posted on: 7/28/2015

Right when I'm about ready to mentally move on to fall, summer starts really bringing the heat. I mean that literally. I don't even look at the weather any more because I know it's just a number that means 'it's hot, don't try'. However, I've got this --  I can dress for hot and dry as I've been doing this my whole life. Plus, it's the perfect weather for cut-offs and a light top. I've been wearing these cut-offs non stop this summer (as seen on Instagram) so it's about time they made their way on to the blog. These have sold out but I've linked some similar ones below and I also snagged this top on sale too. Luckily stores too are ready for fall so summer is on sale -- a nice perk when it's 99+ degrees out. (I stop paying attention once it hits triple digits. No need to a ruin a good day, you know?)

Speaking of sales, Nordstrom Anniversary sale is still going strong. It ends this Sunday, I believe, so if you haven't checked it out you can find my picks here and here. I'll post what I bought (and kept) from the sale later this week. I'm sad to see this sale go. Stay forever, sale. 

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posted on: 7/27/2015

I found this little dress on sale at Anthropologie a few weeks ago. I ended up going down the rabbit hole that is there sale. I walked away with this dress (obviously) and this skirt. The don't make many tulle rose skirts, so when you find a skirt like this on sale, you buy it. Those are the rules. And yes, if you are wondering, I follow all of the rules I make up to a t. Until I change them.

We are trying to get out a bit more into different neighborhoods lately and explore different areas of Dallas. We can be such homebodies sometimes that we've decided to see what we were missing out there in our big city. We wandered into a different part of Dallas and ended up finding this street with rows of beautiful houses, with some that are made into little shops. I had no idea this adorable street even existed. Doesn't it remind you of a neighborhood or street in New Orleans? And all we had to do was get out and wander for a bit. It's also a good reminder to get out and explore. My pizza and couch will always be there when we get back. 


Summer Staple

posted on: 7/24/2015

Yes, it's true. I've bought all the white dresses this year. All of them. I don't think there are any white dresses left. Except this one. This one is left...for now.

When Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere announced her clothing line this summer, I was so excited to see what the line would be. I've never been so excited for a stranger before. I've loved her since she began, reading her blog while dreaming about my own that didn't quite exist yet. So I had to of course go peruse her line in person. I picked up this dress at Nordstrom last week (while I was cheating on the Anniversary sale). I also tried this striped dress on and this floral top on, but as we all know my love for a white dress can't be broken. 

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old Catherine Page Bracelet / Similar Tory Burch option here