Pastel Protest

posted on: 3/02/2015

Alright. Let it be known -- I'm just not into winter. I think that I am every November and December but you know what? I'm calling it. I like spring clothes and colors and weather. It's just my favorite time of the year and it's hard to appreciate cold weather when you are counting down to spring. This of course is coming off an ice storm that shut us down for a few more days than I'd like and two cancelled flights for one of my best friends to come visit me over the weekend. When you keep me from my best friend, you're dead to me, Winter. 

So yes I'm in pastels again. It's my silent protest of winter and my plea for spring to show. I've got skirts to wear and patios to eat on. March, I'm counting on you. 

How was your weekend? We decided to open shop on Friday and Saturday despite the ice and snow. We were just glad to not be cooped up in the house -- I'd much rather be cooped up inside a pretty boutique than a slightly always messy house. We are shooting for online today up at the shop so I needed something easy to run around and be bossy in. Pink pants and power blazer it is then. (My form of bossy is actually pretty tame and usually precedes a 'please and thank you.')


Winter Blush

posted on: 2/26/2015

Well I've decided that if I have to embrace winter again I can at least do it with a spring palette. It's the only way to get through the last of winter. Of course I'm not mad at a pink coat. Who could be upset when they get to wear such a pretty hue? 

Oh look, it's my girlfriend jeans again. (Which I think we all decided on as a good name for them, yes?) They are so comfortable and like all good denim, the more I wear them the better they fit. I think I said this before but I'm new to this brand, Kut from the Kloth, and I am now a believer. I'm actually kind of eyeing this pair for spring. Not to get ahead of myself though, since I'm in a coat again. We all knew this Texas girl's luck with winter would wear off eventually. And by winter I still mean above freezing. 

But barely...okay? I am (admittedly) such a wimp. 

(pretty alternative blouse here or here!)

*This post is sponsored by Nordstrom. Thank you for supporting the brands who support this blog!

Snowy Day Ombre

posted on: 2/25/2015

We didn't think it would happen this year but we finally got our half inch of snow. You should see the mini snowmen I've built. I know you're impressed. It's just one of my many hidden talents of mine that you didn't know existed. 

Just when I think I'm done with coats, the winter weather checks me. That's alright because it just gives me a reason to show off this little ombre number here, which I can't believe I haven't blogged before. How have I been holding out on showing you this coat?? This winter is just doing us all some favors because I get to wear one of my favorite coats again and share it with you. 

I'm actually pretty thankful for this winter weather lately. It's kind of slowed everyone and everything down here which I needed to happen. (You've probably noticed I've been a bit behind on posts. Sorry! Sometimes life takes priority over outfits.) After going to market last week in Vegas for West & Lou, all of the work seemed to pile up in nicely, unorganized piles on my desk. So these past few days have been slow and steady catch up days. Feel free to keep snowing and icing our little world over, weather. I'm just almost caught up. (...and then after I get caught up on work I could really get caught up on my TV shows. So I say let it snow!)