No List Needed: Next Day Delivery Favorites

Please tell me you are like this: You wait until the very last minute to run to the grocery store or Wal-Mart to get this week’s groceries or necessities i.e. body wash, makeup, toilet paper, etc. at around 5 pm on a Monday. You usually go on the weekends but the weekend just got away with you. No big deal you tell yourself. You’ve got this. A list? Who needs a list? You’ll remember it all, girl.

Narrator: She in fact, did NOT remember it all.

Inevitably, you forgot what you really need when you make a store run. And, also inevitably, they are all the things for you. Your family’s list is taken care of, for some reason that list is carved into the right side of my brain. But alas, the things on my perpetually forgotten list are well, perpetually forgotten: mascara, concealer, hairpray, coffee (HOW DOES ONE FORGET THIS), laundry detergent, makeup removers, and so on and so on. You know what I never remember to buy? Socks. You know what I always need? Socks. You know just the items that make my life easier or prettier but aren’t necessarily basic needs. Needs but maybe in the higher portion of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid. (Coffee is debatable on that pyramid.)

And here is the other side of that coin: I am lazy. I get home and the cold groceries get put up and the rest of the stuff sometimes sits for hours before I take it to it’s designated new room. There’s no way that I’m getting back out and going back to the store. I shall just continue using my dried out mascara for one more day.

Since I’ve been patterning with Wal-Mart this spring, they’ve launched a new feature that I am so excited to be sharing about! Wal-Mart has launched NextDay delivery that requires NO membership whatsoever. You can get what you need tomorrow and it won’t cost you a thing. There is no extra shipping fee, membership fee or sign up. And there are over 100k must-have items at the lowest prices guaranteed, you just have to get to $35 minimum amount which is honestly pretty easy when buying the items you need. Plus the items range from fashion to home to food to beauty to school supplies.

I’ve rounded up a few of my ‘must-haves’ that I usually —er, always tend to forget when I’m in store and a few things that I just thought were cool that you could get tomorrow! Like this moto jacket here! I have the brown one and then bought the black one, too because I loved it so much! You better believe I NextDay delivery’d it. (Side note: delivery’d is not a word nor should it be. Do not follow on my path of made up words, it’s a dangerous hole that I can not climb out of.)

So the easiest way I’ve found to find the NextDay Delivery options is to turn on the toggle at the top of the screen (or if you use the app, just enter NextDay Mode by using that toggle!) Then you can search for brand name items or generic items (i.e. socks) and voila! All the NextDay Delivery options are on your screen. (My one caveat: NextDay is Monday through Friday and order cut-off times vary by zip code.)

Thank you to Wal-Mart for collaborating on this post! And thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!

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Editor's Notes:

I am in the medium of the striped tee, medium of the jacket (tts), size 8 of the jeans (tts) and 10 of the shoes — size down a half size.

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