Always Late

posted on: 7/28/2014

Today was one of those days that nothing was going to be on time. I'm approximately 5 hours late on my post and behind on pretty much every thing else. It must have been one hell of a weekend right? (You would think. We went bowling and stopped by Trader Joe's. W.I.L.D.) 

Of course, I could look at me running late today one of two ways though: I'm running really behind for a Monday or I'm just really early for tomorrow. Let's go with the latter. It makes me feel much better. 


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Friday Night Likes / 13

posted on: 7/26/2014

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I'm a little late on my Friday night likes this week / month. I think it's because I'm on the summer time schedule and my brain shuts off at about 1 pm on Fridays -- who am I to argue with that? But in turn, I forget to post this post. Schedules and summer just do not mix. 

Just a few of my favorite things I've seen while shopping around this week. Black and gold seems to be on my radar lately. Kind of the perfect combo right? 

Blue Suede Shoes

posted on: 7/25/2014

You know when you buy a pair of shoes and you know they aren't the most practical pair in the world but you just can't walk away from them? See shoes above. I tend to window shop online before I go shopping and these were in my cart for weeks. I usually walk away from things that sit in my cart because if I haven't pulled the plug and bought them, then I probably don't need them. But not these. Perhaps not the most practical of shoes, but sometimes you just need a pair of blue suede shoes. In fact, I've been planning this outfit all week, just based around these shoes. Ah, the power of shoes....

I've also worn the hell out of this button down since buying it last week. When you can't wait to wear something again, that's when you know it's a good buy.