What's Your Sign?

posted on: 8/31/2015

As long as I can remember I've always been interested in zodiac signs and horoscopes. I'm an end of October birthday, so naturally I'm a Scorpio. And I don't mean that lightly. Anything I've ever read about Scorpio's personality rings 100% true. I am a Scorpio poster child. I'll give you the highlights: determined, passionate, intense. The femme fatale of zodiac signs. The bad? Let's just leave it at a jealous ex-girlfriend type. 

Since I love all things scorpio, I was so excited to learn that Loft has teamed up with the Saturn Sisters to create these adorable totes as well as your daily and monthly horoscope online. You can sign up to learn when these totes in your sign become available  (get LOFT insider discounts and your horoscope too.) It's a win-win situation here. You can also see your horoscope online here!  As I said, I love anything Scorpio-related and so I was excited to have a farmer's market / flower run tote bag. You can never have too many totes. (My horoscope said that I'm pretty sure.) 

The only sad thing about this post is that this precious top is not yet online but you better believe I'll let you know when it is! I picked it up in store but I think I may have been shopping off the 'not quite out ready' rack. I'm that customer. In the mean time I've linked a few other blouse options that I love below. (Like this one I picked up, too!) Also these jeans. They call them leggings, I call them perfection. I've literally worn them 5x this past week. I can't and I won't take them off. Friends tell friends about really good jeans

LOFT Printed Top (not yet online!)* 
(^sign up to know when they are available!)

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Boho Fall

posted on: 8/30/2015

I've been loving off the shoulder anything this season. It always surprises me what trends I end up loving, especially when at first they get the side eye. Not that I really gave this trend a side-eye, I just wasn't sure if I could pull it off. Turns out, it's actually the one of the easiest looks to wear, especially in dresses.

Do you find yourself having different inspirations for different seasons? In the spring I want to feel more girly and feminine. For fall I tend to reach for more boho pieces, especially when transitioning into fall. (Here in Texas we transition for a long time. Basically from now to November. Fall is just a four letter word here.) I love a boho feel when going into fall and you can't get much more boho than an embroidered, bell sleeves and off the shoulder dress. I almost broke out my booties to wear with this but it's just a bit too soon. But with September right around the corner, it's about to be boots and booties season. Hallelujah amen forever and ever! 

(I'm only just a tiny bit excited about fall, if you can't tell.)

Speaking of fall, I've picked out a few of my fall favorites from ChicWish. Just so you can be ahead of the game:

Shop the Look:

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Suede Season

posted on: 8/27/2015

I've noticed that suede is going to be huge for fall this year and surprisingly next spring, which I love.  When we were at market last week buying for next spring for the shop, it's always so fun to see what will be coming in the next few months. I just love when all the seasons kind of take from others and reimagine hues and fabrics for all year long. I saw blush for fall and olive for spring. Such a switch up -- I like it! Like I said, I saw lots of suede for next spring as well. Which is why I'm very glad I snatched this suede skirt up in the Nordstrom sale last month. I am just envisioning tall black boots with this later on with a big chunky sweater. But that's later, for now I'm perfectly happy with a lightweight knit top and flats. It's the perfect transitional pieces for fall. And then spring. And then back to fall. Suede -- who knew you were so versatile? 

Speaking of versatile, I've been on the hunt for a few good black accessories for fall. This crossbody has been a lifesaver when I just need something small but classic to toss on. I'm also very happy with these flats. It's hard to go wrong with classic black anything. Now onto a perfect black heel -- that's my next mission. I've set the bar high since 'perfect' is kind of hard to find. I should have just said 'plain ol' black heels. That would have been much easier. I'll let you know what I find. ;)