Baby Blues

posted on: 3/25/2015

As much as I love pink, especially in spring, I've grown quite fond of this pale sky blue. It goes with EVERYTHING. I've yet to find something that it doesn't pair well with this spring. It even plays nice with my beloved pale pink. Totally a keeper.

I'm also very, very fond of this trench. It's drapey, it's soft, it's what jacket dreams are made of. When I found it at market for West & Lou this spring, it was one of those pieces I knew immediately would be a classic piece in someone's closet. Okay, okay and maybe also my closet, too.  A girl can never have too many classics. 



Hello Spring

One of my favorite things about spring is a pretty dress. Sure it's beautiful outside and everyone is generally happy to have survived that winter, but all the sunshine and lovely weather is just a gateway for my need to wear pretty, colorful, girly dresses. Should I probably just pick up and move to California where the dress code year round is basically pretty dresses? Yes. Will I stay here in Texas and just whine about it for the 4 months out of the year that I can't get away with dresses? Yes. Besides what else would we talk about during the winter? 

Since last Friday was officially the first day of spring and I can literally hear birds singing outside of my window right now, I feel like this post is here to celebrate all things spring. Or in other words to celebrate all the pretty and colorful spring styles I've found at Nordstrom lately. Obviously the top of my list is this 1.state dress and it's new best friend, the boyfriend blazer.  If this outfit doesn't politely scream 'spring' at you and then apologizes for raising her voice, I just don't know what will. 

A few of my favorite spring finds right now at Nordstrom, all under $150. 

(I love the fit of this dress. You may need to size down if petite or smaller on top.) 

M-W-F: The Floral Skirt

posted on: 3/24/2015

I think it's safe to say that we can now start transitioning into spring clothes, though I say this with caution as we all know that winter never knows when to leave the party. But as my closet changes with the seasons, it's so nice to have pieces that can become many looks when you never quite know what the weather will turn out to be in spring. It could be warm and sunny or a little bit cool, but having the right pieces on hand make the transition easier. So I thought why not feature a piece a few ways to show how you can make it work, rain or shine. (But hopefully shine. Sunshine for everyone!)

Introducing M-W-F: one pieces, three ways for any day of the week.  Since we are moving quite quickly through March I thought why not start with a floral skirt? (Florals are made for spring, you know.) I picked up this flirty little skirt since it's an easy piece that is a) perfect for spring weather and b) easily mixes into what you already have. Plus this might be the most comfortable skirt I own. Versatile AND comfortable -- need I say more?

I didn't think so.

Monday is always a busy day for me rather I want it to be or not. I'm assuming the same for you, unless you are a super human who is immune to Monday's rash. But I've learned that if I actually get dressed for Monday's instead of slumming around in my yoga pants, I will get more accomplished. It's amazing what heels can do for a girl. It's also amazing what spring can do for a closet. Floral skirt, welcome to my 'put together, let's take on the world one Monday at a time' look. Not a bad look for getting things done.

By mid-week I'm usually hankering for some kind of social interaction, may it be girlfriends, date night with my husband or talking a little bit to long at the checkout line to an unassuming stranger come new friend. But if I'm lucky, happy hour with friends coincides with my Wednesdays and I get to dress up for something other than work. Easily paired with a pop of coral and a same shade jacket, grab a clutch and I'm out the door for girl's night. Floral skirt, meet my friends and a good time. 

Oh, Friday. The perfect ending to a week and beginning of a weekend. By Friday I'm casual at best and slowly trying to morph back into yoga pants. But if I can bargain an outfit with sneaks, then I'm doing alright. I call this my prelude to the weekend look because that's all Friday is anyways. Nothing a denim jacket and striped tee can fix right up. 

So there you have it. Three out of possibly infinite ways to wear a floral skirt. What are your ideas to style this happy little skirt? Share your style below! 

Look #1: 

Look #2: 

Look #3: 


This post is sponsored by Old Navy and their pretty floral collection this spring. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!