Well, my friends, it’s that time of year again — the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts next week for cardholders! I’ll be shopping July 10th, but the highest level can shop July 9th! Last Friday they launched the preview of all the items and I have been slowly digesting all of the pieces that are on sale and at first I was a bit…underwhelmed. But then, per usual, as I kept digging and digging I found some really nice pieces that would be worth the investment. Since I would consider myself a pro at shopping and a full-on expert on the NSALE, I wanted to round up a few tips or guidelines that I use when shopping the sale. I’ve also rounded up my favorite pieces from the sale, so far (always subject to change!)

1. Sign up for Nordstrom Rewards.

If you’ve not joined their rewards program (it’s free unless you want to sign up for Nordstrom card, then that has credit obligations of course.) you can and as you shop the sale and throughout the next year it can gain you points to use as a discount later (they call them Notes) and it can get you into different levels which means you can shop next years sale sooner. Here are the dates to shop!


2. Create a Wish List Now!

Since the sale doesn’t start for anyone until next week, you can start your wish list now! I believe that when it becomes your date to shop you can go to your wish list and just add all the items to your cart so it’s an easy check out, if you’re in a rush! My biggest tip for this — this is actually how I shop in general — is to put absolutely every single thing you like in that wish list. And then walk away. In a few days come back to it and you’ll be making cuts like a surgeon. I always find that if I walk away from the initial seeing of something, I have better perceptive of what I will actually wear, what I actually want etc. If you start now, by the time the sale is live, you can make your best choices instead of being rushed or the old ‘oh no it’s gonna sale out I better get it anyways!!’ feeling. Plus if something does sell out that’s on your list, you can swap it for another option on your list that can move up in priority. Start shopping now!

3. Set a Budget

I am in a unique position as a style influencer where I try absolutely everything on that I can to show you what  the best pieces are and how they fit, if they’re worth it, etc. So my budget looks quite different than a normal person shopping the sale would. However, I am trying to not have so much overage this year so I too have a budget — well I’m in the negotiation stage with myself and my imaginary accountant who may or may not get fired soon. It can be overwhelming to make a choice when there are literally thousands of great choices looking at you like ‘buy me buy me’ but at the end of the day you got to make the sale work for you. So for instance, let’s say you need a nice pair of boots for fall and winter and that’s ALL your looking for, then I’d personally say go for the nicer pair that will last for YEARS over a less expensive option being just a little bit cheaper during the sale. I know the word ‘sale’ is tossed around a lot but you can end up spending a lot during this event, especially on things that maybe should be that price anyways. That’s why I tend to look at the more expensive items like Vince shoes (they last forever I swear) or Rag & Bone booties, etc because I won’t buy them full price but I love buying them on a discount during this sale.

4. Sort like a Wizard

Nordstrom has done a bang up job with tagging all of their items and you can use the sort / filter to your advantage to clear out all of the noise you’re not paying attention to. For instance, you can go right now to Women’s clothing and if you are JUST looking for coats, go to the Product Type, select COATS, then go a step further and filter by Price, Color, Size, etc. That way you can go from 4 pages of product option to sometimes just a line or two of items to choose from. If you create your own limitations within the product mix, it helps you make the best decision. (This can also help you make a decision that maybe the product you are looking for isn’t in this sale. Use the sort to your advantage!)

5. Take Advantage of the Free Returns

I, along with every other American, hate returns. I hate dealing with them, I hate taking them, I hate the looks they gave me with the underlying judgement. BUT during this sale, it’s worth considering because if you are purchasing online sometimes you just don’t know. That’s why I like doing try-ons for you guys because the fabric, the fit, etc. are all so important if you want to know if you’re going to actually invest in something. If you are shopping pre-try ons, then take advantage of the free returns meaning buy an extra size if you are nervous about fit, or try a new style that you’ve been interested in, etc. My only suggestion is to be a nice consumer and to return it within a few days of receiving so someone else could get that item you aren’t going to keep on Anniversary Sale pricing. I use Nordstorm’s mail in returns a lot and they’re a quick turn around. Obviously going into the store is very fast too, but I use the mail-ins when I’m feeling lazy.

6. Follow Me on the LTK app!

I will be creating a lot of outfits, graphics, round ups, and of course try-ons for the sale throughout the month and if you want a quick way to follow this content, you can download the LTK app that will directly open any Nordstrom piece onto your Nordstrom app! If you like to shop mobile or through apps, this is a nice way to go. I always post my outfits I’m posting here or on IG on the app as well. Plus if you like something I share and you click thorough my link on here or on the app, I get a small commission (no charge to you!) for sharing the item with you. You can find my LTK page here!


My Favorite Finds (so far!)

Treasure & Bond Crochet Top | AG Denim Jacket | Rails Sweater
AG Wide Leg Denim | Vince Sweater | Paige Boots | AllSaints Skirt | Supergoop! Unscreen
Vince Flats | Caslon Jacket | Adidas Gazelles | Farm Rio Blouse | Veronica Beard Boots
Frank & Eileen Capelet | Vuori Sweater | Madewell Dress | AllSaints Purse | Rag & Bone Cardigan
FP Movement Shorts | Spanx Sweatshirt | Hoka Sneakers
Stuart Weitzman Pearl Flats | Sunday Riley ‘Good Genes’ | Free People Sweater

I’ve rounded up a few pieces that are my favorite and I’ve got my eye on but also to highlight some of my favorite brands to pay attention to this sale event. Many of them are high-end and I like to shop these brands during this sale because they rarely go on discount or sale and if they do, I usually miss my sizes. When I look at the items I’ve kept or held on to for years from Anniversary Sales of years past, it always includes these brands! I’ve listed them from most expensive to least expensive, generally speaking.

My Favorite Brands to Shop

Vincehigh quality, long lasting, rarely goes on sale, favorite leather shoes

AG Denimmy favorite high-end denim, fit is TTS across the brand

Rag & Bonehigh quality shoes, high quality clothing, generous fit

AllSaintsmid to high quality pieces, trendier but long lasting, edgy style. 

Frank & Eileenhigh end basic pieces that last! Nice, thick quality cotton essentials.

Farm RioI love this brand for their quality but also their colorful prints and pieces. Fit is usually the same across the pieces / brand. 

Varleyone of my favorite brands, high quality pieces for atheleisure, rarely on sale

Free Peoplemy favorite big sweaters in the winter, I keep them for years and years!

Madewellwe all know I love me some Madewell and I love it at Anniversary prices!

Treasure & Bondthis is their in-house brand, my favorite of their lines. Trendier pieces but amazing prices, usually cotton or a cotton blend of fabrics as well. 


That’s my list! What are you guys looking for this year? Anything specific you’d like me to try on, let me know!

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