C. Wonder Denim

posted on: 9/23/2014

I've kind of been in a denim funk lately. When I wear out my favorite pair of skinny jeans (you know the ones, the ones that get worn 5x a week? yes those...) and they no longer keep their shape, that's when the hunt begins. I've found boyfriend and distressed but I've been on the look for that staple, dark denim skinny jean. C.Wonder approached me about their new denim line they launched (like yesterday) and asked if I'd like to try them out. You bet your denim covered bottom I would. I picked the high waist dark skinny curvy skinny jeans, which sounds confusing but it actually works for me. They fit perfectly, are more structured / stiff than most of my other jeans but still have stretch. I wore them for two days straight and they fit the exact same on the third day. (They also fit true to size for me. I don't typically size down in designer denim, so if you do you might want to with these but if not, stick with your size.) 

This is random but I'm into the tunic / blouse out look lately. Not that I'm abandoning the beloved front-tuck, but I'm stepping out of the box with not tucking my top in. Granted a very small, boring box, but still. Baby steps right? 



*Special thanks to C.Wonder for sponsoring this post. Visit C.Wonder online to shop their new denim line, C.Denim.

Pretty Pumps

posted on: 9/19/2014

The other day I got inspired to clean my closet up and pull my fall pieces to the front. As I was going through my autumn pieces, I was simultanously thanking my past self for the cute purchases and making a list of things I need for this fall. The biggest thing on my list? Shoes. It's always shoes. The irony of this is that they are usually last on my shopping list but the first thing I need when completing a look. I mean, shoes can make or break an outfit people. This is serious business. 

Besides the must-have black bootie for fall, I'm really in the want for pumps. (I feel like a working woman from the 80s when using the word pumps for some reason. BRB, gonna go tease my bangs now. *shifts shoulder pads*) I have black pumps covered but I'm on the hunt for navy and this mysterious purple color I've created in my head. Luckily I found them with a quick color search on Nordstrom's site. There they were in my size, in my price range and in the color I'd imagined. (That's pretty much where I shop for all of my shoes nowadays. I just drill down on the search options until I find exactly what I like. MAGIC.) You would not believe my closet's reaction when I showed them these shoes. Actually there was no reaction since it's a closet, but I can imagine it smiled and clapped. 



// Shop Fall Pumps // 

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Easy Does It

posted on: 9/18/2014

So we are getting close to a store announcement / website launch and in between watching the building construction progress like a stalker (we are talking 2-3 times a day), making sure we will be open the second the building is ready and getting all of the orders in, I'll be honest that I’m a bit overwhelmed. However, Shopgirl 2.0 vows to not be a stressed out mess this time. Life is too short to be stressed out. So I’ve been trying to take breaks and realizing that if something isn’t perfect or on time, it’s not the end of the world. In fact, it's usually far, far from the end of anything. One thing that I can check off my list is getting dressed in the morning. That should not be stressful. So this outfit for example is an easy go-to for me: striped tee, cute blazer, boyfriend jeans. I mean really at the end of the day (more like mid day actually) I can strip off the jacket and the heels and work from home, but if I need to run out I can put those elements right back on and look put together. Stress-less dressing at it’s best, my friends. When in doubt, put a blazer on it. 


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