Is one week in too late to set the vibe for the month? I don’t think so! (She says with shaky confidence) Plus I forgot to make one for April, so a mood is much overdue.

Doesn’t May bring flowers? Well childhood rhyme aside, that’s what I immediately think of. This graphic is a   a snapshot of my brain on May. Flowers, colors, bright whites and blues. Plus with the Met Gala being all flowers and gardens, I can’t help but be inspired by florals. I love all of the bright hues, bright but cohesive in nature. So let’s see what’s inspiring me!


It’s Tennis, love:

Maybe it’s all of the Zendaya promotion for her Challengers movie, but I’ve been loving all of the country club / tennis court inspired pieces, especially for active wear. I found the above image on Pinterest but I found a very similar dress from Varley. One question though, does one have to play tennis to wear this style? Because it’s not in the cards for me. I only want to cosplay a tennis player, not actually be one. I also love all of the preppiness this spring has brought about. The cardigans over the shoulders, the button down tops, the tailored bags. I am a card-carrying member of this vibe.

The Bright Whites and Bluest Blues:

Madewell is doing all the white blouses and dresses right now and I love how crisp an all white outfit looks for spring and summer. It goes right along with those country club vibes. It’s risky, don’t get me wrong. The other day I was wearing this blouse and got Gemma a chocolate ice cream and a new anxiety was unlocked instantly. But there is something tantalizing about the risks, the danger of an all white outfit. It’s the only danger I pursue these days. For the record, the white blouse came out unscathed by the chocolate ice cream, but stained from a muddy soccer cleat. Didn’t even see it coming.

I love mixing those pure white tops with the brightest of blues, too. Or navy and white? Be still my little spring heart. These striped pants from J.Crew look like summer to me. Get me on that imaginary sail boat in my mind. Oh and this white Clare V. crossbody can come, too. She seems reasonable and fun. (PS: I love love the look of the white sunnies matching the white purse!)

Florals for spring! Groundbreaking!

This Farm Rio — ok ok all of Farm Rio really — but this particular maxi skirt is gorges. Fully embroidered giant flowers? Absolutely yes. It’s got Mother’s Day written all over her. (This also makes me want to run into anthropologie for a try on soon!) Or this blouse from Mother denim — I love the open, swingy blouse and this floral mashup pattern is the right kind of chaos. (Also love this floral dress from anthropologie but it didn’t fit in my collage well lol.)

Denim but make it Light

Can confirm that Madewell* denim dress fits like a dream (I have it in the 10!). It’s lightweight and soft and stretchy, a real denim dream dress. But this hue of denim is IN right now. I also love this pair of denim shorts in the same rinse from Madewell. You just can’t go wrong with a crisp baby blue denim in spring. Consider it the new ‘white’ denim.

PS: do you have the LTK app? If you’re buying anything from Madewell, you can shop through the LTK app this weekend and get 20% off your Madewell purchase! Kind of worth it, I think!

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  1. Athletic prep is having a huge moment right now But I don’t think it is for me. I am loving all of the white and blue though. Pretty white Tops and Dresses are all I want right now.

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