10 Spring Must-Haves

posted on: 1/28/2015

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This is about the time of year that I start thinking about spring and the pieces needed that are a great base for creating outfits. When I think about essentials, I think about pieces that have a lot of mileage in them and are versatile to weather and occasions. Most of these pieces can be worn with layers or without and can mix in nicely with everything that I have. (I actually have a lot of these items already, so I'm two steps ahead of myself.) 

What about you? What are your spring essentials that you are looking for this season? 

I've listed the shown pieces below along with other options for all budgets! 

New Blue

posted on: 1/27/2015

I love a good trouser and sweater combo. It just works and it especially works when two unexpected colors come together. I saw this hanging in my (unorganized mess of a) closet and realized the potential for a good outfit here. Berry and blues are meant to be together, you guys. It's a fact. A fact I I discovered by accident, but still a fact.

I know it's early of course, but I always like looking ahead to see what colors are happening for spring. From what I can forecast, pale pinks and all shades of pastel blues seem to be popping up everywhere. I'm always a fan of blush pink pretty much year round, but this blue feels new and exciting for spring. It's a different hue from the mint that seemed to take over spring the last few years and I'm it's number one fan. 

J.Crew Tilly Sweater (save 25% with FINDAFAVE)

Boho Dress

posted on: 1/26/2015

I feel like I should apologize for how warm and sunny it is here. Especially if you are in the northeast getting prepared to be snowed in for a good while it sounds. Don't worry, when you have sunshine we will get a random week of cold nasty weather and you can rub it in to me. Sound fair enough?

Another reason other than patios that I'm so happy for this weather and sunshine is because I found this Paper Crown dress and didn't think I'd be able to wear it for a while and voila! I'm wearing it today. To be fair I put it on with heels and realized it might be a bit too cool for that. But I'll take boots and bare legs in January any old day. (Again apologies for flaunting this weather. I swear it's a fluke.)