque is unbearable.

    Katie ::

    07.31.13 · Reply
  17. Susann Dempel says:

    I have an explanation for the phenomena you describe….getting dressed every day is a creative experience, you go with whatever inspired you that moment, what you feel, etc, it is not planned or thought out. Therefor it is impossible to do the same days in advance when you travel…I am never happy no matter what I bring, its a creative curse…along with procrastination, I also suffer…

    07.31.13 · Reply
  18. Gwendolyn says:

    That is a wonderful visual. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hear ya. I'm going to a different conference this weekend, Go Blog Social, and I haven't the slightest what I'm wearing. As a stay at home mom, I'm fearful my regular go-tos of stretchy pants and and old tshirt won't do the trick. But my topknot to keep kids' fingers out of my hair should work, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Would love to hear you speak, I'm sure you'll be wonderful!

    07.31.13 · Reply
  19. Code Overdressed says:

    Lovely top, the detailing is so subtle and pretty! I think you don't need to prepare for the style council, just take your adorable self! I'd love to go, good luck!

    Cee. โ™ฅ

    Code Overdressed

    07.31.13 · Reply
  20. Your top is so pretty. And I love this simple but cute outfit. I'm always disappointed with my own packing as well. I look at my options and think, why did I bring THIS? ๐Ÿ™‚

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    07.31.13 · Reply
  21. Sarah H. says:

    I always make the mistake of wearing combos of clothes I've never worn before when I travel! I'll be jetsetting in a couple weeks, and I'm convincing myself that I will actually try on the outfits before I pack them. We'll see…

    Good luck with your trip and your speech!

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

    07.31.13 · Reply
  22. Rebecca says:

    PERFECT summer outfit! I love the tank with the shorts, and the shoes add a classy finish.

    07.31.13 · Reply
  23. Jennifer says:

    Lovely top!

    xo Jennifer

    07.31.13 · Reply
  24. Classy Chic & Chardonnay says:

    I love that tank! It's so pretty and looks adorable dressed down!

    Classy Chic & Chardonnay

    07.31.13 · Reply
  25. 08.01.13 · Reply
  26. Debbie Stinedurf says:

    Pretty top! And yes, great visual…ha!
    Debbie ๐Ÿ™‚

    08.01.13 · Reply
  27. Christy says:

    Love this outfit! It's so summery and casual ๐Ÿ™‚ I also believe that a little bit of procrastination here and there is healthy for the mind and soul ๐Ÿ™‚



    08.01.13 · Reply
  28. sarahshelton says:

    I totally agree with overthinking outfits!! I am doing that for TxSC, too! I hope to meet you!


    08.01.13 · Reply
  29. Peyton Simms says:
    08.01.13 · Reply
  30. Kayla says:

    I love the comment about sweating through pants. It really classes it up!

    08.01.13 · Reply
  31. Jackie says:

    Ha! Always nice to know I'm not the only one who worries about sweating through pants. This is why I love skirts/dresses ๐Ÿ™‚

    xoxo Jackie

    08.01.13 · Reply
  32. Kelsey Wilburn says:

    you are so cute! i love that top!

    kw, ladies in navy

    08.01.13 · Reply
  33. Kandidly Kelsey says:

    We can always count on you for some great visuals!

    08.01.13 · Reply
  34. Caroline L. says:

    I love me a good, subtle peplum! And I'm just like that – but once, I actually packed really early for a trip and was done like two days before I left, and it just made me super anxious like, I know I'm forgetting something! Maybe I shouldn't have packed that shirt! etc. etc. So now, I always leave it last minute – better for my sanity ๐Ÿ™‚

    08.01.13 · Reply
  35. Patricia says:

    Lovely top! ๐Ÿ™‚ Itยดs so nice :))

    08.01.13 · Reply
  36. Genie says:

    Good luck! I love this outfit, it screams summer. Is that a tattoo on your ankle? Or just my eyes playing tricks on me? Either way, I love the wedges and the simple top.



