Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Try On

Well, here you go! The very requested try on for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

This is a huge post, so buckle up my friends. I didn’t want to do the try on in Nordstrom, so I brought the things I liked home to do the try on here. I tried to pick things that I wanted to wear right now, so there’s not a ton of flashy or crazy things, but lots of great basic pieces and a lot of really high quality pieces. Oh and a LOT of workout stuff, but I prepped you for that yesterday. 😉

For reference, I am 5’9″ and as always, I’m a size 8 or 29 in pants, a medium in most tops and I wear a size 36D bra. I don’t know my exact measurements but I’m about as prototypically a medium as they come.

If you’d like a more, let’s say ‘colorful’ version of this try on, then hit up my stories on IG!

Free People Leo Henley / Rag & Bone Cate Skinny Jeans / Vince Camuto Gradina Bootie

I am in the medium of the top. It’s hard to say that Free People is ‘true to size’ because they use a standard-less sliding scale that no one has access to. So I would say it fits like a Free People medium or a top you sized up twice in. It’s very relaxed, you have to throw it kind of back over your shoulders a bit, but that’s not in a negative way. It’s just really loose and slouchy and honestly that’s what I want to wear these days. I would say get your normal Free People size or size down one if you want it to fit a bit closer to your normal size.

I am in the 29 of the denim. These are mid-rise and they fit true to size. I have to get used to mid-rise again after exclusively wearing high rise only these past few years. It’s hard to see here but one leg is cut open and there is a raw hem at the ankle.

The bootie fits narrow and I would suggest going up a half size if you are in between sizes. I am in the 10 but I probably can’t get away with thick socks in this size, just those weird thin ones that slip off your feet and make you feel really uncomfortable for the rest of the day. You know the type.


All In Favor V-Neck Tee / Rag & Bone Cate Skinny Jeans / Vince Camuto Gradina Bootie

I am in the large of the tee. I sized up for more slouch and for more room in the shoulders / arms. I hate when tees are tight on my arms, it’s a top 5 pet peeve of me. I would say it fits pretty true to size unless you too hate tighter arms, then size up one. It’s a super soft tee, some of that good rayon blend that just bounces. It’s not sheer either, so bonus points for that. Great budget buy if you are looking for an easy top.


Rails Military Jacket / All In Favor V-Neck Tee / Rag & Bone Cate Skinny Jeans / Vince Camuto Gradina Bootie

Not sure if I need a jacket right now, but autumn Kendi says I will eventually. In summer it’s ways hard to remember cold weather, I’m always like what? I don’t remember anything below 85. All that to say, CUTE jacket — like damn. You know when you put something on and you really want to hate it so you don’t have to buy it? That’s this jacket. It’s the perfect amount of crop, the fabric is lovely and soft but it still keeps it’s shape. If you are looking for a long time commitment from a classic anorak jacket, this one is a great option. Fit is true to size, I’m in the medium.

Vince Rib Trim V-Neck / Good American High Waist Crop Skinny Jeans / Sam Edelman Chain Loafers / The Marc Jacobs Crossbody

This top is just a lovely basic if you are looking for something for the office / zoom meetings, etc. I don’t know what the ‘etc’ would be but I also don’t presume to know everything in the world, so etc it is. This top is Vince brand, so it’s high quality and it feels it. I am in the medium, it fits true to size if not perhaps a little bit snug at the shoulders, but that’s pretty typical for my body type. This is a great essential piece to keep in your closet for years.

These jeans are wonderful but pretty standard for Good American denim. If you are looking for a great pair of black denim, this is a good pair. Good American denim is very spandex forward so it holds everything in really well (I really liked this brand post part, especially) and they are super flattering. These here are maybe a touch too short for me (they are a crop, so it’s meant to be) but otherwise they fit true to size and fit really well.

Nordstrom Signature Cascade Collar Coat / Vince Rib Trim V-Neck /Good American High Waist Crop Skinny Jeans / Sam Edelman Chain Loafers

Oh man, I did not want to love this coat but I do. It’s so beautiful, the weight of it makes the collar fall just perfectly and it’s just a show of a coat. It does not have any type of closure or tie, so it’s an open coat. That might be advantageous for some of you guys in Northern cities this winter. I say this as someone who does not know what a true winter is, so this coat is good enough for me down here in the south. It is very warm, however, it just doesn’t button or tie up.

The fit is generous, I am in the medium and it’s plenty big and loose for sweaters underneath. I would say if you are in between sizes, size down one. For an 8-10, this medium is a great fit.


