Happy Anniversary Sale! From now until August 4th, you can shop brand new styles on sale at Nordstrom. Today is the Icon card holders day, tomorrow is Ambassador, Influencer is Thursday and all card holders on Friday. The sale starts for non-cardholders on July 15th! That’s Monday, so if you are excited to shop but you’re not a cardholder, save items to your wishlist now!

I’ve rounded up my favorite denim for right now but mainly fall and beyond as well as some denim-inspired pieces. This is still such a fun trend and I love seeing it pop up in the Anniversary Sale.

Shop all denim here.

AG Denim Jacket | Frame Barrel Jeans | Madewell Oversized Denim Shirt | JW PEI Purse
Madewell Pocket Front Jeans | Paige Wide Leg Jeans | AG Wide Leg Ankle Jeans | AG Ex-Boyfriend Slim
Paige Wide Leg (Darker) | Levi’s Ribcage Jeans | Rails Sleeveless Dress | NB Sneakers | Rails Dress
Schutz Flat

a few notes

AG Denim: This is probably my favorite brand to pick up at the NSALE because it’s high quality and it lasts and of course, the price is way better than regular price. They have lots of styles this year but my favorite are these Slim Ex-Boyfriend jeans (I have them! Love them, they fit more like straight fit if you’re a bit curvier in the hips / waist) and I love this wide leg style in the lighter denim hue. I’m excited to try some of these on to really tell you about the fit, but that will be tomorrow! And if you are looking for a lifelong denim jacket, AG is your brand. I have one from Anniversary Sale from 2016 and it’s still in top condition. (The style of my ’16 jacket is a bit outdated for now but as we all know, it’s gonna come right back around, so she is safe in my closet until the time comes.)

Frame Barrel Jeans: I present this one with caution because a) it’s a tough style and b) I’ve not tried this one on and c) if I know Frame, they run suspiciously small. Hurt your feelings in the harsh light of a dressing room kind of small. So I will try my best to find these and try them on, but I make no promises. If they look fugly, we will pretend I never even mentioned these. However, I do kind of like this trend — it’s been growing on me! Especially if it’s a subtle barrel shape instead of the one that looks like you just got off a horse. I’ve got hopes (not high nor low) for these! So we will see… find them here!

Under $100 Denim: This pair of Levi’s Ribcage are always a good idea — as they will last forever. I have a pair in a size I can’t wear now (or did I sell those…I can’t remember) and they run about a size small for me. If I were to buy these now I’d probably go for a 31 or 32 for best fit. (For reference I’m about a 10 in jeans rn.) But if you can find your right size, this is a really nice pair of jeans! It’s a nice wide leg with high rise that pulls you in and the length is nice for heels and boots. Another under $100 pair is this pocket front wide leg from Madewell. I love this fit of jean and this mid-blue will go year round for any closet. If you like a little detail like the front little pockets, this is your pair. I find that this style runs TTS for Madewell. (I’d get a 30)

Wide Leg Jeans for Fall: Full length wide leg or flare leg jeans are an autumn denim. I can’t explain it but to me they just belong in the fall / early winter. If you agree with this ridiculous statement, then have I got two options for you. They’re both from Paige, also a brand I love but do have a few fit issues with at times (sometimes I need the rise to be like *that* much longer). I really love the dark denim option with the hard crease and the high waist. If these fit me, they’re mine. If not, I’ll shit talk them forever. If you’re more of a lighter denim gal, then this other pair from Paige is for you. I find darker denim to be more dressed up, lighter denim to be more casual. Again, can’t explain but the theory checks out.

Denim Inspired Pieces: This JW Pei handbag is wrapped in denim and I love that for her. This is a cute bag to toss on with a full black outfit, or with your denim pieces to really complete an outfit theme. I have a denim purse and I actually reach for it more than I thought I would. Denim goes with everything so it makes sense a denim purse would too. This oversized Chambray from Madewell is a nice (and lightweight) alternative to a denim jacket, especially right now if you like to layer but don’t want to succumb to heat stroke. And these New Balances aren’t actually denim nor are the Schtuz flats but I like that they are so close to a denim they could pass.

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