This Summer’s Favorite Hue

I’ve been a little under the weather over here (shoutout to summer colds who have no business of being here) so what takes my mind off of a head cold like a little online perusing? And do you know what I kept seeing over and over and over? Yellow. At first I was like, hmmm I don’t know about you. But now I’m on the hunt for some citrus hues. In fact, I went to my closet to see what I had and honestly there is limited yellow. Just a camisole from Free People a few years back. This is unacceptable. Someone get me a yellow dress and a matching lemonade STAT.

I’ve rounded up just a few — and I do mean a few because there are a lot of lemon looks out there — pieces that I just love. From a pale yellow to a goldenrod to an almost-lime citrus color, I’ve found all the shades of yellow.

Madewell Gingham Dress / Anthro Headband / Strappy Sandals / Spiritual Gangster Tank
Tiered Maxi Dress / Floral Skirt / Adidas Sneakers
Floral Ruched Sleeve Top / Heeled Suede Sandal / Ribbed Tank / Zella Yoga Pants
Ted Baker Heels / Lemon Linen Dress / Smock Top Dress / Daisy Hair Pins / Birkenstocks
Square Neck Crop Top / Striped Skirt / FP Bralette / Knotted Tee / Floral Jacket
Honey Gold Sunglasses / Knotted Slides

Tips for Wearing Yellow

One thing about yellow is that it can be a polarizing color for some. I remember when we had a brick and mortar shop that with yellow in particular blondes and lighter skin tones would shy away from the color yellow. And while I do think that citrus hues pop on darker skin tones and darker hair, that doesn’t mean yellow is a no for you if you tend to have lighter features. I say just pick a pop of yellow to play with. Try a bralette as a peak of color or a pair of yellow sandals or shoes, instead of going all in.

Find the hue of yellow that works best for you. Darker complexions really work well with any citrus hues, so the sky is your limit with any yellow on the spectrum. But if you shy away from yellow, think about what colors you like best to fine your starting point. If you tend to work better with warm tones, then think goldenrod. or honey. If cooler tones are your best bet, go for the citron yellow color or try a yellow patterned look like gingham, mixed with white to help balance out the yellow hue.

Try to keep the color as the main focus of your outfit. You don’t want other colors to compete with such a bold hue like yellow because it will always win.

When styling a predominately yellow outfit, I have a few style rules of my own. I keep my shoes and accessories either neutral / nude or a cognac leather color, leaving the boldness of the outfit to the yellow hue. Plus sometimes black shoes paired with a particular shade of yellow can give off some bee vibes. No offense to our lovely insect friends, though.

And if the pieces above weren’t enough, I’ve found a few more styles that didn’t quite fit into my graphic!

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  1. Jules says:

    Kendiiiiii! Yellow is my favvveeeee. I even have a “yellow” board on Pinterest. Love this post!
    If it’s ok (well even if it’s not ok 😂) I’m gonna pretend you created this post just for me… 🙂 😉
    I hope you are feeling well soon! Esp. in time to celebrate the 4th 💛

    07.01.20 · Reply
  2. Briana says:

    I am here for the yellow!


    07.01.20 · Reply
  3. Want pretty much everything!

    Mariya |

    07.02.20 · Reply
  4. Rach says:

    I’m loving anything yellow especially during the summer! Love all your picks!

    07.02.20 · Reply
  5. Elisabeth Ogden says:

    Yellow is my favorite color, but I have yet to find a shade that actually looks good on me (I have VERY pale skin with a red/pink undertone- and then medium brown hair). But I love yellow, and I finally decided that if I love yellow, I should have some yellow in my wardrobe. I got a marigold yellow tank, and the color is HORRIBLE on me, but I don’t care anymore!

    07.02.20 · Reply
  6. Chelsea says:

    Yes!! LOVE this roundup! Yellow is my favorite color to wear! I’m blonde and fairly pale but I’ll still opt for a yellow dress or top instead of just a pop of yellow. Love that lemon linen dress and the smock dress. So cute!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

    xx Chelsea

    07.03.20 · Reply
  7. I always prefer to read quality content. Thank you for this article. We want more like this in future

    07.06.20 · Reply