My Quick Guide to Colleen Rothschild’s Skin Care (on Sale!)

One of my very, very, very favorite skincare lines is having their 5th Anniversary sale this week (use code 5AVS) and I wanted to do a roundup post with my ALL TIME favorites from the line AND a review of some of the new to me products! Collen Rothschild is hands down my favorite skin care I’ve ever used. I started using Colleen Rothschild in my late 20s and have used it since. I 100% believe that taking care of my skin with her products have helped keep my skin from prematurely aging and almost always blemish free. (I take no responsibility for my skin when it’s that time of the month. Hormones have their own agenda with my skin.) At 34, I have the normal fine lines on my forehead and around my mouth but I almost feel as if they’ve stopped from progressing. I look at photos of my skin from a few years ago and besides the slightly darker bags (#momlife) I don’t see much difference in my skin and as far as blemishes/tone, I see an improvement.

{scroll down for my quick guide to my favorite CR products!}

My daily skincare routine is pretty simple: cleanse, moisturize, repeat. Now I will be honest, if I have time I will do a mask, a skin treatment, oil, etc. But if it’s a hectic day I at least try to do the 1-2-3 routine. To break it down, I use the Radiance Balm to cleanse morning/night (*I’ve made a quick change to this routine, so see below!), then I’ve started using the Matcha Tea Toner right after I wash my face in the morning, then I use the Sheer Renewal Lotion before I put my makeup on. At night, I do the same without the toner and add a retinol¬†cream. This is my easy peasy routine: 1-2-3. There are SO many different skin regimes out there that it can feel that you aren’t doing enough, but I’ve figured out that for me simple is best. If there are too many steps or products, I just won’t get around to doing it all. That’s why I like Colleen’s products because they are high quality without too many steps. If I’m running low on time, I know I can at least cleanse and moisturize with high-quality products and get out the door.

Find my quick daily routine:

Radiance Cleansing Balm / Matcha Tea Toner / Sheer Renewal Cream

If I had to tell you to buy just two items from the sale, I would say the Radiance Cleansing Balm (it. is. heaven.) and the Sheer Renewal Cream. Those two are my lifelong favorites. I’ve used them for years and always get a little sad when my supply is running low. (Side note: they just released the JUMBO Radiance Cleansing Balm. BE STILL MY HEART.) The Sheer Renewal Cream is a lightweight lotion that is perfect for everyday. It’s a perfect layer under makeup as it’s lightweight enough that it dries quickly but moisturizes really well. And you already know about my love for the Radiance Balm Cleanser. It’s a solidified oil that warms in your palm and cleanses away. It’s like a facial in a jar every single day. (You can try the mini version here! OR it would make a great travel size!)

If you were going to buy three things, I would say add in the Clarifying Detox Mask. This mask is EXTREMELY good at what it does. I had used this mask a few years ago when I was just getting into masking. (I said that as if facial masks is a hobby. Well, maybe it is. Maybe that’s my new hobby, guys.) I stopped to try a few other charcoal masks and ended up picking this one back up after a few years off. Let me tell you — I did not know what I was missing. This mask is the real deal. Here is how this mask reacts with me: I use it one evening and the next day I will have impurities pop up (yes that means a few white heads or black heads) Every single time, which is how I know it works. The charcoal is actually detoxing my skin and bringing up the dirt and oil. But the kicker is I’m never dried out, as charcoal can do. So 1) the Cleansing Balm 2) the Sheer Renewal Lotion and 3) Clarifying Detox Mask. The best trio ever.


Since I am a lush for her products and I’ve tried about 50% of her line, I thought I’d make a guide for you if you’re interested in shopping the sale! With 20% off right now, that is an amazing sale for Colleen Rothschild products. So below are the items I’ve used and loved and what to look for if you purchase them!

Looking to Even Out Skin Tone / Calm Redness?

Matcha Tea Toner: This was a new release last year and I was excited to try it. This toner does not sting or burn, as some have on my skin in the past. It’s a really calm formula and I find that it is really nice paired with a the Radiant Cleansing Balm or the Gel Cleanser (See below!) I use it right before the Sheer Renewal Cream and my makeup. I don’t have too much redness on my face but I’ve been sliding this product over onto Bryan’s side and he has really seen improvements in his typically red skin. (PS: these cotton pads are so soft!

