The $21 Hoodie I’ve Been Living In

I’ve been on the hunt for a women’s grey hoodie that isn’t fitted, cropped, extremely oversized and/ or a weird texture or fabric. And let me tell you — it’s slightly impossible. There are a LOT of hoodies out there but it seems like for women they really go the extra mile with the design choices. I just wanted a hoodie that was simple — a clean, plain hoodie that was slightly oversized but not dramatic. Was this too much to ask for?! According to all of my exhausted search histories, yes it was. So I was mentioning this to Bryan one day and he said ‘why don’t you just buy a men’s hoodie?’

And there it was: the most simple answer sitting right in front of me. Mainly because Bryan was wearing a men’s grey hoodie at the time as he said this to me. So I popped onto Amazon and searched for a few and FOUND ONE. IN STOCK. Like a needle in a haystack, my friends and you know I’m going to share it with you!

Shop the Russell Athletic Hoodie on Amazon

So this is the Russell Athletic Hoodie — find it here. I am in the men’s small and it fits EXACTLY how I wanted it to. It fits like a women’s relaxed fit medium. I would say go down exactly one size of what you typically wear because you’ll want extra room in here. It’s warm, the fabric is structured and I love the heather grey. It’s precisely what I was looking for and it’s under $25. Find it here!

However, since this time that I found a few other options ranging from this new one I found today at Nordstrom that’s made for women and a few other unisex ones! See them below.

What about you — do you ever reach for things from the men’s section every once in a while? I find when I need something really oversized or relaxed the other side of the store works really well. Let me know what finds you’ve found!

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Editor's Notes:

I wear the Men’s small in the hoodie. I am in the size 29 of the jeans — TTS. I am in the medium of the ZARA coat, but size up if in between sizes. A large would fit me better. The Veja’s fit TTS.

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  1. margaret says:

    link does not work

    01.25.21 · Reply
  2. Hannah Stark says:

    I was looking for some plain long sleeve tees to wear around the house and hit the jackpot with some men’s tees from Old Navy! Soft-Washed Crew-Neck Long-Sleeve Tee for Men is the style, they’re super soft and were on super sale when I got mine 🙂

    01.25.21 · Reply
  3. Miki says:

    I adore hooded sweaters, they are so comfy!!
    Miki x

    01.26.21 · Reply
  4. BabaTuri says:

    I will be honest this is the most useful tips I have read till date. Thanks for putting all this together.
    I think all the points are very good and giving full information. Thanks for sharing

    01.26.21 · Reply
  5. Jessica Camerata says:

    This outfit has my name written all over it! Love a classic grey hoodie, it’s just a good staple! And it might be time for me to get some colorful Vejas, I have all white and a solid olive green pair. But loving the white with a colored V, so cute!

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

    01.27.21 · Reply
  6. Rachel says:

    You read my mind! I’ve been searching for a similar hoodie for forever. I instantly ordered this and just put it on. It’s perfect. I’m going to need more colors! Thank you!

    01.28.21 · Reply
  7. Caitlin says:

    Love a men’s long sleeve shirt! I feel like if a long sleeve t-shirt is too fitted it begins to look a little like thermal underwear, haha.

    02.14.21 · Reply