The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

…she says as she sits in her 70 degree room wrapped in The Comfy while wondering if it really will snow today like they said it would. Spoiler alert: it didn’t snow. It won’t snow. For heaven’s sake this is Texas. This is for the best because snow in Texas really messes up our groove here. No one and I mean NO ONE knows how to drive in cold weather here — snow or not. The cold sends true Texans into a tizzy. Give us hell’s heat lamp of a summer because we know how to do deal with that. But just throwing ice and snow at us like we know what to do with it? Rude.

You might wonder where that title came from — well I mean it came from Frozen — but I was just sitting here thinking about how sweater dresses don’t really make any sense. Sure you top is warm but your legs are cold. Unless you pair tights with a sweater dress but even tights can’t withhold the winter in some areas of the world. Sweater dresses are for the idea of winter, not the actual conditions. And I hate to divide the nation like this but…I feel like sweater dresses are for the half of the nation that never truly gets a winter. Okay okay that may be drawing the line a little too thick. Perhaps if you are having a warm day in winter and want to break out of your jeans + sweater routine, a sweater dress, such as this one, would be for you! Or maybe the cold really doesn’t bother you anyway, then a sweater dress for you, too, Elsa. All I’m saying is that this dress is adorable and I really love the lightweight knit of this dress and don’t even get me started on how comfortable it is, but you know. I’m cold just thinking about this outfit right now.

Find this Reformation Dress here!

*Also this dress shows as more brown online but I found it to be grey as shown here in these photos.

My coat is old Anthropologie before you even have to ask. AKA it’s sold out. You hate to see it, I know. But I did find this very similar in hue coat from Nordstrom that is on sale! You can find it here. I would recommend sizing down one.

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  1. h says:

    oh no, totally wrong! i grew up in vermont and lived in chicago for the better part of a decade, and when it’s really cold an actual warm sweater dress (like, wool or cashmere, not poly) and thick leggings will keep you WAY warmer than jeans, especially with boots. in extreme weather you can put wool or fleece tights under the leggings for maximum toastiness.

    02.05.20 · Reply
  2. Great look! Love the boots and trench coat!

    My blog: Street Style City

    02.05.20 · Reply
  3. Mireia says:

    Love this outfit girl!

    Mireia from TGL

    02.06.20 · Reply
  4. Marta says:

    I never tried a sweater dress because I feel like it’d either be too hot or too cold for it, I don’t think it suits the weather in my country either haha That one is super cute though, I’m not a big fan of turtlenecks but I think I could deal with it if it was that cold.

    02.06.20 · Reply
  5. A says:

    Perpetually cold upstate New Yorker here– sweater dresses + sweater weight or fleece lined tights + knee high or over the knee boots are the way to go on cold days! Every time I say “I’ll be practical and wear pants on this super cold day” I am always colder. And when things get really bad, I have a bulky wool blend sweater dress that I layer over a flannel button up shirt and wear with a wool scarf. 🙂

    02.06.20 · Reply
  6. Kristina says:

    Lolllll yes sweater dresses are just for the idea of winter, or for like, when spring lasts into May in Chicago. I’ve bought a few over the years and basically never find the right conditions to wear them. Loving this combo though, the colors together are really pretty!

    Kristina does the Internets

    02.07.20 · Reply