A Few of My Favorite Things

posted on: 6/27/2012

6.27.12a 6.27.12b 6.27.12c 6.27.12e 6.27.12d
{Top: Modcloth | Jeans: Gap | Sunnies: Target | Shoes: Gap}

You know me with trends -- it's either all or nothing. So why not mix polka dots with a peplum top? It just makes sense. I'm killing two trends with one top. Boom. 

I have to be honest -- these shoes are not in the least bit practical. So cute, right? But they come untied with about every 5th step. Good for standing still, not good for walking around for things called work or life. Will I still wear them? Oh yeah. Mainly because it gives me something to whine about. 

Also, please note that wearing one pant leg higher than the other is not a new trend. Apparently one of my legs really is longer than the other. She knows who she is.

Winner of last week's Questhaven Giveaway is Kelsey Balch! Email me to claim your giveaway!


posted on: 6/26/2012

6.26.12b 6.26.12d 6.26.12c 6.26.12e
{Dress: c/o Ruche (2011) | Cardigan: Gap | Bag: Brahmin}

This is one of those dresses that holds you in, if you know what I mean. And if you don't, I mean that my insides feel a bit squished when I zip it up, when I eat, and when I sit down. Other than that though, it's the perfect dress. I was a little bit afraid to put it on this morning since I haven't worn it since last year. You see, I was really into being fit last year at this time, now I'm just really hoping things fit. Same thing right? And yes, the title is an acronym for Thank God This Dress Fits. It's not catchy, but it is relieving. 

Speaking of not exercising and enjoying too much drink, this Thursday at Bloom we are having our first in-store event! And if you knew me as a child and how much I would stress over planning sleep-overs, you will know this is big for me. So if you want to come shop and drink some booze, come on down from 5 to 8. Three solid hours where I will share my wine with others. (<-----we worded this a little bit nicer on our Facebook page.)

Sunny with a Chance of Jeans

posted on: 6/25/2012

6.25.12a 6.25.12b 6.25.12c 6.25.12d
{Jeans: Similar from Target | Wedges: Similar | Bag: c/o Brahmin}

I tend to ask myself "self, what do you want to wear today?" in the mornings and usually the answer is something with colored jeans. This is when I tell myself 'no, you need to look a bit more professional', so I choose something else a bit more constricting and not quite what I wanted to wear. But my heart -- my heart is sitting in my closet with my colored jeans on the shelf. So today I gave in and I'm wearing my sunny yellow jeans on a Monday. 

But for professional sake, I am calling them pants.

I wore this last Wednesday.

posted on: 5/31/2012

{Blouse: Similar | Similar Jeans: Target or J.Crew }

You know what's cruel? Posting old photos of a good hair day on a day that you aren't having a good hair day. It's a reminder of what could have been. Sigh.

This post was about to become an ode to mint jeans, but as I was looking at these photos I realized that these "ankle-cut jeans" don't actually hit my ankles. I'm eye-balling it but that's a good 3 inches up from my ankles, which makes them "cankle-cut jeans". I'm not sure I would have bought them had I noticed the word 'cankle' on the tag. But on the other hand, I have mint colored jeans so that trumps overly long ankles any day. 

Sail Away

posted on: 5/17/2012

5.17.12a 5.17.12b 5.17.12c 5.17.12d 5.17.12e
{Dress: Questhaven | Blazer: Similar | Bag: Brahmin (Elisa) | Necklace: Acanthus}

I'm going to be honest -- the closest I've been to a sail boat is when B and I took the ferry to see Alcatraz on our honeymoon. (That's right, what's up romance?) So my classy level stays at about a 2, but I do feel like I could kick it in Nantucket with this cute little dress. As long as I keep my mouth shut, that is. 

Can I just throw something out there? My hair does look good today. IN THESE PHOTOS. It does not look like this in real life. You hear me? Real life hair not dreamy; magic camera make hair dreamy. That's all. 

Case of the Vanishing Dress

posted on: 5/09/2012

5.09.12a 5.09.12c 5.09.12e 5.09.12b 5.09.12d
{Belt: Similar | Blazer: Similar | Flats: Similar}

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago and instagrammed it. (side note: I love how I can make any social medium a verb.) Unfortunately we didn't get photos that day because that's when I caught the flu. And as I've said before -- if it wasn't photographed, it didn't happen.

This is the dress that almost didn't happen. I saw it a few months ago at Gap and had my eye on it for a while. And then it was gone. Like not even on the sale rack gone. It had vanished. One day when I was at another Gap store (judge me, it's fine.), the dress was there -- only one in my size on sale. I snatched it up quickly and held it aside in the dressing room. When I got to my dressing room, a few things were missing. I kid you not, the dress was gone. The nice Gap lady told me that someone else took some things to try on. Um, what? Doesn't that girl know the sisterhood rules of shopping: you don't take things from other people's dressing rooms, especially dresses that they've dreamed about their whole lives. There are few things that I get confrontational about but clothing -- I will throw down

Luckily the dress didn't fit the mystery girl who I never got to front, so I am now the proud owner of a crazy print dress of my dreams. (Although dear mystery girl -- you have great taste, if I do say so myself.)