Free People Only My Sunshine Sweater / Mother Fray Ankle Skinny Jeans / Sam Edelman Chain Loafers

I had my eye on this gal from the preview and I was so happy to snatch it up! This is the Free People sweater and I am in the large. I probably would have gone for the medium but it wasn’t in store and I didn’t think to ask, lol. I’m a little out of practice with shopping in store it seems. I actually really like this fit, so it works for me. I would say it DOES fit true to size but if you want it to be a bit longer / slouchier then size up. It’s a pretty ‘free’ fit either way.

The jeans fit true to size! These are Mother denim — I’ve never seen Mother at Anniversary Sale so I was thrilled to see them this year! I am in the 29. They are snug at first but they stretch with wear and the fit perfectly. This is my favorite pair from the sale I think.

The flats are absolutely lovely. I am in the size 10 and the fit is like a glove, or well like a shoe. I tried these and this Steve Madden flat on and this one to me was by far superior. This one feels like the price tag, does that make sense? And I love the little gold detail as well. If you are looking for a flat, I would go with this style over the Steve Madden one in my opinion. Those felt like a cheaper shoe, not worth the sale price.


Madewell Waffle Stitch Sweater / Mother Fray Ankle Skinny Jeans / Vince Camuto Gradina Bootie

I am in the medium of this sweater. It fits generously, like I had to check the tag because I thought it was the size large. Definitely a ‘boyfriend’ style of fit. It’s a nice, lightweight sweater for fall / winter. The shoulders are raglan and the colors are nice and easy to pair with neutrals this fall. I would say size down one if in between sizes or petite.

I didn’t notice it to be itchy, but it is pretty warm. I mean it’s August and like 95 degrees out so yeah. LOL. My body was like ‘girl what are you doing with a sweater?!’


Vince Funnel Neck Sweater / Good American High Waist Crop Skinny Jeans / Vince Weatherproof Chelsea Boots

I love this sweater way too much. I saw it on the rack and I had no plans actually of picking up many sweaters this time. But this one is classic and the quality is incredible. If you are a fan of the Vince brand, then you know. It’s great quality that will last and last for years. This is the medium and it fits true to size. It’s a pretty generous fit, so that’s nice. I didn’t find it to be itchy, but my body doesn’t seem to respond to wool until like 2 hours later when I can’t do anything about it. I usually wear a tank underneath my sweaters anyways in the winter so that might help, but so far this one does not itch. That’s a good sign. TTS.

These booties are perfect. I try not to use too many superlatives but these really are what I was looking for in a winter boot. They have the lug soul which is huge for fall / winter. That 90s throwback is so in vogue right now. This bootie is a suede black with a rounded square toe, so it’s incredibly comfortable and flattering. True to size, I’m in my typical size 10.


BDG Shaker Stitch Cardigan / Mother Fray Ankle Skinny Jeans / Vince Camuto Gradina Bootie

This cardigan fits true to size, but a bit oversized in a good way. In a cozy way. I am in the medium. It’s a great find!

BDG Shaker Stitch Cardigan / All In Favor V-Neck Tee / Halogen Ponte Leggings / Nike Blazer Low Se Sneakers

Here is the cardigan worn as well a cardigan 😉 It’s a nice basic to have around! I am in the medium of the Ponte leggings — they are really thick and hold their shape super well. This is a pretty perfect pair of leggings! True to size but tight around the waist / hips. Size up if you need more room around the waist.

The sneakers fit true to size and are so comfortable right out of the box! I am in my true size 10.


The North Face Fleece Jacket / Halogen Ponte Leggings / Nike Blazer Low Se Sneakers

This was another item that was on the top of my list this year! I always miss out on the North Face / Patagonia pieces because I’m too slow in realizing that I need them for winter, lol. I loved this cream color and was so excited to find it in store! I am in the medium, true to size!

Chelsea28 Midi Sweater Dress / Vince Weatherproof Chelsea Boots

Not sure how we are feeling about dresses right now…BUT I just went ahead and found some, just in case they were okay again. I am in the medium here. Let’s be honest…it’s tight. I mean it’s supposed to be, so I can’t be mad at it. I love how it fits but I won’t lie — it’s tight around my mum tum. With the right amount of Spanx, this dress would be seamless but I do think you would need smoothing shorts. It is true to size, I’m in the medium here.

