My Favorite Skirt

posted on: 10/29/2014

You guys, tonight is the night that we open West & Lou for a preview party and tomorrow is when we open for forever! Am I ready? No! Is it going to happen anyways? Yes! This is the question and answer session I have with myself every day lately.  The best thing I've learned is that I'm probably never going to be 100% ready, but what needs to happen always will and it's (usually) just fine. I mean not everything has to be perfect today. I've got many years of perfecting the store ahead of me. That's one thing I learned for sure the last time we opened the shop. I'll be posting a little bit more about re-opening the shop again and doing things for the second time around tomorrow (if I can get my life together between now and then. If it doesn't happen tomorrow, you will know I drank too much at the party tonight.) 

Since it's almost opening day, I decided to wear my lucky skirt today. True, I've never won a game or held a winning lottery ticket in this skirt, but it's my favorite so I feel that it gives off good vibes. Everyone needs a lucky piece in their closet and this is mine. Of course when you are 80-85% ready, you don't need luck right? That's what I keep telling myself. 


One Year Older

posted on: 10/27/2014

Well friends, today I turned 30. It's a little bizarre reading that number because I think somedays I still feel 16 years old. But if this is what 30 feels like, I'll take it. In fact, for my birthday I got to come see my best friends who moved to Chicago a few months ago and we've had the prettiest fall weather over the last few days here. I mean look at those leaves behind me! At one point they were blowing from the trees and falling on me as if we planned it and there was a guy above me with a wind machine and a bag of leaves. Turns out, this is actually just what autumn should feel like in most places and that is actually just a natural progression of trees. You can take a girl out of Texas, but you can't convince her there are actually places that have real seasons. 

Back to turning 30. Yes, that number is weird to type out because it all seemed to happen very fast. But as far as being afraid of getting old or aging and all that noise, I'm just grateful for the last 30 years. I mean three decades -- that's a lot of life in the books. How many days is that even? Nevermind, let's not count the days. Let's just leave it at 30 years old. I'm good with that number. 

I'm going to be real about this sweater: it's pretty much perfect. I bought it from Piperlime one day when we had a random cold front and I got excited, but then it just disappeared from their site. No worries though, this little detective found it at Nordstrom. So it can be all of our birthdays today. :)

J.Crew Silk Blouse (25% off with 'STYLETREAT')

Leopard Print Dress

posted on: 10/23/2014

You know those weeks that you just can't sleep? That's this week for some reason. (Cue the sunglasses and heavy concealer.) Call it hormones, luck or excitement for next week but after the 4th night of restlessness I'm ready to go to sleep now please, Body. Isn't that the best though? Getting sleepy and heading to bed and then your brain just clicks ON? All of a sudden I've got a full fireworks show of thoughts going on in my brain and I'm like 'where were you this afternoon at 3 pm when I needed another cup of coffee to think?!?!' 

I see your point of a cup of coffee at 3 pm could definitely keep a person up at night. I'm contemplating all my life choices right now as we speak. 

Also, this dress is 50% off right now and it feels like a leopard print blanket. Annnnndddd it's 50% off right now. I think the decision here is clear. 

LOFT Leopard Print Dress (50% off! use code 'ALL MINE')
(Here is the same style moto jacket but in leather)