Opening Day

posted on: 10/20/2014

How was your weekend, friends? Mine was filled with you guessed it -- all things West & Lou. It has been so exciting this time around getting everything ready. We work morning to night but it's not exhausting, it's energizing somehow. In fact, I have to say the second time around might be more fun. I've got a post brewing in my head about doing things the second time around that hopefully will come out into a post this week. I say hopefully because words in my head can be stubborn sometimes. I make no promises about these thoughts in my head.

Speaking of the shop, after a lot of drama with permits and construction we now have an opening date! October 30th we will open our doors and we will launch online -- AKA next Thursday. Just three days after my 30th birthday. Don't worry, I've already got my birthday presents from the shop picked out and waiting for me. (I'm sure you were losing a lot of sleep over what I'd buy myself for my birthday.) And if you are a townie or live close by (*cough* Dallas) you are invited to a preview event the evening before, October 29th from 5:30 to 8:30! 

Okay now onto this dress. Like a moth to the flame, I was drawn to this shift dress when I saw it on the rack. Lord knows I love a dress with sleeves and this one was in my current color obsession of black and white. Or lack of color, I guess I should say. Also, it matches our windows at the shop. Done deal. 


Ivanka Trump Shoes / Similar Here
past Anthro sunglasses / Similar Here

Plum Pretty

posted on: 10/16/2014

I'm kind of loving this light pink color that is having a total moment this fall. I've seen coats, trenches, jackets -- I mean pale pink is everywhere, you guys. I've never been super girly in my preferences of wear but I do love all of the hues of pinks and purples this fall. Especially when they feel grown up like these two shades. Elementary colors: purple and pink ; grown up colors: plum and rose. See? Totally grown up and sophisticated hues.

I also love the juxtaposition of wearing almost spring like colors in the fall. It feels like I'm getting away with something; like I'm a true rebel but really I'm just a girl in a pink trench coat who always puts her cart back at Target. Not even a little rebellious at all. 


Sweater Weather

posted on: 10/15/2014

I feel like I should apologize for the casual posts lately. Life has just been casual since most of my days are spent building racks, hanging things or just general working on getting the new shop up and going. I figure that once I get the shop open the more dressy outfits will be coming out, but for now jeans and booties all day, everyday. Except for when I am in my yoga pants, not doing yoga.  In other news, it's cool enough to wear sweaters and jackets and scarves. This makes for one happy girl.  

I'm working on a post about the new shop for this week. You know me, I'm not an over sharer -- in fact I'd say I'm probably an under-sharer here on the internet but I'm trying to get over my too little information nature and put the process out there. I think I just get so focused on actually getting everything done and open that I forget to share the process. I am much more about the final product than the process. Which is why I'd make a terrible DIY blogger. I'd just be like ' oh yeah, I made this' and someone would ask how and I'd just be like "¯\_(ツ)_/¯". 

Best to just stick to style blogging and shop opening for now. 

Old Navy Sweater  ($15 right now!)