Julia Jordan Puff Sleeve Midi Dress / Vince Weatherproof Chelsea Boots

I have nowhere to wear this dress to and I don’t even know why I picked it up but I do love it. It’s wild and bold and it feels like a 90s throwback that Carrie Bradshaw would be proud to wear. I am in the 8 and the fit is spot on. There is plenty of room in the chest, so it may run a bit large for someone who doesn’t need extra room there. I would say TTS for ample chests or size down if you don’t need as much room there.

Julia Jordan Tiered Midi Dress / Vince Camuto Gradina Bootie

Love this pretty boho dress! This is probably my favorite of the three dresses, although that body con one is growing on me. Literally we are becoming one because it’s so tight. This dress has a liner in it which makes it feel like it’s more fitted than it is, but it’s pretty true to size. I’m in the size 10. They didn’t have the 8, but I like the fit of this one honestly. I would say you could definitely stick to your size or size up one if ya need to. It’s a pretty ‘free’ fit.

I also picked up this Marc Jacobs crossbody. I’ve been kind of weird with handbags lately, just with Covid and everything. I find myself wanting to wear a crossbody or a backpack just so I can keep it on me and not place everything in the cart. I’ve become a bit of a germaphobe. This purse fits my hand sanitizer, wallet, phone, mask and a few other essentials perfectly. It’s a nice grab and go purse!


Zella Printed Longline Sports Bra / Zella Printed High Waist Leggings / Nike Air Max 270 Sneakers

I went into more depth on this set in this post but I’m in the large of the sports bra (pretty TTS!) and the medium of the leggings. The shoes also fit true to size!

Zella Splits Ribbed Tank / Zella Spray Dye High Waist Leggings / Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

I am in the medium of the tank — love this tank so much! It’s soft and the weight is perfect. Not too thin or thick. True to size fit and doesn’t hang too low under the arms, another pet peeve of mine. I am in the medium of the leggings — true to size as well!

Zella Splits Ribbed Tank / Alo Airlift High Waist Leggings / Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

Love, love, love Alo leggings. Like — they are so flattering and so comfortable. I am in the medium, they fit snug at first but you’ll want to stay with your ‘true to size’ size.

Zella Restore Soft Longline Bra / Zella Restore Soft Pocket Leggings / UGG Cozette Shearling Slippers

LOL yeah I’m wearing slippers with this set. True it’s a workout set but also true that I’m just sitting at home not working out in a yoga set. I am in the medium of the top and the leggings! Both true to size. Same with the slippers — they are true to size and SO comfortable. Very quarantine chic of me, if I do say so myself.

Also just to be clear, this super soft set is technically activewear, it’s just so damn soft. But you can wear it to the gym just fine! Plus the pockets are to die for. Love this whole set, probably a favorite from the sale.

Zella Body Fusion Sports Bra / Zella Live In High Waist Leggings / Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

This is a fantastic sports bra — it holds up and supports with compression and it’s comfortable, not suffocating. I am in the large and I like this size for me. The leggings fit true to size! I am in the medium.

Nike Crewneck Sweatshirt / Zella Studio Crop Lite Leggings / Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

I love a cropped sweatshirt and this one from Nike is legit. It’s definitely oversized and yet still cropped. How’d they do that? Anyways, I’m int he medium and it fits loosely. I would say if you want it to fit closer to your regular size, size down one. The leggings fit true to size! I am in the mediums.

Nike Oversized Graphic Tee / Nike Tempo Running Shorts / Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

I am in the medium of the tee — it’s definitely oversized! I would say it fits like a Dad XL shirt. If you want a closer fit, this may not be the tee for you because it’s just oversized in general. I am in the large of the shorts because I like to size up on running shorts with lining because it gets complicated, ok? I do think they fit true to size, but if you too have trouble with lining then size up one.

Zella Long Sleeve Performance Tee / Zella Live In High Waist Leggings / Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

Love this long sleeve tee so much! It’s like buttery soft, just silky. I ended up getting this one in this color and in a dark grey. I love tees like this especially in cooler weather because they cover but they are lightweight too. I am in the medium, fit is fitted but true to size.

Moonlight Dream Short Pajamas / UGG Cozette Shearling Slippers

These pj’s are some of my favorites! I have this pair and the long sleeve pair but the shorts pair is my favorite. I am in the medium, true to size! The slippers also fit true to size!

That’s it my friends!

Also if you find some things that you want me to go back and find to try on, I’m happy to! Let me know! Find the entire sale here.

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