Weekend Ready

posted on: 11/21/2014

I've never been so excited for a rainy weekend. I'm picking up my favorite gal from the airport this morning and she is staying all weekend long. And do you know what's better than kid slumber parties? Adult slumber parties. As a kid you couldn't have convinced me of this but I know the truth now: wine and not sleeping on the floor is much, much better. She used to be the store manager at old Bloom, which is how we met and became friends. She has since moved to Chicago (which broke my heart) but we decided that it's for the best. It's hard to work with your best friends. No, not because we fight but because we show each other youtube videos and other random shit on the internet all day long and it's hard to get work done in between those tasks. But since she is here this weekend, she will be helping out in the store. Which basically means no work will be done this weekend. See why I'm excited about a rainy weekend? Good friends can change even the worst of conditions. 

I feel like that should be on an inspirational poster with a kitty cat under an umbrella in the rain. I'll get to work on that. 

In other shop news, next Saturday is Small Business Saturday. It also coincides with downtown McKinney's Home for the Holidays -- which is a Christmas festival that is basically every one of your small town dreams come true. So if you're in the area, you should really come down to the festival and of course come see us on Friday or Saturday. But of course if you aren't in north Dallas and you for some reason don't want to fly down just for one day, then I encourage you to support the local shops, stores and artisans in your area. Small businesses really are the heartbeat of every town, so share your support wherever you are. But that's next Saturday. Not this Saturday. This Saturday is hug your best friend day*. 

*not a real holiday, I just made that up now. 


Having a Moment: Capes

posted on: 11/20/2014

Capes have been quietly creeping up over the past few seasons. It's caped crusader of outerwear. (I won't apologize for that word play. I mean how could I not? But yeah, it's probably not the Bathman of coats.) I have this one from last year and couldn't wait to pull it out again when the temperature dropped. Why? Because I instantly feel classic. I feel like I'm going somewhere important even though I'm going to the grocery store, looking fabulous no doubt. My only caveat for a cape is that you probably want to wear it on a more mild winter day. 6 feet of snow may not approve of your bare arms. 

My case for capes below:

Ah, the classic cape. I love the structure of the cape, in general but there is just something about neutral colors that make it so wearable but at the same time not. It's one of those pieces that you feel like you need to be that kind of girl to wear -- but trust me you don't. It's an easy piece to add to your outfit to polish it off. (Remember, for instant class just add a cape.)

// A Few Classic Capes // 

Blanket capes or scarves as capes or whatever you prefer to call it has been all over this fall. Personally, I like it. Essentially it's a blanket that is not only socially acceptable to wear but stylish, too. I like the look of an oversized scarf anyways so this option gives you two ways to wear it -- as a cape over the shoulders or as a huge scarf that doubles as a blanket when you're cold at your desk. That's a win-win situation here. 

// Shop Blanket Capes // 

And of course with every great style or trend there are the over-achievers. You think wearing a cape is taking it to the next level sure, but what about a plaid or leopard print cape? Bonus points for life. (I personally love the one on Brooklyn Blonde -- it's like a cape vest combo and it's perfect.) 

// Shop Eclectic Capes // 

Your thoughts on this outerwear trend? Is this something you'd wear or try out? I'm kind of hoping that it stays for a while, it's classic and quirky and while not completely practical, let's be real: neither are heels. So capes -- yay or nay for you? 

The Perfect Sweater

posted on: 11/18/2014

I love pencil skirts. You know who else loves pencil skirts? My mother. She works at the shop and 3 out of 5 days you can bet that lady is wearing a pencil skirt. I don't know if love for certain styles is hereditary but I definitely believe that I come from a long line of over-dressers and pencil skirt lovers. Which is why I wasted no time scooping up this DVF skirt on major sale. I'm such a sucker for lace, navy and sales. This skirt is basically my kryptonite.

This is going to sound inane or at the least, obvious, but this winter I've been on the look out for sweaters. Check that -- warm sweaters. In the past I would buy sweaters for how cute they looked only, never minding the fact that they weren't warm at all. Deep regret would set in by mid December. And while cute is still high on the requirements, warmth and quality is up there too. While looking for sweaters, I found this Eileen Fisher one at Nordstrom on a whim and tried it on not thinking that it wouldn't do anything for me. But it did. It's so drapey(my fave) and so warm but not bulky -- how is that even possible? And since I'm trying to make lasting purchases here for winters to come I went with a shade of sweater I've never tried before. If I'm going to be cold this winter, might as well make it colorful right?

And I know I've got it tucked into a skirt here, but the drape is so pretty with jeans. That's for next time though. No wait-- that's for Thanksgiving. A drapey, soft sweater is meant for (overeating / napping / overeating again) the holidays.