Neon Berry

posted on: 9/02/2014

You might notice in some of these photos that my pocket is in the front. Halfway through shooting B said "is that your pocket? there in the front?... that's not right." I looked down and realized I'd put the skirt on crooked this morning. It's technically Monday for my brain, ok? But this is actually good because when I put the skirt on this morning, I started searching for the pockets and couldn't find them. I was certain that the last time I wore this skirt it had pockets and I was thinking that my memory was slipping. Seems a little early for that. Apparently it was also too early this morning to put clothing on correctly. So yes I am happy to see you and yes that is a pocket at the front of my crooked skirt. 

I was going to write about how to wear neon in the fall, but the front pocket mishap really won this post over. A useful and informative post will have to wait until I learn how to put clothes on correctly. 

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Saturday Steals | 02

posted on: 8/29/2014

I know it's not technically Saturday, but it's Friday afternoon of a three-day weekend so don't tell me that you aren't on full weekend mode already like I am. It's fine because when my brain hears three-day weekend it shuts down on Tuesday. And since this weekend is notorious for sales I thought I'd go ahead and post a few of the ones that caught my eye. There are SO many out there this weekend that I just picked my favorite retailers. Most of theses sales end Monday, so if you like something put a ring on it. 

                J. C R E W   F A C T O R Y               

J.Crew Factory, one of my favorites, is having a huge sale this weekend. Most everything is 40-60% off (I say most because a few things aren't marked down drastically or at all, like coats and the famous puffer vest.) If you like their denim (fits straight like J.Crew's) there are a many styles on sale for $30. A few of my on-sale favorites below! (PS: discounted prices are as marked on their site, no code needed.)

                               L O F T                               

Over at LOFT, all of their new fall arrivals are 50% off, no questions asked. (Or codes needed, so that's nice. Discount taken in cart.) I went through and pulled a few other items that were on sale as well that will work nicely into fall. My sale picks below:

                      N O R D S T R O M                    

No list would be complete without a Nordstrom's sale. This sale actually goes on one week more than most Labor Day sales, this one ends Sept. 7th. With all seasonal transition sales (like this 'end of summer' sale) I try to look for styles that will translate best into the next season. Or again looking for items like denim or accessories that work for all times of the year. A few of my favorite items that I wear a lot here on KE are on sale as well, linked in widget below!

                          O L D  N A V Y                        

Old Navy is having a crazy good sale right now with a ton of styles up to 50% off. (Seems to be a theme with sales this weekend.) I pulled a lot of basic pieces that would mix in well with upcoming fall styles; I mean we are talking $12 for a top here. Amazing. A few of my on-sale favorites:

(And if you are looking for more / different sales, Kimberly of Penny Pincher Fashion always keeps an updated list here! Hope you have a happy and relaxing three day weekend, friends!)

Thursday Addams

posted on: 8/28/2014

When I bought this Alice + Olivia top, my first thought was I love it. The second was 'is it too Wednesday Addams?' But that's technically not a bad thing. I mean sure Wednesday is a little bit down at times and hates everything, but she kind of knocked it out of the park with looking chic for being a kid. I decided I'm fine with looking a bit like Wednesday. Of course, today is Thursday so I had to name the post aptly. I feel like Wednesday would appreciate that. 



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