Below are a few alternative pieces to the items in my February capsule that are over $150. I’ve rounded up the best look-alike I could find, most under $50. You can see my full capsule here!

Striped Sweater


Sweater as shown is from Zara.


Lilac Mini Dress


Dress as shown is from Shopbop.

Ruffle Mini Skirt


This skirt is pretty unique so finding an exact  ‘dupe’ was a challenge. I’ve linked two that could work best with these looks. Skirt as shown is from Shopbop.

Classic Trench Coat


The coat as shown is from J.Crew. 

Purple Trousers


The pants shown here are from J.Crew. 


Graphic Sweatshirt


Sweatshirt as shown here is from Sezane.

Cream Mules


Shoes shown here are from Nordstrom.

Abstract Printed Sweater


Sweater as shown here is from Sezane.


I hope you can find something you love and that works for you. <3

You can find my February Capsule here!

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