It’s Back! Friday Night Likes

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After a long (unintentional) hiatus, everyone’s favorite weekend post is back! Just a few things I’ve seen around the interwebs this week and loved. If you’re wondering if I just use the internet as one giant shopping cart and never put the items back where I originally found them, you’d be correct. Let’ see what I found!

I mean of course this week’s FNL would have brown on it. I mean I am loving this hue and IT. IS. EVERYWHERE. From cinnamon to mocha to this curious cognac color that can almost read orange-ish, I love it all. There’s a shade of brown for everyone! This suede jumpsuit (well, faux suede. I feel like that’s just assumed here on this blog…) is gorgeous in real life. How do I know? Because I tried it on and fell in deep love. I’m still trying to decide if she is a keeper or not, I’ll let you know by post if she is. You know how I roll. Find the jumpsuit here. 

This leopard print sweater is also from Anthro, so let’s just get those formalities out of the way. There is a reason I’ve not won the lottery; it’s because fate knows I’d spend it all on Anthropologie in one weekend. (Don’t even ask if this is possible — I’ve thought about it and it is.) Also are we tired of leopard print? I say no, what you say? (You can find a similar look from Wal-Mart here!) Find the Anthro sweater here!

Gotta be real honest, I picked up these booties today and I think I found my fall /winter bootie. It is a nice feeling to have that done! They are 30% off through Sunday (if you get to $200 so throw a tee in that cart, too To get that 30% off!)  so hope on Madewell’s sale if you like their shoes this is a good time to shop! Find the booties here!

I’ve been dying to try these new Everlane totes — they look sturdy enough to handle my bullshit. I always feel a bit sad when I buy purses, not for me, for them. It’s the last time they will be in pristine condition. Today I found an open ketchup packet in my YSL tote. It’s not who I want to be, but it is who I am. My only issue with this Everlane tote is which color — I love brown (this is obvious by now, Kendi) but I’m trying to be more into black purses. Thoughts? Find this tote here. 

As I was perusing Old Navy’s site (honestly I was shopping for miss G, but you know… I’ve got wondering eyes), I saw these skinny cords in ivory and thought — yes, that’s exactly how you do white denim in fall. Of course, it is. A fall fabric in a lighter hue — this is genius. Plus somehow they are $16 right now, so…that’s amazing. I have no fit info because I’ve not seen this in person, but they look pretty TTS with the rest of their rockstar jeans! (I’m an 8 in those). Find the cords here. 

Last but not least, oh look it’s another brown top. Actually this one feels more golden than brown but call it what you want, it’s just a pretty top. I will say I have the pink in this top from last year and I sized up thinking I wanted it extra slouchy and this was a mistake. Stay TTS, it’s slouchy on it’s own time. Find this $39 top here! 

Have a good weekend friends!

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