My late night Amazon browsing has struck again. In my foggiest of thoughts, I typically browse Amazon for things we need, things we don’t and apparently sweaters. I’m kind of on the fence with Amazon because sometimes things just look really good on the model and I get them in and they are just ‘meh’ (I refuse to believe this is because I’m not a model.) Back in the mail, they go. But then again, it’s so easy to return I never mind taking a chance on an unknown sweater. I really liked the look of this sweater and the price seemed pretty good for the style and quality, so I added it to my cart that was full of bottle nipples and iPhone cord chargers that we keep losing. (But we lose them while we are inside of our house, so I’m not completely sure how this is happening?!) I was so excited when it came in (I am so spoiled by Amazon Prime two day shipping by the way), and it fit perfectly. I love when it a quick late night decision turns into a really pretty sweater.

You can find the sweater in grey, black or camel here!

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I stayed true to size in the sweater and it’s perfectly oversized! I wouldn’t size up but stay true! And if you’re a tall girl like me (5’9″) it’s a nice length for us! If you’re a bit shorter, it could even work as a tunic. Size down on the Madewell jeans! Super stretchy!

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