Something New

posted on: 4/23/2012

4.23.12.a 4.23.12.b 4.23.12.c 4.23.12.e 4.23.12.d
{Sweater: Similar | Jeans: c/o Goldsign (similar) | Heels: UO | Tote: Similar}

Today I learned something: Mint and tomato not good in a sandwich -- pretty good as an outfit. Did I really make a mint and tomato sandwich for breakfast? You will never know. 

Did you have a good weekend? Was it as good as my breakfast sandwich? I didn't think so. 

Dress Code

posted on: 4/19/2012

{Tee: Bloom | Skirt: J.Crew | Wedges: Gap | Watch: c/o Kenneth Cole}

With the exception of one job, I was called into HR about dress code for every position I held from the time I was 16 until now. As a cashier at a drug store in high school, the uniform was to tuck my polo into my khakis, but let's be honest -- that just wasn't ever going to happen. Minimum wage was not worth me looking like a dweeb. (I only lasted 2.5 months at that job. Go figure.) One time in college I actually got sent home from my job because I wore shorts and heels to work. (May I just say I was ahead of my time.) But I have to proudly say that since becoming my own boss, I've yet to be called into HR for violating the dress code. 

Luckily, cute t-shirts and bright pencil skirts are alright in my boss's book. She's pretty cool. She also talks about herself in third person on the internet, so there's that. 

Hello Spring

posted on: 4/17/2012

{Sweater: Bloom | Skirt: Fancy French Cologne | Shoes: Similar| Purse: Melie Bianco}

I'm back! I'm alive! In the contest of flu vs. Kendi, I won after a 5-day battle. I also developed a nice set of dreaded hair and some atrophy in my legs. Putting on heels for the first time after laying in bed for several days was equivalent to a baby giraffe walking for the first time. AKA very graceful.

A couple of weeks ago I was wearing a skirt and the first thing my mother said to me was "I've missed your legs." Thank you mother. I realize that you might not find my legs quite as special, but here they are again, not covered by colored jeans. A bit underwhelming, eh? Legs only a mother could love, I suppose.

Also, my skirt is wrinkled and I should probably have worn a slip. Eh, you can't win them all. 


posted on: 4/15/2012

{Top: c/o StyleMint | Jeggings: Gap | Heels: Urban Outfitters | Clutch: Gap (Similar)}

So it seems that I've caught the flu and I've been under the covers since last Thursday. I had high hopes for today, in fact I ate a whole meal, washed my hair, brushed my teeth. I was thiiisssss close to an outfit photo but it just did not happen. Luckily I remembered that I had photos from last week. It turned out to be a red letter day after all.

I wore this outfit when we went out for pizza the other night. You see, when B and I go out on dates (remember by 'dates' that just means we aren't cooking dinner), we usually head to a restaurant at 5:30, beat the crowd, maybe stop by Target if I can talk him into and we're home by 7. Therefore this is the outfit that happens on 'date' nights. Heels aren't really necessary for the pizza place, but has that ever stopped me? Never.

**also, if this post did not make any sense I blame medication and hours on end of reality television. 

Pants Formerly Known as Capri

posted on: 4/10/2012

{Blouse: c/o Questhaven | Pants/Jacket: last year | Purse: Melie Bianco}

Last year around this time, after I had purchased these capris from Gap, I read a quote from Tim Gunn. I can't exactly remember his wording but it was something to the tune of "Ladies -- just say no to capri pants." I went into my closet, took a good hard look at these pants and decided right then and there -- these are not capri pants; these are cropped pants. And since I have a .01% chance of ever meeting Mr. Gunn in person, I'm going to speak for him and say that he would definitely approve of this pair of cropped pants.

This is also his favorite style blog, too, if you were wondering. And he loves my cooking. 

Sunday Best

posted on: 4/09/2012

{Dress: Banana Republic | Bag: Melie Bianco

I feel like if you saw me in this dress you would think one of two things: that girl is really excited about Mad Men or she really likes Easter dresses. In my case, both are true. To top things off (pun intended, wait for it) I really wanted to go all the way and put a huge hat on, but sadly I do not own a huge hat that is appropriate for public viewing.  And by all the way, I mean I wanted to be Kate Middleton, again. Some obsessions will never die. 

Hope you had a happy holiday weekend.

(Also -- if you are having trouble pinning, I don't know what the deal is. But I'll try to figure it out soon!)