To The Streets

posted on: 5/22/2014


I've never really been a gym kind of a girl although I've always exercised. But I have to say that I'm quite envious of those who truly love exercise; it's like pulling teeth to get me outside or to the gym sometimes. I think that's why I like this resurgence of gym style, because when you add the element of style to something... well that changes things. You mean I can look cute while doing something healthy? Tell me more. It's a bargaining game with me -- I can get something cute to workout in, if I actually go workout. So I find myself reaching for workout clothes in the morning typically because they are comfortable. But it works out that since I'm in them already, I'll go for a walk with the dogs or I'll pop in a yoga DVD. (not sure if this needs to be said, but then I do yoga. I don't just watch it while drinking my coffee...even though it's tempting sometimes.)

Little Things

posted on: 3/06/2014

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A few posts ago, I asked what little things you did went a long way and you left so many amazing comments and tips that I honestly would have never thought about it. (That's right, I'm stealing your tips to make my life easier. Wink.) But I thought I'd share a few of mine just to even the score. 

I actually didn't realize it until these posts that I naturally do little things to help my mornings or days go by easier. I'm patting my subconscious self on the back right now.

How to Pack Simply + $300 Sweepstakes (Closed)

posted on: 2/20/2014

This post is kindly sponsored by P&G. Save on NEW Gain Flings and Tide Pods at Target

For years when I traveled I liked to make things complicated for myself. From the packing process to figuring out what to wear once I got there, it was never a pleasant experience for anyone involved. And then finally someone taught me how to pack. After 24 years of packing by throwing all of my favorite pieces into a suitcase that didn't match or go together, I finally figured it out. 

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4 Ways to Get Active (No Gym Needed)

posted on: 1/15/2014

One of my new year's resolutions this year was to 'be healthy.' I decided that this breaks down into two categories: eating healthy and being active. So the first thing I did was cancel my gym membership. I realize this is the opposite of what most people do and in fact I should have just started going to the gym. But I realized that my favorite ways to get active do not involve going to the gym. In fact the actual act of getting me to a gym involves more effort than that excerpted at said gym. But going for a walk with my dog? No problem. Doing a few moves of yoga? Again, no arm twisting there. 

Move More, Stress Less

posted on: 1/14/2013

B and I have this magical time between the years of 2010 through 2011 that we talk about often. This was the magical time of gym membership and actually for the first time in my life using it to it's fullest. But you see something happened in late 2011 and we just kind of gave up working out. To be fair, that something was moving cities, opening a store and flipping my life upside down. And then of course, canceling said membership. Just a few things which stressed me to the max and lead me to eat my feelings (see: french fries and wine) and stop moving all together. Now that time is only mentioned late at night when I murmur "remember that time we used to go to the gym" as I count how many days it's been since I've worked out instead of counting sheep to fall asleep at night. 

Being about 14 days behind on everything always, I still haven't made my new year's resolutions. But that doesn't mean that I can't make a change, so B and I have decided to move more and stress less this year. If I can't be on a beach vacation all the time living stress free than the least I can do is work out and be kind to my body. Right? Right

Lucky for me and you, Old Navy is having 40% off their Active line through Wednesday which is where I picked up a few things to help me move a little bit more. After all, if I can't look good while doing it, what's the point? Fashion is my first love, fitness comes in around number 15. (Personally I bought up a few of pairs of compression leggings. And while I don't understand the fab technology behind them, they feel like skinny jeans. Perfect.) And as far less stress goes, a beach vacation doesn't seem like a bad idea now does it? It's for my health.

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