I wanted to put together a post for fall that gives you a good start of what to buy if you’re looking to make super remixable outfits this fall. I also wanted to make sure that everything was under $100 (most of the pieces are well under $100 but the shoes + bags are closer to the $80 range), just so that everything could be accessible and approachable. I really do think anyone could pull of these looks! Here are my picks for a few essential pieces for fall. A mini-capsule for fall, if you will!

Notes on the Pieces

So as you can see I wanted to include essential pieces like a couple of good fall sweater as well as simple tee and a very necessary striped tee. You’re never fully dressed without a striped tee. As far as bottoms go, I wanted to find a pair of pants that are extremely versatile, everyday comfortable and are affordable. I ended up finding and loving this pair of black pants. They have a bit of stretch to them but they are a nice, structured trouser with a tiny bit of a flare at the bottom. They fit true to size and I am obsessed. I am in the medium. Find them here!

I also love this pair of joggers. You won’t believe me but I’ve been looking for this type of jogger for the better part of two years and just haven’t been able to find a pair that fits this way — fitted but not tight and tapered at the bottom without loosening with wear. I told you, my wants were very specific with a jogger. These perfectly fit the bill. I am in the medium — you can find them here!

One note on the faux leather skirt — it’s been going in and out of stock over the last few days so I wanted to find an alternative to this skirt! I found a nice knit pencil skirt that isn’t quite as bold but is just as practical. You can find the alternative skirt here! (Also, the faux leather skirt fits TTS, I am in the 8. It IS form fitting, as you can tell. It is not bloat friendly, just thought I should mention that it’s food baby and not a real baby here. Don’t get excited — that’s a burrito.) Find the faux-leather skirt here!

I love this tie-dye sweatshirt so much! It’s super casual but I just knew I could make it more approachable for a dressed up or office look and I was right! I am in the medium. I also love, love this grey sweater — it’s almost tunic length and it’s just classic and casual. I am in the medium of all the sweaters! I’m also in the medium of the moto jacket — it fits true to size. It’s tailored so definitely stay TTS! I love that it’s very tailored looking. Sometime moto jackets can feel bulky or too masculine for the look I’m going for and this one is a perfect combination of feeling street and sweet.

I am in the large of the striped tee and the black tee. I sized up because I wanted them to fit looser and I would recommend that ONLY if you want a super slouchy look of the black tee and if you don’t want the striped tee to be clingy.

I wanted to find a few pairs of shoes that I wanted to go with everything. Obviously I am huge nude heel fan, but I wanted to go a different route with this mini capsule so I found this fun pair of Snakeskin mules! They seriously go with anything — black, brown or anything in between. I find them to run a bit snug but they are true to size. I also love this black suede mule, easy and effortless for a black shoe. Plus you know how much I love a mule. Oh and what a swerve this pair of sneakers are! They are actually backless slides and even as I’m typing that I am like — wait…what? But they are actually really cool and super, super comfortable. I am in the khaki color but they come off as almost a grey-beige. Find them here!

I’ve already told you about my love affair with this brown tote, so I’ll spare you more love notes but it’s truly one of my favorite finds this year. I also love a black backpack for fall and this faux leather number is just perfect for tossing everything in and going. It’s sleek and honestly a very good dupe for leather. You can find the brown tote here and the black backpack here!

Oh and of course — I had to put a hat on it. It wouldn’t be 2019 and I wouldn’t be a fashion blogger if I didn’t have a hat on my head 90% of the time. Find this hat here!

Let’s get to the outfits!

I wanted to put together a few outfit ideas for you, using all of the pieces possible! So without further ado, scroll away and hopefully get inspired for fall!

1. Moto jacket / striped tee / black pants / faux leather backpack / suede mules / hat

2. Ribbed mock neck sweater / faux leather skirt / similar pencil skirt in knit / snakeskin mules / faux leather backpack

3. Grey Crewneck sweater / grey joggers / suede sneakers / twist tote

4. Moto jacket / tie-dye sweatshirt / black pants / faux leather backpack / suede mules 

5. Striped tee / faux leather skirt / similar pencil skirt in knit / faux leather backpack / suede mules

6. Stitched sweater / black pants / twist tote / suede mules

7. Moto jacket / striped tee / grey joggers / slip on sneakers / faux leather backpack / hat

8. Black tee / faux leather skirt / Similar knit skirt /  snakeskin mules / faux leather backpack / hat

9. Ribbed sweater / black pants / snakeskin heels / twist tote

10. Grey sweater / black pants / slide on sneakers / faux leather backpack / hat

11. Tie-dye sweatshirt / faux leather skirt / suede mules / faux leather backpack 

12. Ribbed sweater /grey joggers / slip on sneakers / twist tote 

13. Moto jacket / black tee / black pants / faux leather backpack / suede mules 

14. Stitched sweater / faux leather skirt / snakeskin mules / twist tote 

15. Moto jacket / black tee / grey joggers / suede mules / faux leather backpack 

16. Grey sweater / faux leather skirt / slip on sneakers / faux leather backpack / hat

17. Tie dye sweatshirt / grey joggers / slip on sneakers / faux leather backpack

So what’s your favorite look? I’m dying to know! I loved all of the jogger outfits – I think I just might have a thing for joggers this fall. And I can’t get over the black pants — so versatile and darling! Let me know your faves in the comments below!


*this post is brought to you in collaboration with Nordstrom! Did you know that Nordstrom has there very own in house brands that are exclusive to them? That’s why I was able to share so many great priced items here — they are all Nordstrom made! Check it out if you can!

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  1. This post! 😍 Thank you for it – so helpful to see how versatile pieces really are! My faves are #6 & #17 🙂 Is this post going to be considered your fall 30 x 30?

  2. I am loving any look with that bobble-stitched sweater. What a surprise to me! I’d have never thought from looking at just the sweater how cute it would be on a person. Kudos to you! The Moto jacket also makes a few of those looks absolutely perfect. Thanks for doing this – I loved seeing how all the pieces worked together. Now if only Texas would get the message that Fall is here! 😬

  3. Thanks for the sneaker looks! As a fellow size 10, it’s hard for me to style slip-ons without feeling like my feet look HUGE.

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