Color Me Fall

posted on: 10/05/2015

 Were you guys getting worried about me in all of that black and white the last few weeks? Truth be told black and white is the easiest when your closet looks like a tornado rolled through and you can't find anything to wear. Black and white always matches and never fails. Fashion fact. But this week I had to have some color. I reached for this pretty navy /purple / red number because if we are going to do color, let's really go for it, right? I love bringing in color during fall, when I am drawn to more neutral colors. It breaks up what tends to be a more neutral season. 

It's starting to cool down here, the leaves are changing and it makes me so excited for October. First because it's my birthday month which I force everyone to celebrate all month long and second because October is the best month of the year mainly because this month is Boots month. Oh you've never heard of this national holiday the internet has yet to make up and hashtag? Well, it is in my house. Every October I know I can bust out my tall boots and no one can really judge me because it's late in the year, we all should be wearing boots. Why am I talking about tall boots when I'm wearing heels? Because it's October damn it -- I can do whatever I want. #nationalbootsmonth


Casual Friday

posted on: 10/02/2015

Whenever I think of layering pieces, I typically think of college when I was layer queen. If it was cold enough outside or if a shirt was thin enough, I would layer it to maximum potential. The more layers I put on, the cooler I felt. Put a t-shirt on, then a sweater on it, then a scarf, then a hat, then a jacket and before you knew it I had hit layer nirvana. I was ultimate cool, you guys. You'll have to take my word for it because all photos and said layers have been destroyed from this era. 

It's funny when you take something to such an extreme that later in life you can't go there again. I reached for this sweater today (because IT IS ACTUALLY CHILLY HERE AND I HAVE NO CHILL ABOUT IT!!!) and it's just a tad bit too cropped for me to wear alone. I pulled a longer tank to layer with and by the time I had finished getting dressed I thought to myself 'oh my god, this is college Kendi.' But it's not college Kendi because this was before 7 am. College Kendi would never. 

Collegiate-inspired or not, I still love a layered top look. And it is especially easy to do with cropped sweaters which are abound this year. A simple tank from summer can save a cropped sweater from looking too summery or off-season. ('And if it's thin enough you can put precisely 7 more layers on top'.-- Kendi, circa 2004. But maybe just stick with one.)

Oh and by the way, some of my favorite booties from last winter are back in a more colors for fall! I love these booties in the saddle suede shade. Perfect for fall. 

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On The Grid

posted on: 10/01/2015

There is just something about a full skirt that gets me. It's exactly what I want my style to be. I feel feminine and chic, like I could be on the streets of Paris. (Which of course that's where I am. Didn't you know? That's where the new chateau is located.) I love when you find a piece that defines your style just a little bit more. It's an ah-ha moment for me; like this is what I wanted to be wearing all along. And on the streets of Paris / McKinney, no less. Also what is it about a midi skirt that makes me feel fancy? Instant fance.

So I'm 98% sure that this mock turtleneck trend is a-go for fall and winter. (In fact, go full on turtleneck if you want, you wild animal of style, you.) I love this trend because it instantly updates a look into a new classic. Even with jeans and flats this top looks chic and classic. Any top that can go from fancy skirt to jeans is an instant winner. 

(PS: For those asking about sizing with ChicWish, I find it more like boutique sizing instead of box store sizing, so things tend to run a bit small. Typically I'm a medium in ChicWish unless it's a short dress and I'll size up for length because no one needs to see that. This skirt shown is a medium. I hope this helps!) 

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