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Summer needs a dress and I’ve found the one. That’s right THE one. The ONE. Ok, ok you get the point. I hate to admit that we are already into summer heat here, but we are. Note my jacket around my waist and not on my arms as planned. It’s hot, y’all and I’m not ready.

But my dress is. Want to know why? Because it’s a summer dress. Lightweight, flowy and goes with sandals, heels, sneaks, whatever. You could wear it on a date, to work, on the weekends, to the pool or beach. You could wear it to the gym if you believed in yourself enough. Anything is possible in the summer dress.

All kidding aside, it’s under $100 and you can find it here.

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Editor's Notes:

Dress fits true to size, a bit generous though. I wouldn’t size down, per se, but I would be aware that it’s a loose fit.

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  1. Allie says:

    I love that wheat color. It’s such a great alternative to white! You look marvelous, xAllie

    05.15.18 · Reply
  2. Cory says:

    This dress looks great on you and looks perfect for summer! Here is my question…(disclaimer: this is going to get real weird, real fast!) What is the underwear situation when wearing dresses like these? I love the idea of these types of light knit dresses, but do not feel like they are super flattering in the rear view if I am not wearing some type of biker short or even Spanx. Wearing any type of Spanx kind of defeats the purpose of a nice, cool, casual dress since I am then sweating because of the stupid Spanx. Someone please help me and let me in on the undergarment secrets!

    05.15.18 · Reply
    • Kendi Everyday says:

      Hi Cory! So I’m not wearing any special underwear here — just my normal granny panties 😉 (Okay they are more like briefs but you know, nothing sexy or cool). This dress isn’t clingy at all so I didn’t feel like I needed anything extra. Which is SO nice, like you said, in the summer.

      If you feel like you need SOMETHING under there but don’t want to go full Spanx because I hear you — Spanx are a commitment. You could always go for a high waist brief like this one here (http://bit.ly/2wL3AYt) and it’s going to breath a lot better than Spanx. It probably won’t suck everything in but it will at least keep things smooth. I like this brand of undies for that very reason!

      Also the slip — or granny slip as I like to call — is very underrated. (Like one here: http://bit.ly/2JXxA5R) It does add another layer but it’s such a light layer that it’s not adding bulk or weight or heat. It just kind of whips the fabric away from you and your undies and underside. I wear this kind of slip A LOT in my posts under dresses. Great for sheer dresses or when you just need a little something.

      I hope this helps you!!

      05.16.18 · Reply
      • Cory says:

        Amazing! Thank you 🙂

        05.17.18 · Reply
  3. Kassie says:

    So cute! Perfect for a day walk!

    05.15.18 · Reply
  4. 05.15.18 · Reply
  5. Briana says:

    Every time I look at your posts I always want a pair of those sunnies for myself!


    05.15.18 · Reply
  6. This outfit is so beautiful! The only thing missing is that perfect shade of lip gloss. Love this post and content! Keep it up! I am very fond of Ess3ntial and the various cosmetics and jewelry they have. Accessories are just as important as the outfit! Check out their Matte Lip gloss/stick I have almost every color now.

    05.15.18 · Reply
  7. Mireia says:

    Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

    05.15.18 · Reply
  8. Natali says:

    Easy, laidback and just so perfect! 🙂


    05.16.18 · Reply