    08.01.13 · Reply
  37. Mica says:

    That is such a lovely top! I hope your packing goes well! I always over pack, can never just pack what I need. Too many 'just in case' pieces, haha.

    Away From Blue

    08.01.13 · Reply
  38. Caitlin MacLean says:

    Love the outfit! especially the top, soo cute!

    08.01.13 · Reply
  39. Kendi Lea says:

    eyes playing tricks on you! no tattoo's on this girl. ๐Ÿ™‚

    08.01.13 · Reply
  40. Nikki says:

    so causal and cute! (and packing is the WORST!)


    08.01.13 · Reply
  41. EnvisionPretty says:

    You look fresh & pretty for summer! great simple, go to look!


    08.01.13 · Reply
  42. ZipStyle says:

    Did you hear that H&M online store is now open to US customers?!

    08.01.13 · Reply
  43. XeanaFashion says:

    Cute look!

    Visit my blog

    08.01.13 · Reply
  44. Bridget says:

    i always love the way people {you} can use simple colors and classic cuts and turn it into a beautiful outfit. you look wonderful!

    08.01.13 · Reply
  45. chelseaandthecity says:

    I think boyfriend shorts are so much more chic than sweaty pants! You look great Kendi, love that sweet shirt.

    Chelsea & The City

    08.01.13 · Reply
  46. ashleigh says:

    Kendi I know your Husband is a photographer but your pictures always look stunning. A post of photo tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated. I own a DSLR but I've timidly kept it on auto since I bought it.

    Thank you!

    08.01.13 · Reply
  47. Sensible Stylista says:

    You still look put-together and professional even with the shorts! I'm LOVING your top's embellishments. What a casual yet chic look!

    08.01.13 · Reply
  48. ashley says:

    hi kendi! wondering if you're going to be restocking that top on your bloom site??? OR who makes that top?? i love it! looks so great on you : )

    08.02.13 · Reply
  49. Jessica Taylor says:

    You look great with these shorts! Love your top!

    Carpet cleaning

    08.02.13 · Reply
  50. Style_Me_Annie says:

    Love that top! Perfect with some jean shorts.

    You always get the perfect lighting!
    Love the red pants and flowy top – perfection!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

    08.02.13 · Reply
  51. Beautiful top! And good luck with packing for your trip! ๐Ÿ™‚


    08.02.13 · Reply
  52. Tiffany Elam says:

    This tank is too cute. I'm sure you'll do fine!


    08.02.13 · Reply
  53. Cassandra Too says:

    The top is really cute! That bag is classy too! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Google + / Twitter / Bloglovin

    with love, Cassandra xx

    08.02.13 · Reply
  54. ellaava says:

    Outstanding outfit!! this dress fit perfectly and give attractive look… nice and latest style for this summer…

    08.02.13 · Reply
  55. Vivian says:

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    08.03.13 · Reply
  56. MAHL Twirl says:

    I do the same thing and i always kick myself when i'm there but the next time i go on vacation, there are those random hard-to-wear pieces in my suitcase
    super cute and simple outfit!

    08.03.13 · Reply
  57. Hess says:

    i just want to say, your posts always make my day!

    08.03.13 · Reply
  58. Anna says:

    wonderful casual look!

    08.03.13 · Reply
  59. Basic is always best in my book! Love this ๐Ÿ™‚

    08.04.13 · Reply
  60. Laura Whitman says:

    Holy crap, that shirt is fantastic! Hope that you had a blast in Austin!



    08.05.13 · Reply
  61. haley says:

    That bag seems to be an awesome investment for you. I should look into getting it.

    Colour Me Classic

    08.05.13 · Reply
  62. you are absolutely gorgeous! this ensemble is divine!

    08.05.13 · Reply
  63. Milla says:

    Great outfit!! i love your bag!! *-*

    08.05.13 · Reply
  64. Lauren says:

    Packing is a mare! Love your easy, breezy summer look x

    08.06.13 · Reply
  65. qiya an says:

    no matter how, you manage your style very well! simple and nice!



    08.06.13 · Reply