One of my missions in life is to create a working closet. And I guess now that I write a blog, my second mission in life is to help you create one as well. Why? Because misery loves company. Did I mention misery is also very well dressed?

When I say working closet, I mean a closet that works for you so that you don't stand in front of your closet and feel lost.  A working closet is one in which you can remix what you own into infinite cute outfits. A closet that doesn't scream "go shopping now!" at you every time you walk in. One that knows when a new piece is needed and when it's time to let an old one go. In my experience (I've been conscious of my closet and wearing clothes since I was 5, so I'd say I have a good 21 years of experience) I've found a few ways to go about creating such a thing as a working closet. I've created a series of posts to help you figure out your closet.