Looking for an ‘Everyday’ Cleanser?

Balancing Gel Cleanser: So I’ve started to use this cleanser in the morning because it’s a quicker way to wash my face in the shower. Pre-Gemma I had a little bit more time in the morning, but now it’s best for me to wash my face in the shower. I was looking around her site and found this cleanser and gave it a shot. This is a great cleanser that makes my skin just FEEL clean. It’s a gel cleanser, so you dampen your face with a few splashes of water then pump the gel in your hand and scrub your face in a rotating motion. Then rinse it off and your face feels super clean! You can find this cleanser here. (It’s a nice start to her line as well if you don’t want to take the Radiant Cleanser Balm dive just yet!)

Looking for an everyday lotion?

Look now further than the Sheer Renewal Cream. This is a lightweight lotion that layer wonderfully under makeup and is gentle enough for sensitive skin! I’ve used this for 5 years straight and have loved it more and more each year. You can find it here.

Looking for Fine Line Defense?

Retinol Treatment Complex: This stuff sells out a lot on her site and so I wanted to give it a try the next time I caught it in stock! I’ve just started using this around my mouth and forehead, where I see a few fine lines, at night right before my moisturizer and by morning I notice a softer forehead with no visible lines. MAGIC.

Looking for a face oil?

Face Oil No. 9: This product is LUXE. I’ve used a sample of this product in the past but have started using this oil on the weekends during the day when I go makeup free. It is so moisturizing but isn’t greasy. If you are looking for a different kind of moisturizer, this one is gentle but strong. I highly recommend a face oil if you are looking to step up your moisturizing game. My skin is clear and glowy after using this oil. I can get away with no makeup because of the afterglow ūüôā

Looking for an AHA Serum?

Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum: It’s not photographed here but it’s such a good product! I alternate use of this product and the Retinol Cream. I started using this about a year and a half ago with great results. ¬†This product is an AHA so it hydrates those fine lines and ‘puffs’ them back up for lack of better terminology. (There is a reason I am a blogger, not a scientist, ok?) If you use this on your face overnight, the fine lines will be less visible by morning. It’s seriously amazing. If you have heard of AHA products before, definitely look into this one. It’s gentle enough to use on sensitive skin too (my husband is my sensitive skin guinea pig!)

Looking for an exfoliating mask?

The Dual Enzyme Polish is a quick mask that works it’s magic in about 10 minutes. This isn’t a sit and relax type of mask, but more of a treatment mask. You layer this polish on and let it sit for 5-10 minutes; you’ll actually feel the enzymes tickle your skin. Once the time is up, just rub or ‘polish’ your skin with the rough texture of the mask and wipe with a damp towel. Your skin will seriously feel like a baby’s face. It’s incredible. This mask I keep on hand for when I really need a good exfoliant.

Looking for a deep moisturizer for winter?

I’ve actually been rotating this Extreme Recovery Cream in during our days where we have colder / more arid temperatures here. I was a little hesitant to use this lotion because I didn’t want it to be heavy under my makeup and I wondered if it would just be a night time lotion. But it absolutely isn’t; it’s wonderful and lightweight and soaks in and hydrates just as a day cream would. This is your go-to if you need that extra boost during the dry months or if your skin just soaks up lotion! (Also sensitive skin approved!)

Looking for a daily eye cream?

I would like to say this Complete Eye Cream is a part of my daily routine, but… sometimes I forget about this extra step! One day I’ll get all of my ducks in a row, but until then, I usually apply this in the mornings (when I remember!) before my lotion and primer. I add a little bit of this eye cream around my eyes and let it dry then carry on with my beauty routine. It’s a gentle formula, perfect for your everyday. You can also use this at night!¬†You can find it here.

Use code 5AVS at checkout for 20% off!


If you have any questions, I’m always happy to answer! You can find the full sale here on her site here.

And if you want to read me wax poetically on and on about her products here are a few of my other posts! Post 1 / Post 2 / Post 3 / Post 4

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