Good Luck

7.11.12d{Necklace: Similar | Jeans:
 | Shoes: Similar }
Last summer I was really good at thrifting. Mainly because I had a lot more time than I do now and as we all know thrifting takes time. (Or at least a free Saturday here and there.) I also feel like I had a lot of good thrift karma last year. For instance, this necklace I’m wearing. First of all, who gives up a J.Crew look-alike necklace? And secondly who sells it for a couple of bucks? Whoever you are, I’d like to shake your hand. I’d shake it so hard that all of your other probable J.Crew baubles will fall off your body and then — then I will take them. 
Not to brag, but this was a very good thrift find. You know, if I think about it I’ve had quite a few thrift finds that were really good as well. So maybe I just have good thrift luck after all. One day I’m going to thrift a brand new car and you’re all going to be so jealous. 

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